Friday, November 11, 2011

Fierce Blogs Had A Belo Day Today!

I barely slept last night due to tons of things I had to do for work. This inevitable circumstance, however, will not hinder me from arriving on time for my Belo appointment at 11:30 am the next day. Frantically, I left my place 30 minutes before my appointment! I can't be late for Belo! This is what my head was screaming to me. The Fierce Blogger is never late and should not be late!

Fierce Blogs headed towards Belo Greenbelt Branch
Luckily, I made it on time! In fact, I have 5 minutes to spare and a moment to pose for the camera.

Fierce Blogs at Belo Med Greenbelt Branch
If you happen to be curious why I am excited to have my Belo treatment today, that is because it's my first time to try the Obagi Oxygen Facial; which by the way is one of the favorite treatments of Zsazsa Padilla (you can read article here). Just the other day, I was intensely researching on this procedure and found out a lot of benefits. In essence, Obagi Oxygen Facial improves the overall texture and quality of the skin. The oxygen therapy uses the latest biotechnology and is scientifically proven to eliminate skin redness, irritation mostly caused by bacteria.

At exactly 11:30 am (I just appreciate how Belo Med respects the time of their customers), I was assisted by Arianne from reception. What can I say, the lady is a natural charmer and very accommodating.

After a series of short questions from Arianne, I was ushered to meet Dr. Sison inside the private room. She meticulously examined my skin, starting from my forehead down to my neck then gave her medical findings. I have always thought that I have dry skin. But according to Dr Sison my T-Zone is oily while the cheek part tends to be on the dry side. While she logs notes to my personal Belo folder, she asked what facial products I use.
  1. ZO SKIN HEALTH by Zein Obagi - Offects Exfoliating Cleanser (twice a day, morning and before bed time).
  2. Dramatically Different Moisturizer by Clinique (Application is every night after cleansing).
  3. Sun Experts by Belo Essentials (daily before leaving for work).
During the consultation,I also raised the reddish bump on my right lower cheek. According to Dr. Sison this bump is due to having an oily skin. Nothing serious and can be easily removed. Whew! I was really relieved to her her voice saying, "Nothing to worry about."

On to the Belo procedure I had today...

Obagi Oxygen Facial by Belo Medical Group
on Fierce Blogs
I had my usual comforting facial cleaning this afternoon. No complains since the facial attendant (Rexy) was so careful and cautious enough for me not to feel any sort of discomfort due to pain. What was done after the facial cleaning is something I want to share to my readers.

  • My whole face, neck and upper back were treated to a very relaxing massage. This massage is carried out to promote better blood circulation necessary for the skin.
  • A warm towel was placed atop of my face and I was asked to relax
I didn't relax, instead a took a nap! I bet I was snoring!
  • After around 20 minutes, Vit C, 5%, was applied around my eye area. It's a bit cold but very relaxing
  • For the face, the attendant applied Vit A while she continuously massage my face and neck area
  • Zinc followed, then the best thing happened
  • A cold mist was pumped all over my face and neck. This must be the Obagi Oxygen, I told myself. And I was right!
I left the private room really feeling fresh and new! I really can't wait for my next appoitment with Belo Med.

Fierce Blogs Appointment with Belo Med

To all Fierce Blogs readers, you should try Obagi Oxygen Facial at Belo Med. The procedure costs around Php3,000 (plus) and this already includes facial cleaning, massage, vitamins C, A and Zinc and Obagi Oxygen pump that would make tired and droopy face come to life!

If you want to try this procedure, just call  819.BELO (2356) for Philippines and +310.742.4843 International.

For the complete information about Belo Med, you can visit their website at

To Belo Medical Group, thanks for having Fierce Blogs!

All photos were taken by Jason Abrera.
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Anonymous said...

I want to try this! How long is the process?

Anonymous said...

whoa!love love love!
I'm visiting Manila next month for the Holidays!
Surely, I'll try this. Thanks for the tip fierce blogs. Janette NY, USA

Anonymous said...

Masaket ba sya? Pwede ko 'tong gawing pamasko sa sarili ko! hehehe

Cute ka! Pa kiss nga! Larry Sanchez

ogie diaz on November 11, 2011 2:37 AM said...

Maganda nga daw ito. Masubukan nga minsan. Kaya kaya nya mukha ko?

Anonymous said...


Would you know how much is their regulat facial?

Anonymous said...

May Cortez - Ilang minutes yung actual procedure ng Oxygen spray? I mean not including the cleaning and massage?

Denise Cabotage on November 11, 2011 4:35 PM said...

Thanks Eric! See you soon! :)

Rexie Talato said...

See you soon sir Eric.......

Anonymous said...


The Fierce Blogger on November 12, 2011 1:22 PM said...

Thanks for reading guys! You can visit their website to get more details? I indicated it in the blog!

Anonymous said...

what happened to the worm towel?

Anonymous said...

obagi oxygen facial doesn't include cleaning (extraction of whiteheads and blackheads)you have to pay additional price for regular cleaning. nothing special here it's just pure oxygen with obagi medicine. i recommend powerpeel for immediate result.

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