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Ruffa Gutierrez Endorses Belo BodyTite - Body Contouring Procedure

Today  is all about body and beauty. As celebrity endorser of Belo Clinic Ruffa Gutierrez pointed out, "In this day and time, we have all the ways and means to be beautiful." Which I couldn't agree more, really!

The product launch was held today at The Peninsula Manila. As usual, Fierce Blogs made sure to arrive early to gain lead in examining the venue way before the event unfolds. And of course to take pictures way before the place becomes too crowded. But more than anything else, I was actually very anxious to learn more of this new body contouring procedure The Belo Medical group is launching today -  BodyTite.

Ruffa Gutierrez on Fierce Blogs
Ruffa Gutierrez Belo Billboard - Fierce Blogs
At exactly 7 in the evening, product endorser, Ruffa Gutierrez arrived wearing a beige, draped evening dress. She was really stunning, I could say. With all her beauty and wit, the 37-year old pageant titlist quickly paraded the venue and greeted the audience. She was officially introduced to the press by none other than our country's prime cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vicky Belo.

Ruffa Gutierrez - Belo BodyTite

Ruffa Gutierrez for Belo Clinic - Fierce Blogs

Dr. Vicky Belo on Fierce Blogs
Vicky Belo & Ruffa Gutierrez During the Launch of Belo BodyTite

So what is this product called BodyTite all about? As Dr. Belo explained, no matter how much time we spend sweating it out in the gym, the loose skin we all develop as we age through the years will not recede. Yes, we develop muscles and lose weight if we go to the gym regularly, but the loose skin brought about by giving birth and gaining weight will not go away (sadly). Surprisingly, even liposuction procedure will not solve this common problem of women. But with the emergence of BodyTite (also knows as Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction) women (and men-alike) can now remedy the loose skin problem in body areas such as inner thighs, arms and the abdominal area.

Haydon Kho on Fierce Blogs

(From L - R - Dr. Vicky Belo, Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristalle Belo-Henares, John James Uy
My interpretation of this new medical cosmetic procedure is - A tummy tuck that is minimally invasive and does not leave an ugly scar sometimes producing a deformed appearance of the pubic and lower abdominal region.

Ruffa went through the procedure last December 2010 and amazingly a day after the session, she was already up and about her usual showbiz commitments. Naturally, there was still some pain but there is little to none downtime as the TV5's Paparazzi host excitingly explained.

(L - R Reg, The Fierce Blogger, Vern & Denise)
On a related story, Jinkee Pacqiao had the same medical procedure done on her. And I think the after effect is simply fierce! Way too fierce!

When one of the press asked if there was any photoshop done on Ruffa's after effect photos, there was a violent reaction from both Dr. Belo and Ruffa. That question I really find very funny, really! And to add to that, the Ambassadress of Beauty commented, "Belo Medical Group is a company that specializes in cosmetic surgery. We don't do Photoshop!"

Talk about being fierce.

You can inquire regarding BodyTite by calling only the experts - 819.BELO (2356) or you can visit their website at You can also email them

More BodyTite event pictures here.

Photos were courtesy of Jason Abrera.


Anonymous said...

Trix - Do you have an idea how much is the procedure?

Anonymous said...

Clap Clap Clap!
Do you accept blog speaking engagements?

ivya said...

grabe...sobrang sexy..true yan fierceblogs? walang photoshop na nangyari?

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on April 16, 2011 1:20 PM said...

@ivya Photo is all for real! I attended the launch and Ruffa is as sexy as hell! No photoshop whatsoever.

Fierce Blogger on April 16, 2011 2:28 PM said...

@Trix I am not really sure how much is the procedure. Suggest you call Belo and inquire from the beauty experts.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog! How do we get in touch to hire you? PEP

Anonymous said...

Ruffa is soo hot ho hot! Body to die for!

Anonymous said...

ung price na binigay sakin is 50k on top of the lipo

Reg Rodriguez on April 21, 2011 4:04 PM said...

it was really nice meeting you! <3 see you around! :)

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