Sunday, May 22, 2011

Franky's Bar & Grill

Every now and then we stumble upon a place we never thought existed. That's how I felt when I first visited Franky's Bar along with close friends not so long ago.

Our featured bar today is located at 8-B Rajah Matanda St., Project 4 Quezon City, Philippines. It's open 5:00 pm until 3:00 am, Mondays to Sundays.

Franky's Bar & Grill

What do they offer?

What really caught my attention were: 7 bottle buckets (not 6) and beer all you can only at P199 (anytime max of 2 hours). If you really would like to drink the night away with friends, how cheap can that be, right?

Franky's Bar & Grill in Quezon City

You can call them for private parties thru (+632) 0928 524 0333.

Do visit the place and tell them you all heard it from Fierce Blogs. They're also on Facebook here.

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Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai

Cirque Du Soleil takes us deep within the forest where extraordinary characters wanders. This is the world called Varekai.

The Acts:
  • Aerial Hoop
  • Aerial Straps
  • Clown Acts
  • Flight of Icarus
  • Georgian Dance
  • Handbalancing on Canes
  • Icarian Games
  • Juggling
  • Russian Swings
  • Slippery Surface
  • Solo in Cruches
  • Triple Trapeza
  • Water Meteors

Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai
 Tickets and Information:

Cirque Du Soleil - Varekai opens in Manila on June 22 - July 10, 2011.

             Category                                           Adult                                      Children (2-12)
Tapis Rouge (VIP Ticket)                       Php10,500                                    Php8,500
Premium                                                   Php  6,500                                    Php5,500
Level  1                                                     Php  4,900                                    Php 4,200
Level 2                                                      Php  3,800                                    Php 3,200
Level 3                                                      Php  2,700                                    Php 2,300

                                                        (Tuesday - Friday Matinee)

            Category                                           Adult                                         Children (2-12)
Tapis Rouge (VIP Ticket)                       Php10,500                                     Php8,500
Premium                                                   Php  7,600                                     Php6,500
Level 1                                                      Php  5,500                                     Php4,700
Level 2                                                      Php  4,400                                     Php3,700
Level 3                                                      Php  3,300                                     Php2,800

                                                        (Friday -  Sunday Evening) 

For booking and general queries (+632) 669 2222 (Manila).

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Message to Readers...

Fierce Blogs Message to Readers

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaos Review (May 15, 3PM Show)

I finally had the chance to watch Kaos last Sunday afternoon. It took me 3 months to free up my schedule and finally last Sunday, 3 pm it happened.

If there is one value that I would like to really point out is the production. From lights, stage and fluidity of a scene to the other, I really give it to them! That was really the stand out and something that I have not seen in our local theater scene. That's why I wonder... Do we really have to import talents and technology to achieve the level of production Kaos achieved? Sad.

These are the must see from the show:
  • Joel (The Interfering Adviser) is really effective in his character. Aside from being the main character of the show, he is the only believable cast who cracked the lines with gusto.
  • The motorcyclist from Spain also captured my attention. I've seen 3 cyclist rotate inside a rounded metal in the past. This time however, there are 5 cyclist! Wow to that!
  • My personal favorite is the rotating metal where 2 guys frantically balance. Talk about thrill and risk!
Kaos Official Poster
Well, to spot the not-so-likable aspects:
  • The voice over of the show (start) needs a serious grammar and pronunciation coaching. I am really not being very particular but his English command is all over the place. I guess he is reading? May be not from the way he sounds!
  • The last scene where the ladies with white lights needs to be maintained. Some of the lights are not working anymore.
  • And the most Caotic of all the experiences did not even happen inside the theater. My friend wanted to buy 2 mugs from the souvenir table. Guess what? They cannot even offer a plastic or box for them. My friend ended up not buying after all. Poor servicing.
I heard that the show is on until the 28th of May only. If you have time, go watch it. All worth it!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Things You Need to Know About Sunblock

"I need to buy a sunblock because I am going to the beach this weekend". That was the exact line a good friend of mine said as we were heading for lunch last Monday. I guess there are still a lot of wrong notions in terms of the proper usage of sunblock.

If you are not applying sunblock everyday, then this blog is meant for you.

