Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fierce Blogs Spotlight - Jaco Benin's CD Launch

Today, Fierce Blogs, Inc. stumble upon a fresh talent!

I was invited to attend the CD launch of Jaco Benin held at Agave Mexicana Cantina. Armed only with a sack full of curiosity, I brought along the photographer of my blog site to the event.

I arrived on time at the venue with not much of a glitch and was greeted with warmth by the event organizers - PolyEast Records. A quick glance at my watch and noticed that Fierce Blogs arrived 15 minutes earlier. This would probably be a long wait before the event starts, I mused to myself.

Boy, I was wrong! The event started 5 minutes after call time (a first for me in the entertainment industry). 

Then came the artist...

Jaco Benin CD Launch
He is for sure a looker, but can he sing? That was the biggest question I have!

After the artist was introduced to the media and bloggers, I noticed a promise that this will not be an awful event. Just before hitting the stage, Jaco was handed over a guitar which he immediately strung to check the tune. A little adjustments here and there, he gazed at the audience and throw a charming smile. It was during that moment when I realized that most of the people who were next to my table suddenly flocked the small stage.

At this point I can barely see the artist. This is again a good sign.

Then it was his moment to sing and bring it on!

Jaco Benin on Fierce Blogs Spotlight

Jaco Benin on Fierce Blogs

How was it? His voice is gentle yet powerful to stress the message of the songs. His vocals has the ability to caress the melody with passion and conviction. Conviction did I say? How much can a 21-year old man experience in the romance department for him to convey the songs with much gusto and persuasion? It is innate, I'd say, for a youngster to deliver songs of love with real emotions of being in love. That is a rare trait in our local music industry.

Jaco Benin Live on Fierce Blogs

As the title of his CD suggests, Ako Naman, it is indeed the time for Jaco's sound to be heard. He may not have an immense vocal range like most artists of his genre have but his soul and rhythm resonates uniqueness. The simplicity of his voice makes him extraordinary compared to the flair of his contemporaries. And for that, I give him the credit for being a standout in terms of his rare musicality - A laid back acoustic sound that does not bore.

Then came the Q&A session with the bloggers.

Jaco Benin on Fierce Blogs

I only wanted to ask 1 question which I eventually did.

Q&A Fierce Blogs - Jaco Benin

Fierce Blogs - "When you were starting, do you have to go through a series of auditions to land a gig? Or you being the son of Joey Benin paved the way for opportunities you have now?"
JB - "You know, I am just really blessed. I only went to 1 go-see and got in. Opportunities came and, I am just thankful."

That for me is a true humble artist!


Jaco Benin's CD is already out in the market nationwide and priced at only Php 199.00. The CD has 6 songs: Salamin, Sa Aking Alala, Sa Puso Ko (my fave), Torete, Prinsesa & Luningning.

You can also see him live during his mall tour:

    * April  16 - Robinsons Imus, Cavite
  •     April 17 - Robinson Metro East
  •     April 29 - Robinson Manila
  •     May 1 -   Robinson Sta. Rosa Laguna
  •     May 8 -   Robinson Starmills, Pampanga
  •     May 14 - Robinson Novaliches
You can also visit his website here, Facebook Like Page. You may also follow him on Twitter here.

All photo courtesy of Jason Abrera for Fierce Blogs, Inc.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Midnight Centrale @ Bonifacio Global City

Share I finally had the time to visit Midnight Centrale 4 weeks ago. I know, I know., blog backlog it is! So crucify me!

Here are some of the photos that morning:

Fierce Blogs visiting Midnight Centrale @ Bonifacio Global City
Fierce Blogs visiting Midnight Centrale

What to expect inside:

What I enjoyed eating:

Fierce Blogs -  Seafood Paella

Fierce Blogs -  Seafood Paella with Squid Ink
Fierce Blogs - Fresh Spring Roll
Fierce Blogs -Sausage
The new location & schedule of Midnight Centrale:

New location                      Beside MC Depot and across Lexus (walking distance from Starbuck)

Friendster Account Cancelled!

It's about time to cancel my account at Friendster. Please don't ask me why I did so.


It was fun having you in the 90's. Time to move on.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mary Kay Concealer - To Cover Some of Life’s Imperfection

You asked for it and you’ll be getting it, today!

