Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teriyaki Boy - Gloriatta 3, Ayala Center

After what is called ages, I had the chance to visit Teriyaki Boy at Glorieta 3 today. Back in the days, I remember how frequent we visited the place. Short of saying our sweat glands emits that of Teriyaki Boy sauce. We simply love their food!

Teriyaki Boy
Until I visited them again today. I know I have to order what for me is their best:
  • Yakemeshi Rice - Japanese fired rice
  • Teriyaki Boy Chicken - (My all time favorite) Grilled boneless chicken, marinated and cooked with Teriyaki Boy Sauce
  • Tofu Steak -Breaded silken tofu, stuffed with sweet and savoury sauce. Then finished with stir-fried ground pork, sweet onions, chives and steak sauce
Teriyaki Boy - Tofu Steak
Food is as good as I recall them. Not the greasy pseudo Japanese fare the cheap Japanese resto are known for. Teriyaki Boy made good Japanese food within reach to families, officer workers and the student - In a affordable manner that is.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken
The whole experience should have been lovely if not for the temperature inside their restaurant. It was darn too hot to ignore it!

Teriyaki Boy - Gloriatta 3, Ayala Center
 When I asked the crew to turn it on, she replied, "Sir, sira po yan eh" (Sir, it's busted). We were then ushered to an area near the 2nd aircondition: for us to realise that only the fan was working.

What a discomfort!

Message to Teriyaki Boy - Please fix your darn air-conditioning! It is really a turn off!

Oh well, I still love their food!

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