You probably think that applying sunblock once a day  is enough to battle all the harmful rays of the sun and lights in the office, better think again. Fact is; when you apply sunblock in the morning, it does not mean you are still protected when you go out during lunch time. Sunblock has a prescribed duration depending on the amount of SPF (stands for Sun Protection Factor). So, the higher SPF you wear, the longer it takes for your skin to redden. It would also varies from your race (skin tone) and how sensitive your skin when exposed directly to the sun.

What is then the recommendation in applying this God-given product to humanity?

Technically, the amount of SPF your sunblock has dictates the amount of time you are protected from the sun. Let's use SPF as an example. When you apply SPF 15, this only means that it would probably take 15 minutes before your skin starts to burn. Comparative to not applying sunblock, it would probably be around 20 minutes.

To recap, SPF measures the amount of time your skin burn when exposed to the sun (before your skin starts to darken). It does not dictate the level of protection against UVA (unltraviolet-a) at all.

You ofter times read UVA & UVB on the label of your sunblock. How are they different from each other? 

Both are sun rays but they have a different level of wavelengths.  UVA are the longer wavelength from the sun and it penetrates deeper into the skin. This wavelength is the number one nemesis of our skin and is the culprit behind aging. UVB (ultaviolet-b) on the other hand are the shorter wavelength and is most likely the cause of sun burn and skin cancer.

Here are some more important facts about sunblock:
  • How long do I have to wait after applying sunblock? Generally, it takes half an hour for sunblock to work its magic. It is either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (depends on your product) that will shield your skin from the sun.
  • My foundation has SPF is that good enough? This is never reliable! Sunblock should be applied thoroughly and evenly to the skin. A little dab of foundation here and there will not do the job. And since it is in powder form, it is more difficult to be absorbed by the skin.
  • What is Broad Spectrum? This means that the sunblock will offer protection against UVA & UVB. If your product does not have this, you may not be getting UVA protection.
  • What happens if I don't apply sunblock everyday? Answer is rather simple. Your skin ages faster, you develop premature wrinkles, skin color becomes unever and skin cancer.
  • Which part of my face routine is best to apply sunblock? Sunblock should be the first product you need to apply on your face. It should be the primer. Once dry you can proceed to your make up routine.
What's the message of Fierce Blogs? It is never too late to use sunblock everyday!

Fierce Blogs recommends Bello Sun Expert Sunblock for everyday use. It protects your skin from UVA & UVB and this sunscreen is broad spectrum. This sunblock also is not greasy and it instantaneously disappears. You do not feel all icky & oily.
Bello Sun Expert on Fierce Blogs
Location shoot -  Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Run - Vision in Motion, June 4, 2011

If you are free on June 4 and would like to run for a worthy cause, register now for Vision in Motion. The Fun Run will be held at SM Mall of Asia Grounds and proceeds is for the benefit of Ideal Vision Foundation and Save Your Sight Campaign.

Ideal Vision - Vision In Motion on Fierce Blogs
Registration Fees & Categories:

Vision In Motion Rates - Fierce Blogs
Your race kit should include the following: singlet, race bib, drink stub & your race map. Participants will also be given an Ideal Vision Center VIP Card that entitles the bearer to a 20% discount on any regular items all your round!

Ideal Vision VIP Card
 To register, simply go to their website here or by simply visiting any Ideal Vision Center branch location in Luzon.

You can also inquire directly inquire through the following numbers:

Globe - +63917 5248586
Smart - +63920 9210973
Sun - +63922 8190868
Landline - +632 2160848 / +632 3419377

This event is also made possible by the following:
  • Crizal Transitions - High performance adaptive lenses
  • ETC
  • 2nd Avenue
  • Mc Donald's 
When inquiry, tell them you all heard it from Fierce Blogs.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mark Alain - Takes the Solo Route

If Mark Alain looks familiar to you, it is because he is not that new in the music scene. The 25-year old Basilan native was once the lead vocalist of pop-alternative band Frio but now creating a niche in the local music industry as a solo artist. Though Mark has performed numerous pop-alternative songs for seven long years, he admittedly confessed that this genre is not his strong suit.

Fierce Blogs features Mark Alain and his music
"Hindi talaga ako magaling sa alternative", the crooner stated. (I am not really that good in alternative music.) I really could not agree more with Mark Alain Echem's (his full name) statement. After listening to his self-titled CD released by Sony Music, it is really evident how distinct and clear his resonance in singing a more mellow music.

