Saturday, January 29, 2011

Canon Philippines - Esprit Watch Promo

This review is not all about the camera I bought  last December since I lost my old one (crap!). I have no complains when it comes to my Canon IXUS 105; from its looks to performance, I am proud owner of Canon camera. So what is this blog all about? It's all about a poor execution of a holiday promo! Instead of making the consumers tell themselves , "It was a good buy", in the end it is all about disappointments and headache!

I purchased my Canon camera last December 2010 not knowing that it comes with a free Esprit watch. "Sweet"! I told the lady who assisted me in Anson's, Makati. All I need to do is register my purchase online and provide my personal details needed for the promo. I did all of these the same night. What is more interesting with the promo was, they will deliver the watch after 2 weeks right in front of your doorstep. That is even sweeter!

After a month, I have already forgotten all about this promo. Why? Because the watch was never delivered! What happened to the promise of delivering the watch after 2 weeks? They ran out of supply... Poor planning I'd say, that is what happened!

Then today somebody knocked early. It was a delivery from LBC. 

When I opened the delivery, this is what I saw...
Esprit Watch on Fierce Blogs
Esprit Watch on Fierce Blogs
Esprit Female Watch on Fierce Blogs
When I registered, I made sure that I specified my gender as male. And by far, I have not met a person named Eric who is a lady.So why the lady-like design? Talk about carelessness and stupidity!

Do I intend to make another call and complain? I guess it's not really worth the time and headache! I am just considering this promo as a sheer disappointment -  a bad marketing collaboration that resulted to nothing but dissatisfaction from a customer.
Anyways, I still love my Canon camera!


Anonymous said...

Another raffle LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is another poor promo!
They did the same thing last year.

josephine said...

last october 2010 bumili ako ng ixus 200 from canon d hub here in sm bacolod, di ko alam na they hae a promo pala a free "watch" daw, so natuya ako dahil makakarecieve ako ng watch from canon, so kinuha ng sales lady laat ng detail about me para ma encode sa online registration and she said na antayin ko nalang daw a week or 2 dhil e dliver nalng daw ng courier sa address na ibinigay ko, but a month passes by ni walang gift na dumating, until now morethan 1 year na wala pa rin akong natatanggap na watch from canon.... totoo ba talaga ang promo nyo???? naka ilang balik na ako sa store for follow up pero until now wla pa rin... i am still hoping na sana ma recieve ko ung free item na nakuha... at sana po if hindi nyo ma locate yung address san mag effort naman po na mag text man lang pwede rin po sana if sa store nalng po kukunin ung item para hindi na mahirap.... thank you...

The Fierce Blogger on December 06, 2011 4:09 AM said...

Hi Josephine,

I feel for you. I can just imagine the frustration. I got mine after 2 month and this is nothing compared to a year of waiting. Please email me privately and introduce yourself. My email address is

By the way, I do not work for Canon, I am also a consumer who got victimized by poor marketing scheme!

Look forward to you email so I can help you.


Anonymous said...

Searched for review regarding delivery service of canon and i stumbled on this one. Oh no. My case was about the photocopy machine i bought from them at canon sm megamall. The Manager informed us they can deliver at our province (iloilo). So we set the date to dec 20. Dec 20 came and no machine was delivered.

what was worse now is that they promised to deliver it jan 3 again and again.. no delivery was made. The next day they texted my brother and said sorry for the delay and that they will deliver jan 4 (today). again, no delivery came. Now this become so frustrating and i thought canon was a big company. ??

Anonymous said...

Hi, Meron ulit promo ang canon ngayon na free esprit watch when you buy canon printers worth 3k +.. Hindi ba pwede ikaw pumili ng watch? Or basta kung ano nalang yung ibibigay nila?

The Fierce Blogger on August 20, 2012 1:43 AM said...

Hi there! Not really sure bout the latest promo they have. May be you can check the website ;)

Anonymous said...

they gave me the mens watch. wanna trade? lemme know.

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