Friday, April 22, 2011

New Pinoy Words from Facebook

From the day Facebook was launched in February 4, 2004, the way we use the internet and how much time we devote in it were totally revolutionized. From a mere project with membership restricted to students of Harvard College, the most famous social networking service of this age now has over 600 million of active users. With the Philippines ranked 7th in world in terms of active users, Facebook has dramatically changed our lifestyle - most particularly the way we talk.

Total Users of Facebook in the Philippines

As I head to my office last week, I overheard a charming lady talking to her "not so-pretty-friend", "Hey, i-tag mo naman ako sa pictures natin sa Bora. Ang tagal na nun, eh." (Please tag me on the pictures you took in Bora. The pictures were taken long time ago).

The not-so-pretty-girl replied, "OO nga eh. Sa weekend i-tag kita!" (Yeah, This weekend I'll tag your photos)

Our first Pinoy Facebook phrase is "I-Tag Mo Ako" - Obviously a phrase that does not exist before but widely used nowadays. If you're dumb not to know it, it only means tag the pictures you were at.

Let's continue the chat of Charming Lady & The Not-So-Pretty-Friend...

"Hey, i-like mo naman yung picture ng kuya ko. Sinali ko kasi sa online contest eh." (Hey, can you like the picture of my brother. We joined an online contest).

Our second phrase was obviously coined from Facebook. Again, the word  "I-like" sounds so barriotic but a lot of people, for some reason, use it. It simple means click the "Like" button.

The emergence of SLR Cameras instantly made a lot of people call themselves - Photographers! But that's not the topic today but somewhat related.

The third Facebook phrase is something I am so guilty of.
"Pang Facebook Profile" - Nowadays, if you like a photo of yours, you really do not print it. Instead, you hurry to go online and upload it as your primary profile photo in Facebook. I bet you know what I am taking about!

For our fourth phrase, you might be amazed how it's being used.

"Mag Wall to Wall Tayo" (Let's do wall to wall) - They are actually not planning to climb a mountain or have a wall-to-wall carpet installed. If you are confused, here's a better explanation.

Facebook Wall
It's getting odder and odder, right?

Nowadays, you also get the romance juices via Facebook...

"In a relationship status" na pala sya!" (His status is now, In a Relationship). They are obviously refering to a person whose relationship status was updated in Facebook:

Facebook Relationship Status
Reading these may sound really odd and funny. But reality is, Facebook really changed our lives and even gave us really bad phrases we just got accustomed using (too much of hearing them) - and eventually became acceptable already. Well, somewhat...


Anonymous said...

Wah Panalo!
So true!

Anonymous said...

Winner 'to! Actually you really don't notice it but can't help but use them.

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I really love yout blog site. Idea is fierce!

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