Sunday, February 13, 2011

Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant

Burgoo Branches

Burgoo Branches

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Supreme Sampler - A combination of our best appetizers such as buffalo wings crispy, Sta. Fe spring rolls, chimichanga and onion rings. P395.00 - 595.00
Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs - Size choices: Regular P575.00, Large P895.00

Linguini with Clams - Sauteed fresh clams in olive oil and garlic. Tossed in a special clam broth with linguini pasta and cubed red bell pepper. P295.00 - 475.00

Burgoo Bar
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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Picture Company - Fun & Creative Portraits

The last time I probably had a photo print was more than 5 years ago. May be not just me! With the emergence of digital photography, photo prints probably took the back seat in terms of demand. It was really about the digital age - High resolution, computer enhancement and above all, non-prints.

But what happened to the old-fashioned photography wherein you simply smile, pose and print? 

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Almost 3 weeks ago, my friends and I booked a photo session at Picture and Company, Podium Mall. As I enter the shop, I felt uncomfortable seeing baby pictures and family portraits. I feel so misplaced! It was a baby-infested play pen. Get me out of here! The kids are about to attack and butcher me (I told myself)!

Picture Company - Photo Packages
Picture and Company - Podium Branch
Then came our photographer, all smiles and accommodating. This is not going to be bad, after all.


Let the photo session begin...

I don't know about you, but when your photographer is all perked up  (her energy can be comparable to 20 mad gorillas) and cheering you to say, "banana!", while clicking the camera, this is probably your reaction to it!

The Picture and Company
The studio was full of energy! It was fun from the first and last click of the camera. Was it because of us? Not really. It was because of our photographer's incessant patience to take the right shot and capture the moment. 

And course the shoot will not end without my signature vain poses (please allow me)...
Fierce Blogs
Fierce Blogs
All in all, it was an experience worth printing in photo paper.

The Picture Company Branches:

Podium Mall - 637- 5929 / 634 - 2632
Power Plant Mall - 890 -  3690 / 898 - 2657
Alabang Town Center - 809 - 7388/ 809 - 7370
Bonifacio High Street - 856 - 1232
Greenbelt 5 - 756 - 0020

Main Website here.

Tumblr Site here.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gold Marlboro Touch

Marlboro Touch

Gold Marlboro Touch

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