Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaos Review (May 15, 3PM Show)

I finally had the chance to watch Kaos last Sunday afternoon. It took me 3 months to free up my schedule and finally last Sunday, 3 pm it happened.

If there is one value that I would like to really point out is the production. From lights, stage and fluidity of a scene to the other, I really give it to them! That was really the stand out and something that I have not seen in our local theater scene. That's why I wonder... Do we really have to import talents and technology to achieve the level of production Kaos achieved? Sad.

These are the must see from the show:
  • Joel (The Interfering Adviser) is really effective in his character. Aside from being the main character of the show, he is the only believable cast who cracked the lines with gusto.
  • The motorcyclist from Spain also captured my attention. I've seen 3 cyclist rotate inside a rounded metal in the past. This time however, there are 5 cyclist! Wow to that!
  • My personal favorite is the rotating metal where 2 guys frantically balance. Talk about thrill and risk!
Kaos Official Poster
Well, to spot the not-so-likable aspects:
  • The voice over of the show (start) needs a serious grammar and pronunciation coaching. I am really not being very particular but his English command is all over the place. I guess he is reading? May be not from the way he sounds!
  • The last scene where the ladies with white lights needs to be maintained. Some of the lights are not working anymore.
  • And the most Caotic of all the experiences did not even happen inside the theater. My friend wanted to buy 2 mugs from the souvenir table. Guess what? They cannot even offer a plastic or box for them. My friend ended up not buying after all. Poor servicing.
I heard that the show is on until the 28th of May only. If you have time, go watch it. All worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned about the voice over. Nakakatawa talaga. Theater was pronounced as tither! LOL Orlando of Pasay.

Anonymous said...

Ang sungit ng blog mo! Pero funny sya!

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