Monday, February 20, 2012

Pubic Hair on Your Food?

Our Sunday night blog entry is rather sad. It is an incident you would never want to experience in your life! It's the kind of experience you will never forget whenever you have food in front of you.

This nauseating experience is not firsthand but was relayed by a good friend a few hours after it occurred. Wearing her frantic look, she showed me a picture which at first I could not tell what. After absorbing the picture from her BlackBerry phone, it suddenly emerged to me that I am looking at a plate with a single strand of pubic hair!

Pubic Hair on Your Food?
It is just way gross looking at it! How on earth can a single strand of pubic hair land on a customer's food? Oh well, I leave the speculation to who ever reads this blog.

It took me 2 weeks to think if I will feature the incident reported by my friend to Fierce Blogs. But after some serious thoughts, my judgment is to call the attention of the consumers: we pay serious money in making sure we get superb service, scrumptious cuisine and of course clean food. These are at least the basic expectations we should all have when dining. Pay extra attention to the food on your plate before making that first bite. You'll never know what ends up on your plate!

This is such an awakening for me as well.

Establishment - Krazy Garlik Resto Corp.
Branch - Greenbelt 5, Makati City
Date of Visit - February 5, 2012
Time - 8:26 PM
Contaminated Food - Honey Chicken
Resolution - Customers were not asked to pay for the Honey Chicken

* Check the receipt below

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your friend, Direk...
i ate there a month ago and mukhang sinwerte naman at wala ganyan incident

Anonymous said...

First and last ko yun.... Sarap pa naman sana ng chicken nila.

Anonymous said...

Ako din ayoko na doon. Yuck!

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