Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sony Ericsson - Back to an Old Romance

Technology nowadays can be sometimes crazy if you are all into it. From SLRs, laptops and mobile phones, they have attacked the human race with vigilance. It may have done us good in general but it has spared us from the most important thing in life - simplicity. But whether we like it or not, gadgets and electronics are bound to stay and live longer than Cher!

I had my fair share of tech assault back in the days. It was a must have to grab the newest mobile phone it the market. Regardless of its tag price, I must have it! It adds "coolness" when you text and take calls out in the public. Never mind if I don't know how to work on the mobile feature. What matters is that it's new and pop!

I was such a tech sucker back on the 90's!

Of all the handy phones I once owned, nothing comes close to my favorite - Ericsson T39mc.I just love its slickness and sophistication back in the days. It was also my first and last Ericsson phone. It was also probably the only phone I used for more than 2 years. I just can't let go.

From then on, I was a Nokia user all the way!

Then came 2011...

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

What I love about Xperia X10 Mini Pro is its size. Noot everything that is big is good (no pun intended). At 2.6 inches big Xperia is packed with features: QWERT keyboard, Android OS, GPRS, EDGE & HSDPA data services, 240 x 320 pixels screen display and 5 megapixel camera resolution.The downside however is the battery life...4 hours talk time. But I am okay with that!

So after 10 years and a few gray hair, I am back to an old romance...


Anonymous said...

How much is this cute phone?

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