A number of my female followers (and not so female-ish) have been asking me to feature a cosmetic product as part of the Fierce Find Collection. I wish I could really feature them as often as I like but it is not that easy. Spotting a product that does wonder for you is as scarce as finding a 500 pesos along Ayala street. There’s the influx of them in the market, but finding a product that really works is something else. Most of the beauty products are just blah blah blah…

Today, Fierce Blogs features a product we all need – concealer. 
Mary Kay Concealer on Fierce Blogs
What I really love about Mary Kay concealer is how it blends well and does it magic – which is to hide the imperfection the skin has. Like in a snap it just disappears! You don’t need to be a pro to work its magic. 

How to use the product:
  1. Make sure you moisturize your skin first before applying any cosmetic 
  2. Apply a small amount of Mary Kay on the tip of your pointer finger. Be careful when you squeeze the tube and make sure you only use a small amount. 
  3. Place the product right directly to where the skin blemish is. 
  4. Instantly, spread the liquid concealer to the problematic area until it blends with your skin.
  5. Apply to all affected areas.
  6. Once done apply your usual foundation to your face. This is the final step to make sure you’ll get an even tone to hide the concealer marks.
Mary Kay Concealer is for all skin types and Dermatologist-tested.

Mary Kay Concealer - Fierce Blogs Feature
Mary Kay Concealer

Suggested retailed price is Php375.00.

Mary Kay Website.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sony Ericsson - Back to an Old Romance

Technology nowadays can be sometimes crazy if you are all into it. From SLRs, laptops and mobile phones, they have attacked the human race with vigilance. It may have done us good in general but it has spared us from the most important thing in life - simplicity. But whether we like it or not, gadgets and electronics are bound to stay and live longer than Cher!

I had my fair share of tech assault back in the days. It was a must have to grab the newest mobile phone it the market. Regardless of its tag price, I must have it! It adds "coolness" when you text and take calls out in the public. Never mind if I don't know how to work on the mobile feature. What matters is that it's new and pop!

I was such a tech sucker back on the 90's!

Of all the handy phones I once owned, nothing comes close to my favorite - Ericsson T39mc.I just love its slickness and sophistication back in the days. It was also my first and last Ericsson phone. It was also probably the only phone I used for more than 2 years. I just can't let go.

From then on, I was a Nokia user all the way!

Then came 2011...

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

Xperia X10 Mini Pro on Fierce Blogs

What I love about Xperia X10 Mini Pro is its size. Noot everything that is big is good (no pun intended). At 2.6 inches big Xperia is packed with features: QWERT keyboard, Android OS, GPRS, EDGE & HSDPA data services, 240 x 320 pixels screen display and 5 megapixel camera resolution.The downside however is the battery life...4 hours talk time. But I am okay with that!

So after 10 years and a few gray hair, I am back to an old romance...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sandwich - CD Launch Called Contra Tiempo under Polyeast Records

Fierce Blogs was invited to attend the press launch of the band Sandwich for their CD launch called Contra Tiempo. The event was held at Redbox Eastwood Central Plaza last March 4, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM. It was however too bad that I failed to attend the event because of my crazy schedule this week. May be next time.

Well, I really have little to no idea at all on the band's genre. My readers would probably ask why would I even feature Sandwich on Fierce Blogs; when in fact I am no expert when it comes to the rock scene. The reason is rather simple, Fierce Blogs always gives room to anything worth sharing to its followers.

Sandwich CD Cover (Fierce Blogs

Members of the band: Raimund Marasigan (lead vocalist/keyboard); Myrene Academia (bass guitar); Mong Alcalaz (guitar); Diego Castillo (guitars) and Mike Dizon (drums) launched their 12-tracked CD with much pride last week. It is worth noting that Sandwich are one of the few acts that made a successful transition from an indie to a label talent under EMI Philippines (now called Polyeast Records). 

Sandwich Band on Fierce Blogs
The new CD is now available in your favorite records bars.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Banana Cake - The Low Cal Cafe Co.

Fierce Blogs seldom features food. So, if you see one, it must be really good!

Banana Cake
Banana Cake - Low Cal Cafe

Desserts! Sugar-Free by the LowCal Cafe

Multiply Site

Contact Numbers:  0917-3205463

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