Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lechon Pizza - A Sure Death Wish

The current lifestyle of this age and time is all about good health and fitness. Anywhere you go, every block in the tinsel, there goes a fitness gym or health spa available depending on the budget you can afford. It is all about looking and feeling good inside and out. That dictates the current lifestyle of our current generation.

That is why I almost choked when I saw a piece or promotional paper lying atop my colleague's desk. There goes in big font LECHON PIZZA! First thing that I told myself was, "Are they serious?!?". A piece of roasted pork skin is bad enough. This time, imagine eating a pizza with 3 slices on top... Lechon Pizza is all about that! The group of people who ordered The Killer Pizza in the office complained that it was oily and heavy. I actually chuckled after hearing it. Like hell duh! What did they expect, right?

You don't have to imagine how the pizza looks like. I immediately borrowed a Sony Ericcson Mobile from a friend to take a shot of the flyer.

A friend asked me if I want to try it. I didn't really answer. But in my head I did... "May be when I was 15... Just may be...


Anonymous said...

serious !

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