Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hayden Fragrances - The Scent Made For Everyone

Fierce Blogs was given some Hayden Fragrances samples last week and it was only yesterday that I had the chance to check them. One by one I smelled the samples and instantly fell in love with "Pink Pepper & Cashmere".

I quickly sprayed the fragrance at my wrist and dab it behind my ears. This was around 9:30am. After which, I went online to check my mail and went back to sleep immediately after lunch. I deserve to be lazy! It's weekend!

At exactly 3:00 PM I got a call from a blog client that requires me to go online (again). More work on a Saturday afternoon.

My blog work zapped my Saturday afternoon and almost forgotten my "mini experiment". Quickly, I smelled my wrist and was surprised that I can still smell "Pink Pepper & Cashmere".

Hopefully, my schedule this week will not be crazy so I can check more scent of Hayden Paris. I think it's perfect for daily use!

By the way, here are some of the samples that were given to Fierce Blogs:

Hayden Fragrance on Fierce Blogs
Hayden Paris Packaging
You can check more of Hayden Fragrance here.
Hayden Paris is also on Facebook. Just click here.
Dr. Hayden Kho Jr Official Facebook Page.

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quimy said...

y don't u interview him as well ...and i'll go with u haha

Fierce Blogger on June 26, 2011 11:18 PM said...

Hi Quimy,

I had a chance to last week (quick one). I'll post the pics when I get hold of them.

Anonymous said...

How much are they Eric? Leo M.

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy them? Anna

Melissa Mayangitan on August 09, 2011 4:55 PM said...

Hi guys, this is where you can buy the Hayden perfumes. It's n promo at CashCashPinoy:

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