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Celebrate Chinese New Year At F Restaurant - The F1 Hotel Series

Fierce Blogs attended an event yesterday that showcased colors, tastes, textures and a lot of smiles. The savory event was held at the F Restaurant of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel situated at the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. I frequently pass by this area but never really had the opportunity to visit them. At first, I had the impression that F1 Hotel has something to do with racing and had a notion that this is probably the place where they house sport men and athletes alike. Well, pardon by whopping inanity! It's called F1 Hotel because it is indeed the first hotel that was unveiled at the ever vibrant Bonifacio Global City (BGC). So, the next time you think of hotel needs in BGC; there are only 2 charcters to remember, F and 1.

F Restaurant of Best Western Premier F1 Hotel
 Upon arriving at F Restaurant, I was welcomed by modern art: sleek finishes of furnitures, luxurious materials and fine accessories. It was a collection of good architectural taste and impeccable eye for color and balance. This is the best way Fierce Blogs can describe F Restaurant.

Here are a few picture I personally took yesterday. Pardon my shots, my usual photographers were not available to render their service for Fierce Blogs that day.

Indeed, the ambiance of F1 Restaurant is really fitting to experience prime food & serene ambiance. Not to mention a good chat up with interesting people; which I had during the event. Met Kirk Llamas (Senior Sales Manager), Patricia Avecilla (Food & Beverage Manager), Hazel Novelles (Director of Sales & Marketing), Tess Samaniego (Director of Marketing & Coomunications) and Chad Davis (General Manager). It was a pleasure meeting the people behind the newest hotel and only hotel (to date) at BGC.

Now, let's talk food on Fierce Blogs! How would this festive meal appeal to you?

Celebrate Chinese New Year at only at BEST WESTERN PREMIER F1 Hotel!
No doubt, I really overate last Friday. I just have to forget for a while that I have decided to cut-down on food. I needed a break, it's Friday anyway. That was the biggest excuse, I convincingly told myself!

For starters, my best pick is the Beef Kimchi. From its name, I was expecting an appetizer that would look like a fermented vegetable topped with beef. Instead, what was served were thinly sliced beef with spicy aroma. One quick bite and I immediatly felt its favor burst inside my mouth. From its chilly kick to its natural beef juice, it was an instant favorite of mine. The beef cut was just right and was tenderized to perfection. The Cucumber w/ Garlic & Chili Sesame is also an appetizer to sink your teeth in. Chopped into cube-size, lightly sauteed and seasoned with garlic and  to achive a contrast of sour and salty. Best to munch along with the Cold Pork Knuckle. The thinly-cut cold pork seasoned with spices blends well with the saltiness of the cucumber.

Beef Kimchi of F Restaurant
Cold Pork knuckle of F Restaurant
 I almost got full just devouring the Beef Kimchi on my right! I just can't stop!

Cucumber w Garlic & Chili Sesame of F Restaurant

It was a combined opinion when soup were served to us. Others prefer the Seafood Spinach while I finished the Crab and Corn Soup served to me. I guess it's because I never really liked vegetable to start with.

Crab & Corn Soup of F Restaurant
When the noodle was served, I am already feeling my stomach pushed my tighly, secured belt. Thus, I had to be tactical in what F Restaurant is serving. I'll try to eat as little so I'll eventually last until dessert. Otherwise, I'll end up with a blog released that is incomplete.

Surprisingly, the Peking Duck they offered was not greasy and fatty at all. I hate oily food! So, for me this is really a good change! After tasting it, I had to reconsider my previous decision that my Peking Duck days were over. In my opinion, this is the juciest and most succulent duck I've tried in the Metro.
Peking Duck of F Restaurant
 After trying the Deep Fried Noodle, I realized that the noodle can also be half-fried and not as crispy as other restaurants usually serve it. The experience was "meet" in between a parboiled and a deep fried noodle.

Fried Noodle of F Restaurant
I am about to experience my next favorite! After tasting a small piece of Sichuan Beef, I knew I had to put more on my plate! Without a doubt the meal is very tasty and very authentic! I just have to plan my next visit to F Restaurant with friends so they can also try it.

Sichuan Beef of F Restaurant
After eating a plateful of Sichuan Beef, my stomach is telling me that I have little space left for dessert. Well, fact is, I am not really a big eater; rather I prefer eating in batches with small serving. But when the waiter served the Mango Sago, my curiousity was at its peak again! After a small teaspoon of the tastly-looking desert, I had to scoop for a bigger second taste. Fact is, it is so good I ended up finishing all of it. I'm not normally into sweet treats when it comes to dining; but F's Mango Sago is just pure heaven. It’s not too sweet, thick and with huge chunky fresh mango in it.

Mango Sago of F Restaurant
The event hosted by Best Western Premier F1 Hotel last Friday was as sweet and tasteful as the food they served to their guests. There was no sour experience and no pretense whatsoever! The hosts were as engaged as food they have to offer. Come to think of it, there are only 2 important things when dining: good food and good chat! When the two meet, you can call it, Fierce!

I see no reason not to visit F Restaurant and try their Festive Chinese New Year Menu. Only at a reasonable price of P998++ per head, one can now experience the best food, ambiance and service in one dining experience. This special treat starts on Jan 16 - 31, 2012 for lunch and dinner.

Check out their website here and Facebook Page here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The food really looks yum! I wanna try!

Anonymous said...

The food is such a treat! I agree. The Beef Kimchi looks so intruiging! Dianne Lee

Anonymous said...

Jason A. Are you going back Eric? Tara! Let's spend the Chinese New Year here!

ivya said...

Another fierce piece my friend..I'm sure a lot of people will be there after reading this.. Thanks mars!

Dorothy Smith on January 08, 2012 10:35 AM said...

I think this buffet is reasonably priced given the wide selection. And can I just say I'm a fan of buffet style may it be lunch or dinner. For sure my kids will enjoy this.

I stumble upon your blog site thru my sister hen she visited Manila last Dec 2011. She was reading Belo blog and RSS-ed your sight in my iPad. Good job in your site and God bless. Thank you or sharing your talent to us.

Anonymous said...

Lendro Enore

Galling Eric! Husay mag sulat! And can I just say, ginutom ako sa blog na to!

Anonymous said...

i have to try this. i'll invite some of my friends to see if they have what it takes to be a fierce dining restaurant in BGC. are you going to share a story regarding their room accommodations?

Food Review on January 09, 2012 12:34 AM said...

This is actually a very unique and interesting food review. What I like about it is, it makes me feel that you are just next to me telling me the whole experience. Too bad I am not from Manila so we can't try your the food. But the Beef Kimchi is very tempting.

Glad to have come across your site.

Food Blog on January 09, 2012 12:38 AM said...

Nice photo layout and nice blog! you write well to the point of us almost knowing how the food taste.

Sent you an email inviting you for an event! Hope you can accommodate!

Eat & Run on January 09, 2012 12:53 AM said...

I think I need to set aside my diet first! I'll bring my Mom and Dad here! Been thinking where to bring them on Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

My god! This blog is aking me so hungry!!! Gian

Anonymous said...

Punts tayo Direk dito! Mukhang ang a sarap! Kim

Portable Catering Sink on May 23, 2012 12:57 PM said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent recipes. Very inspiring for cookers!

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