Friday, October 28, 2011

Shalani Soledad For San Marino Meat Loaf

A blog reader sent Fierce Blogs this picture the other day and posted the question to me, "bakit duling si Shalani" (Why is Shalani cross-eyed?).

Shalani Soledad For San Marino Meat Loaf

This actually made me think. I came across Shalani on my flight to Bellarocca early this year and I don't remember seeing any problems with her eyes. In fact, I think she has lovely set of eyes. Oh well, I had to consult Google Images to double check.

To bad the ad she did for San Marino ruined her look! Shalani is not cross-eyed!

Thanks Mae G. for reading Fierce Blogs and for sending the photo.
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Anonymous said...

I just saw a photo of her with mariel and I can't help to notice. Para syang cross-eyed.

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