Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Face Shop - Natural Story

I was cleaning one of my weekend bags the other day and found a voucher inside. Walah! There hid inside my bag was a Face Shop gift check.

The Face Shop - Natural Story on Fierce Blogs
So, I attacked Greenbelt 3 and got all of these:

  • Photogenic Infinite Powder Foundation
Phytogenic - Infinite Powder Foundation on Fierce Blogs
  • Photogenic Infinite Make up Base SPF15 PA+

Photogenic Infinite Make up Base on Fierce Blogs

  • Multi-purpose Brush
Face Shop - Multi-purpose Brush
Check out the nearest Face Shop nearest you:

The Face Shop Branches in the Philippines

The Face Shop Website here -

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Belo Collection on Deal Grocer!

Share Belo is on Deal Grocer and they are offering the following procedures with major discounts:

  1. Honey Almond Cleaning or Gylcopeel Cleaning
  2. Glycopeel Cleaning + Powerpeel Bundle
  3. Fraxel for the Face
  4. Fraxel for Stretchmarks (Abdomen)
  5. Multipolar Abdomen
  6. Laser Hair Removal (Underarms)
  7. Thermage
  8. Sculptor Plus (Face)
Click this link to purchase -

Belo on Deal Grocer

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British singer Amy Winehouse dead | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Share British singer Amy Winehouse dead ABS-CBN News Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ruffa Gutierrez - Reunited with Her Shoes

Model, beauty queen and actress, Ruffa Gutierrez, recently lost 6 pairs of imported, custom-made shoes. Luckily, they were recovered! Apparently, a staff left them inside the cab while being lost in the metro.

Oh well, honest people still do exist! Cab driver, Ariel, returned them to DZMM not knowing they belong to a famous feet!

True to her Twitter post (I will meet Mr. Ariel tomorrow at DZMM, 11am to give him a tight hug, a big kiss & a confidential cash reward for being a man of integrity) , Ruffa gave Ariel a warm hug.

Ruffa Gutierrez Hugging Honest Taxi Driver, Ariel

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anniversary Promo of Belo This July 2011

Belo Medical Plaza Makati's 12th Anniversary

Belo Promo
It's good to be two!

Belo Promo
It's Greenhills' 9th Anniversary!
Belo Promo

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Who wants a Google Plus Invite?

Just today, I received 24 emails asking Fierce Blogs to give them Google Plus Invite. Which I think is odd considering I am not even a tech or software blogger.

All these Google Plus Invite craze reminds me how Gmail was launched in 2004. Remember? There were certain "privileged" users who received an invite via email. And, we all know how easy opening a Gmail account today is.

For me, Google Plus is all about an insipid psychological experiment. What is the goal? If Google stands a chance in competing with Facebook phenomenon? Are users ready to jump to the next social networking fad?

Here's a quick look at Google + Project

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Contest Ala Lookbook

Contest Ala Lookbook by

(Enlarge the photo below for details)
Contest Ala Lookbook by

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ask Dr. Belo Webcast Concluded

Fierce Blogs take part of Ask Dr. Belo Webcast

Ask Dr. Belo Webcast (Dr. Vicky Belo with Angelicopter)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Eat, Breathe & Sweat Belo!

We are lucky to be part of a generation wherein beauty is within reach. No more sobbing over pimple marks that won’t disappear or grumble to the world that you have a face only a mother could love! As they would say in our local tongue, “Sa panahon ngayon, kasalanan mo na kung panget ka!” – (You are to be blamed if you are ugly at this time and age).

Fierce Blogs was Belofied!
Which I believe in many ways because it’s true!

This is the same reason why I put a lot of premium when it comes to looking good. I think I owe this to myself! We all work like crazy Mondays to Fridays; we all deserved to give something back to ourselves. And that is by looking good, presentable and beautiful.

