Saturday, April 30, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week - May 8-15, 2011

It's Philippine Fashion Week once more and Fierce Blogs will be there to cover the weekend show.

The Philippine Fashion Week will run from May 8 - 15, 2011 at SMX, Mall of Asia.

Philippine Fashion Week

Fierce Blogs Bizz Cards

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Fierce Blogs Business Card

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review - Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa (Marinduque, Philippines)

Share Next week, Fierce Blogs takes you to Bellarocca Island. Watch out for the full blog review here.

Bellarocca Island Resort Review

Bellaroccca Island Resort

Photo courtesy of Bellarocca Island Website.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Pinoy Words from Facebook

From the day Facebook was launched in February 4, 2004, the way we use the internet and how much time we devote in it were totally revolutionized. From a mere project with membership restricted to students of Harvard College, the most famous social networking service of this age now has over 600 million of active users. With the Philippines ranked 7th in world in terms of active users, Facebook has dramatically changed our lifestyle - most particularly the way we talk.

Total Users of Facebook in the Philippines

As I head to my office last week, I overheard a charming lady talking to her "not so-pretty-friend", "Hey, i-tag mo naman ako sa pictures natin sa Bora. Ang tagal na nun, eh." (Please tag me on the pictures you took in Bora. The pictures were taken long time ago).

The not-so-pretty-girl replied, "OO nga eh. Sa weekend i-tag kita!" (Yeah, This weekend I'll tag your photos)

Our first Pinoy Facebook phrase is "I-Tag Mo Ako" - Obviously a phrase that does not exist before but widely used nowadays. If you're dumb not to know it, it only means tag the pictures you were at.

Let's continue the chat of Charming Lady & The Not-So-Pretty-Friend...

"Hey, i-like mo naman yung picture ng kuya ko. Sinali ko kasi sa online contest eh." (Hey, can you like the picture of my brother. We joined an online contest).

Our second phrase was obviously coined from Facebook. Again, the word  "I-like" sounds so barriotic but a lot of people, for some reason, use it. It simple means click the "Like" button.

The emergence of SLR Cameras instantly made a lot of people call themselves - Photographers! But that's not the topic today but somewhat related.

The third Facebook phrase is something I am so guilty of.
"Pang Facebook Profile" - Nowadays, if you like a photo of yours, you really do not print it. Instead, you hurry to go online and upload it as your primary profile photo in Facebook. I bet you know what I am taking about!

For our fourth phrase, you might be amazed how it's being used.

"Mag Wall to Wall Tayo" (Let's do wall to wall) - They are actually not planning to climb a mountain or have a wall-to-wall carpet installed. If you are confused, here's a better explanation.

Facebook Wall
It's getting odder and odder, right?

Nowadays, you also get the romance juices via Facebook...

"In a relationship status" na pala sya!" (His status is now, In a Relationship). They are obviously refering to a person whose relationship status was updated in Facebook:

Facebook Relationship Status
Reading these may sound really odd and funny. But reality is, Facebook really changed our lives and even gave us really bad phrases we just got accustomed using (too much of hearing them) - and eventually became acceptable already. Well, somewhat...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

AJ Perez Passed Away Due to Car Accident

I was never a fan of his but I see him regularly on Channel 2. According to the news it was due to a car accident. Truly sad news.

Born Antonelle Joseph Sarte Perez (February 17, 1993 - April 17, 2011).

AJ Perez Passed Away at 18
Condolence to his family and friends from Fierce Blogs.

AJ Perez Twitter Page - Fierce Blogs

You may check his Facebook like page here. ABS-CBN news link here. Post from The Buzz head writer, Darla Sauler, here.

 Photo was from AJ Perez' Facebook Like Page.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ruffa Gutierrez Endorses Belo BodyTite - Body Contouring Procedure

Today  is all about body and beauty. As celebrity endorser of Belo Clinic Ruffa Gutierrez pointed out, "In this day and time, we have all the ways and means to be beautiful." Which I couldn't agree more, really!

The product launch was held today at The Peninsula Manila. As usual, Fierce Blogs made sure to arrive early to gain lead in examining the venue way before the event unfolds. And of course to take pictures way before the place becomes too crowded. But more than anything else, I was actually very anxious to learn more of this new body contouring procedure The Belo Medical group is launching today -  BodyTite.

Ruffa Gutierrez on Fierce Blogs
Ruffa Gutierrez Belo Billboard - Fierce Blogs
At exactly 7 in the evening, product endorser, Ruffa Gutierrez arrived wearing a beige, draped evening dress. She was really stunning, I could say. With all her beauty and wit, the 37-year old pageant titlist quickly paraded the venue and greeted the audience. She was officially introduced to the press by none other than our country's prime cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Vicky Belo.

