Sunday, October 2, 2011

Choco Mallows On A Stormy Sunday Night

I remember going crazy about Choco Mallows when I was a lot younger. And to this day, that has not changed! Usually I can finish 1 box in one sitting -  and today is no different from the others.
Choco Mallows on Fierce Blogs
Newer and more dazzling brands have come but Choco Mallows stays to be around. That for me is not really a mystery. Choco Mallows may be so plain and simple; yet it gives so much joy in every bite. Every time I munch this chocolate-coated mallows, it brings back great childhood memories. Is it the same for you?
To Fibisco, thanks for the Choco Mallows! I would have to forget my diet for a while.

I simply love Sundays!

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Anonymous said...

This caught my attention. Fierce you've just proven that life need that to be complicated. A simple choco mallows to satisfy our simple pleasure in life would definitely be worth my time.

Even the write up is very simple, but i'm now aching to grab a box myself.

keep up the great work


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog! Very cute and simple. Makes me realize and appreicate the simplicity of life.

Thanks to the blogger I am now eating the chocs.


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