Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baklese, Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary by Louie Cano

Share I have never been so interested reading the dictionary until I got hold of Baklese. Well, I actually snatched this piece of literary from the office.

Here are some of the interesting vernacular:
  • Papaya Medel - Big-breasted lady
  • Julanis Morisette - Rain
  • Katrina Kahalili - Mistress
  • Georgia Tech - Security Guard
  • Chat Silayan - Bisexual
  • Alitaptap - Top guy
  • Atehan - 2 gay men hooking up
  • Barbara Waldas - Big Spender
  • Bonamine - Bottom
  • Cover Girl - Front girlfriend of a closeted gay
  • Debbie Gibsung - To give
  • Funda Fatale - Heavily make up
And a lot more!

Baklese by Louie Cano on Fierce Blogs

You can get a copy of this book at National Bookstore, only at Php95.00.


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