Belo Products - Revolutionizing What Beauty Should Be

Unfortunately, sometimes our God-given looks need to be enhanced or boosted. This is where the Belo Medical Group comes to the rescue. For the last 20 years, Belo has revolutionized what beauty should be – and that is looking good inside and out! The same group of experts also proved that enhancing ones beauty thru the help of cosmetic surgery is neither a sin nor something that can kill you! From a simple facial to Bodytite, only trust Belo.
I was once asked by a Fierce Blog reader if I have undergone any surgery. Well, the answer is… not yet! So far, I have only done Belo Facial Cleaning and application of the following: Sublock, Night Cream and Moisture Rich Toner. Oh, and I almost forgot, I just started taking Glutathione + Collagen (Dietary Supplement). I take this once in the morning and before going to bed. So far, these works for me - but I am open to surgery when the time is right.

Moisture-Rich (Whitening Toner)
But just before that “right time” comes, I am so interested to try Belo’s Fraxel – being endorsed by Piolo Pascual. My target month to start this procedure is this month! I am so excited! Normally, I would go to Belo Medical Plaza branch. But this time around, I would prefer to visit the newest Greenbelt brach. If you haven’t visited their Greenbelt branch, you are missing a lot!

Piolo Pascual Endorses Fraxel by Belo

I think the best way to describe how much I believe in the Belo brand can be best described by this plate.

Food is served, munch time!

I Eat, Breathe & Sweat Belo!
If you are wondering what's the photo below, that is my SURVIVAL KIT!

Belo Kit on Fierce Blogs
By the way, if you missed reading my blog on Belo Blogger's Night, click the photo of Dr. Vicky Belo and The Fierce Blogger below.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

This Week Is All About Belo - I'm So Belofied!

An all-week Belo Affair on Fierce Blogs!

An All Week Belo Affair on Fierce Blogs

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ask Dr. Belo Online & Win - Ask Dr. Belo Live Streaming Show

Dr. Vicky Belo goes online and she's ready to answer your beauty and surgery questions for FREE! How Fierce can that be, right?

To all Belo fans out there, grab this whimsical streaming event only happening on July 14. This may be your only chance to ask "The Beauty Mogul" about beauty issues, beauty products and even on surgical ambiguities that were never answered.

How to take part of this historical live streaming event? Read along...
  1. The event will be on July 14.
  2. Time is 7:00 PM (Manila time)
  3. Visit and click on "Ask Dr. Belo" button
  4. Using your Facebook or Twitter account, you may now type in your questions.
  5. Make sure to stay tune for the 8:00 PM show and get the chance to have Dr. Belo answer your question.
Ask Dr. Belo Live Streaming Show on July 14, 7:00 PM
 Should there be duplicate questions, the first person who typed in the chat box will be picked. So, make sure to tune in early!

But the fun does not end here! Not only you get the chance to ask Dr. Belo questions, you also get the chance to win Belo Gift Certificates! Now, that's what I call double fierceness!

So, to all Fierce Blogs readers, I'll see you online on June14!

Life is short, Be Belofied now!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Featured Brand - Motives By Loren Ridinger

I had the chance to try Motives brand last weekend. Thanks to Chi De Jesus who introduced this product to Fierce Blogs.

What I noticed about Motives cosmetics is how light you feel when you are wearing them. Not cakey and no powder build up. It only enhance the quality of your skin without looking like your face belongs to another body.

Wear it light and wear it Proud!

Motives by Loren Ridinger on Fierce Blogs

Where to buy? Just visit the official site that distibutes Motives here.

More photos of Motives cosmetics:

Motives Lip Liner on Fierce Blogs

Motives Liquid Make Up on Fierce Blogs

Motives Eye Shadow on Fierce Blogs

Motives Lips Stick on Fierce Blogs
Motives Eye Shadow on Fierce Blogs

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Enjoy Card - The Best of the Philippines

This week on Fierce Blogs

Enjoy Card on Fierce Blogs

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