Ruffa Gutierrez - Belo BodyTite

Ruffa Gutierrez for Belo Clinic - Fierce Blogs

Dr. Vicky Belo on Fierce Blogs
Vicky Belo & Ruffa Gutierrez During the Launch of Belo BodyTite

So what is this product called BodyTite all about? As Dr. Belo explained, no matter how much time we spend sweating it out in the gym, the loose skin we all develop as we age through the years will not recede. Yes, we develop muscles and lose weight if we go to the gym regularly, but the loose skin brought about by giving birth and gaining weight will not go away (sadly). Surprisingly, even liposuction procedure will not solve this common problem of women. But with the emergence of BodyTite (also knows as Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction) women (and men-alike) can now remedy the loose skin problem in body areas such as inner thighs, arms and the abdominal area.

Haydon Kho on Fierce Blogs

(From L - R - Dr. Vicky Belo, Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristalle Belo-Henares, John James Uy
My interpretation of this new medical cosmetic procedure is - A tummy tuck that is minimally invasive and does not leave an ugly scar sometimes producing a deformed appearance of the pubic and lower abdominal region.

Ruffa went through the procedure last December 2010 and amazingly a day after the session, she was already up and about her usual showbiz commitments. Naturally, there was still some pain but there is little to none downtime as the TV5's Paparazzi host excitingly explained.

(L - R Reg, The Fierce Blogger, Vern & Denise)
On a related story, Jinkee Pacqiao had the same medical procedure done on her. And I think the after effect is simply fierce! Way too fierce!

When one of the press asked if there was any photoshop done on Ruffa's after effect photos, there was a violent reaction from both Dr. Belo and Ruffa. That question I really find very funny, really! And to add to that, the Ambassadress of Beauty commented, "Belo Medical Group is a company that specializes in cosmetic surgery. We don't do Photoshop!"

Talk about being fierce.

You can inquire regarding BodyTite by calling only the experts - 819.BELO (2356) or you can visit their website at You can also email them

More BodyTite event pictures here.

Photos were courtesy of Jason Abrera.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Product Launch - Ruffa Gutierrez for Belo

Watch out next week here on Fierce Blog.
Belo Launch on Fierce Blogs

Friday, April 8, 2011

Next Week on Fierce Blogs...

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Belo on Fierce Blogs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kris Aquino - The Story Continues with "My Heart's Journey"

Everything Kris Aquino touches becomes an instant success! From TV shows, movies, product endoresements, fashion and mind you, even having a full-length studio album. I know, know! A lot would probably remark as, Kris singing? I really don't know about that!

Don't worry everyone, your favorite Pilipinas Got Talent (now on its second season) judge will not be offering her singing voice to her fifth album release under Universal Records. Instead, she shares her personal triumphs and battles in life and love. It's about the narrative of life through songs of laughers and pains. Failure and victories. Even stories of admittance that once in our life we made some stupid decisions.

Kris Aquino on Fierce Blogs

Kris Aquino Press Launch - Fierce Blogs
I'd say, who would be the best strory teller of these multihued songs other than Kris Aquino herself.

"Now I look back and see you're too young and I was too much in a hurry to know you and let you really know me before we tried to start our family. Come to think of it, I really should have known better. We were just too different for us to last forever. So now, we've move on and started a whole new chapter, separate lives, separate dreams but still connected to each other."

This is a quotation from Kris' latest CD, My Heart's Journey - which is her journey to forgiveness. It is really noble and heartfelt how the multi-awarded artist shared to us what happened to her marriage with professional basketball player, James Yap.

It was in June 27, 2010 when it was announced that the marraige was over and that both vowed to become good friends after their annulment.

Fierce Blogs Covers Kris Aquino's Latest CD

But how is Kris now after the break up? As she addmitted, she's traveling the road of redemption.

"It was a journey well worth the price of admission. It's our journey that reached its natural conclusion. And all that's left for me to say is thank you, for what you were to me. For now it's goodbye. For always, it's good luck. Be blessed and be happy".

Such a sweet and selfless closure indeed. But what happens next? Is Kris still willing to give romance another shot?

"Ayoko na! I will not fall in love again. That's as of April 5". Kris chuckled. But let's see. "Ask me again in Oct 11, 2011 (Wedding Anniversary of Ninoy and Cory). I might change my mind.


The press launch of Kris' latest CD this afternoon was also attended by some of our countries prime singers: Christian Bautista and Jed Madela. The Divine Diva also graced the show with her usual beauty and charms.

Kris Aquino & Zsazsa Padilla on Fierce Blogs
Christian Baustista on Fierce Blogs

Jed Madela on Fierce Blogs
Kris Aquino - My Heart's Journey is already out in all leading record bars nationwide. If you get a copy, you'll also have a special journal containing inspiring quotations written by Kris herself.

Tracks included are:
  1. God Bless the Broken Road - Toni Gonzaga
  2. What About Love - KC Concepcion
  3. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways - Christian Bautista
  4. Only Love - Jed Madela
  5. Changes in My Life - Jed Madela
  6. I Will Be Here - Gail Blanco
  7. When You Believe - Regine Velasquez & Lani Misalucha
  8. In Your Eyes - Gail Blanco
  9. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight
  10. I Want to Know What Love Is - Nina
  11. Healing - Jed Madela
  12. Araw Mo - Christian Bautista (Bonus Track)
Priced at Php300 only. Surely a fierce buy!

All pictures were courtesy of Jason Abrera.
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