His first, solo CD is already out in the market and it offers 5 lovely songs: "Maghihintay", "Sa Piling Ko", "Loving You", "Magpakailanman" and "Binibini". I was given a copy of his CD yesterday and I just fell in love with the song, "Maghihintay". I probably have played the song more than ten times just today!

Fierce Blogs features Mark Alain
With the release of his album last March 2011, Mark Alain is busy with shows and guesting to promote his initial offering to his now gaining followers. Jut recently, he had shows in Agoo, La Union, Fort Bonifacio and tapings for MYX Music Channel. He will also soon appear on Meg Magazine.

There is definitely a lot in store for this talented, young Basileno. I guess his achievements can soar high just like how his songs reached the heights on the radio -  "Maghihintay" and "Sa Piling Mo" were consistently in the top 10 of Love Radio and Yes FM Countdown.

With the influx of good singers we have locally, what could be his edge to his contemporaries? He replied, "I would like to be known as someone who had made a difference in his own unique little ways". Probably Mark Alain was referring to reaching out to his audience through the simplicity and sincerity of his music.

For more information about our featured artist, you can visit his Facebook Likepage here. His official YouTube Profile is here.

Fierce Blogs would like to thank Sweet Kabigting for providing the sources and materials for this blog.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bellarocca Review - Marinduque, Philippines

Fierce Blogs was invited this week and had the opportunity to visit Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa in Marinduque, Philippines. I've heard how nice the place and all before but I never really had the chance and time to go check the place. Luckily, everything went well this week that made the vacation possible.

The Beautiful Island of Bellarocca

 If you are not familiar where Bellarocca Island is in Marinduque, it used to be called The Elephant Island or Isla Elefante. Why this name? I asked the driver of our rubber boat, why:

"Sir, kasi tignan nyo yung shape ng Isla, parang elepanteng nakalubog sa tubug." (Sir, look at the shape of the island. It looks like an elephant submerged into water). I made a quick look and ,yes, it does look like the description the driver gave.

Elephant Island was previously owned and operated by the Madlangbayan Heirs then it was re-developed by a Japanese group. It was in February 2009 when it was re-opened carrying the name, Bellarocca Island. This time around the resort is being operated by Genesis Hotel and Resort Corporation; who are the same group managing: Astoria Plaza, Ciriaco Hotel, Hotel Venicia and whole lot more.

So how was my experience? Please read along...

The Plane, Shuttle & Boat Ride
Our flight from Manila to Marinduque was scheduled at 7:00 AM -  which I really find too early for a domestic flight, really. To make it more irritating, our plane left for Manila at exactly 8:45 AM. I have heard already of horror stories my friends had with Zest Air, but having a flight that is delayed for more than an hour is totally unacceptable! What was more horrifying was how the delayed departure was announced  to the passengers -  it was as if being delayed is as natural as breathing! Shame on them, really! To add more pain to their passengers, it was hell so warm inside the plane. I had to use their Airline Security Measure Booklet as a fan to alleviate the heat. Too bad the only airline traveling from Manila to Marinduque is Zest Air.

Zest Air - Delayed Flight
It was a good thing the flight from Manila - Marinduque is only for 30 minutes.

When we arrived in Marinduque, the local airport was filled with people who appeared to be waiting for somebody special. There were even some political-looking fellas around wearing Barong Tagalog and all. I wondered why. Apparently, Shalani Soledad was on the same flight we were on. I was actually wishing they were there for us (duh!).

Less than 3 minutes upon arrival, we were welcomed by Bellarocca's airport personal; who immediately asked for our check in luggage stub. The resort will be personally claiming our luggage and will deliver them to our hotel room (I just love that!). We were also given cold bottled water and hand towels to refresh.

From the Marinduque airport, guests will be picked up by private van for a 40-minute transfer to the town of Lipata, where Bellarocca is located. The land travel is around 40-minute drive of which more than half of the drive is on rough road. After the road trip, guests would have to be transferred via speed boat - which is less than 5 minutes to cross the island.

This is what you will immediately see while you are being transferred to the island.

Bellarocca Island - Shaped Like an Elephant Under Water

Upon arrival to the island, we were welcomed by Rudolf Studer, who is the General Manager of the resort. Along with him are some locals serenading the guests (I don't really recall the song) while the other personnel gave us leis to wear.

