Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rexona Men - Won't Let You Down

I don't know about you; but if you are still using tawas at this age and time... Get outta here!

Rexona deodorant has been in the market for quite sometime already. I remember that this was the first deo I was given as a growing boy. Years have passed and the habit is till alive. After a quick bathe, Rexona is the first thing I apply. It's not heavy , dries quickly and most of all it gives you a fresh scent all day long.

My personal favorite of all the scent is from the Rexona Special Edition which is the Adventure scent. Next to it is V8. I guess their colors have something a lot to do about my personal choice. I just love colors and I am not afraid of them!
Rexona Men on Fierce Blogs
Normally, I choose an anti-perspirant since I sweat a lot. At least it reduces the flow of sweat the whole day. You have to make sure what works best for you. Either deodorant or anti-perspirant.

To know more about the difference, you can read more here.

Here are some photos Rexona Men Absolute Protection collection:

Rexona Men  Absolute Protection

And here are the collection of my favorite, Rexona Men Special Edition:

You can check out their Facebook Page.

Fierce Blogs would like to thank Rexona Philippines for making this blog possible.

More photos of Rexona Men Collection:

Rexona Men on Fierce Blogs
Rexona Men on Fierce Blogs
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Anonymous said...

Love the shots! What camera do you use?

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