Monday, October 31, 2011

Fierce Blogs Halloween Humor

I was busy contacting my clients today to tell them that I will release my blog after the Halloween break. Anyway, the contract says release of press/blog should be on the week of Oct 31. So after 10 calls and a bit of chit chatting with them, I had the chance to fidget the TV's RC to check what’s on.

Happy Halloween from Fierce Blogs
It was immediately the face of Sharon Cuneta wearing a yellow ribbon that I saw! It is indeed Halloween! The scene is from her movie, Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas. I had to stay on the same channel for a while and check what's happening. The late Dindo Fernando (ironically also dying in the same scene of the movie) started singing the song, Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas, but could not continue since... yeah! He's dying! So the yellow gift, Oops... I mean Sharon continued the song while crying. Boy! The yellow ribbon is really disturbing so I decided to changed channel!

Photo Courtesy of A Barrowed Life
I probably have completed the full list of cable channels 3 times! Then boredom strikes after 20 minutes. Decided to check my library of horror DVDs (not much) to see what's nice to watch again. I saw IT, Alone in the Dark, Haunted Mansion, Final Destination, Paranormal Activity and Mariah Carey's The Adventure of Mimi. There's no argument, I think! The horror flick I need to watch today is Mariah Carey's The Adventure of Mimi! It's her dance-like-zombie that really scares me! I grabbed some pop corn and hug a throw pillow to conceal the scary dance moves! Indeed it's Halloween!

Mariah Carey's Dance Moves Hitting the No Spot of Fierce Blogs' Scariest Horror Flick
A lot who stayed in the metro are either drinking their heart out or watching some horror flick at home. I preferred to be the later for that matter. The problem is, horror movies do not scare me much nowadays. I thought at first it's because of maturity. Then again, I realized that it all about the horror movies being so predictable. I don't know about you! But here are a couple of scenes I know that you can relate to:

• Bleeding faucet or shower - this is probably the oldest of them all! At first, it's water, then turn to blood while the musical scoring increases its volume! Laugh laugh laugh!

• The Slamming Door - When the scared character opens the door and enters, the door being will suddenly close! Then boom! The character rushes towards the camera, cut, then next angle. Classic!

• Sudden Breeze from the Window - If the Bleeding Faucet is the oldest, the Sudden Breeze is the corniest! What is so frightening if you see you curtains being blown by the wind? Hello earth! The window is open. So naturally, the wind will come in.

• Light Blinking/Fading - You better check the bulb! It might be expired already!

• Knock on the Door - You hear a knock, then there's no one there!? Why don't you buy a door peeper and have it installed? Another dumb scare tactics!

• The Mirror Shot - We all know what's next, do we?

• The Rocking Chair - Who still has a rocking hair at home now? Throw it if you have one. Buy an ottoman instead! More stylish and space efficient.

• The Tap - Camera shot is from behind, musical scoring building up, then the tap of a friend from behind. Another classic that should be left in the 80's!

• Darkness - Lights are all off (normally a dim lamp shade is on), character just heard a spooky sound coming from somewhere and does not even turn on the lights! What on earth?!

• Busted Car - Family excited to have a long trip but car all of a sudden conks out! Gettaoutahere!

There's a lot of stupidity happening when you watch a horror flick. It's either the character is logic-challenged or there's simply nothing in between his 2 ears! And yet we watch it! That's the beauty of having a Halloween, I guess - we are excused to be stupid once a year!

Happy Halloween from Fierce Blogs!

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