Bellarocca Aqua Center

Shortly after, my friends and I were transferred to the resort's frontdesk via golf cart. This is probably a minute ride, max.

Golf Cart Service of Bellarocca

At the Frontdesk and Accepting Area
There were a separate welcome committee when we arrived who immediately ushered us to our table and offered refreshments, cold pandan drinks (which is a bit sweet for me). One of he hotel personnel introduced himself and conducted a brief orientation of the Island and its amenities. Make sure to pay attention to him because he will be telling you which activities are free during your stay.

Receiving Area of Bellarocca Resort

In less than 10 minutes, we were transferred to our Terraza.

What to expect if you will be staying in a Terraza:
  • 2 big rooms with Individually-controlled air-conditioning
  • Skype – enabled Belkin telephone
  • Personal bar and refrigerator
  • Private balcony with view of sea and Mt. Malindig
  • A very modern bath and shower facilities including Jacuzzi and/or bath tub Complete range of bathroom amenities (All natural—L’Occitane, AVEDA, REN, Molton Brown)
  • Plasma TV with complete DVD Player and home theatre stereo systems, satellite TV, Ipod dock and hifi compact sound systems (both masters bedroom and second room)
  • Private balcony / veranda
  • Your own golf cart service
  • Electronic safe deposit box
  • Own dining table (good for 6 people)
  • Complementary bottled water for everyone everyday (1 bottle a day)

King Size Bed in the Masters Bedroom

Terraza- Top view of our Dining Area


I really have no complains where we stayed at. Well, except for 2 minor items:
  1. They will not provide for additional LAN cable for the Internet. Instead, they will offer the same cable where the Belkin telephone is attached. In short, you do not have phone access while you connect to the Internet.
  2. Their Internet is slow and disconnecting intermittently. This for me is really a no-no since my life is connected to www.
Resort Amenities
  1. There is free Wi-Fi connection at the lobby area.
  2. They also offer the piano lounge where a grand piano can be used by the guests.
  3. The cigar room (my personal favorite) where you can do what most of us are addicted to - Karaoke!
  4. They also have a library
  5. Meeting room
  6. Boutique
  7. Entertainment room
  8. Fully-equipped Gym and Fitness Center
  9. Spa
  10. Sanctuaries where you can just meditate
  11. Tea House
  12. Lap swimming pool
  13. Seaside pool
  14. Natural hot spring pool
  15. Aqua Sports Center (wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat,  etc) - All of these activities are assisted by a resort personnel.
The Fierce Blogger Touring the Island

Bellarocca Shoreline

 On food..
The normal package they offer comes with a free breakfast (serves latest at 10am). We even requested our breakfast to be served in our Terraza which they willingly did for us.

Assorted Bread for Breakfast

Assorted Fruits

The food can be a bit pricey considering that they have to ship them from the town to the island. An estimate of Php600 - Php800 per meal budget (per head). This is around $20 - $30.

My friends and I were a bit apprehensive on the food they offer because of the bad reviews we read online. Boy, it was all wrong! Food was really good!

Overall, my Bellarocca trip was sure worth it! It was being in a paradise where everything is good and right. I could say that the vacation I had this week would probably the best I'll have in a while. Thanks to all the staff and crew of Bellarocca for making our stay memorable and worth sharing to our friends.
We would like to personally thank Angie from the Infinity Pool Area for being so friendly and accommodating to us. Also, to Sammy who served as our "official" golf cart driver during our entire stay. It is because of employees like you why guests enjoy their vacation.
To the Genera Manager, we appreciate you welcoming us and waking up so early to make sure we leave the island safe and on time. We hope to see you again soon.

Bellarocca Island Review

You may contact the resort thru the following:

Website click here.
Email there here -
Manila Office - Suite 2804, 28th Floor, Ayala Life-FGU Center

                        6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1229 Philippines
                        Tel: +63 2 817 7290; +63 2 328 8831
                         Fax: +63 2 817 5879; +63 2 892 4102

Resort Address - Barangay - Tungib - Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista
                                             Province of Marinduque, Philippines

You can also call Mia Gail Bugayong at +63917-858 9757 or landline (63) 502-4756 to get the best deal on Bellarocca packages.

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