Friday, September 9, 2011

Teenager Dies from Over Doing "It"

Share You read it right! When I first heard of this, I had to immediately search the net and check if it's possible for somebody to cause his life from excessive self-pleasure. Apparently, it can if you do it more than 40 times!

Report says, the boy started his private session around midnight and never stopped the whole night.

The mother of the 16-year old victim knew of her son's addiction to sex and intends to seek medical help already. However her decision came late when her son was found dead in his room the next day.

Report also says that even at school, kid's classmates are also aware of his problem and some even witnessed seeing the boy having webcam sessions.

A local of Rubiato Town in Goias Brazil, the boy was found dead with a great amount of pornographic materials inside his room and a PC infested with nude women.

Boy's name was not mentioned for security.

Your thoughts? Oh well, this is truly a fierce news I could say.


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