Saturday, January 29, 2011

Canon Philippines - Esprit Watch Promo

This review is not all about the camera I bought  last December since I lost my old one (crap!). I have no complains when it comes to my Canon IXUS 105; from its looks to performance, I am proud owner of Canon camera. So what is this blog all about? It's all about a poor execution of a holiday promo! Instead of making the consumers tell themselves , "It was a good buy", in the end it is all about disappointments and headache!

I purchased my Canon camera last December 2010 not knowing that it comes with a free Esprit watch. "Sweet"! I told the lady who assisted me in Anson's, Makati. All I need to do is register my purchase online and provide my personal details needed for the promo. I did all of these the same night. What is more interesting with the promo was, they will deliver the watch after 2 weeks right in front of your doorstep. That is even sweeter!

After a month, I have already forgotten all about this promo. Why? Because the watch was never delivered! What happened to the promise of delivering the watch after 2 weeks? They ran out of supply... Poor planning I'd say, that is what happened!

Then today somebody knocked early. It was a delivery from LBC. 

When I opened the delivery, this is what I saw...
Esprit Watch on Fierce Blogs
Esprit Watch on Fierce Blogs
Esprit Female Watch on Fierce Blogs
When I registered, I made sure that I specified my gender as male. And by far, I have not met a person named Eric who is a lady.So why the lady-like design? Talk about carelessness and stupidity!

Do I intend to make another call and complain? I guess it's not really worth the time and headache! I am just considering this promo as a sheer disappointment -  a bad marketing collaboration that resulted to nothing but dissatisfaction from a customer.
Anyways, I still love my Canon camera!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Close Up White Now - The New & Sexy Packaging

On my way to a blog meeting last night, my attention was drawn to a billboard along Ayala Avenue, Makati. It says, "White Now" from a distance. A couple more steps closer and I noticed that the ad is all about the new product release of Close Up toothpaste. I will probably check the product after my meeting with potential clients.

I didn't really wait long enough. Soon after the meeting, I immediately went to a nearby Watson to check the new and attractive Close Up offering.

Here's a closer look.

Close Up White Now
It is also interesting to see the blue toothpaste that is covered with crystal-like coating.

Close Up White Now
How the products works? It contains an enhance formulation containing a unique blue foam that through light reflection makes your teeth look whiter and brighter after just one brushing. The result is an instant effect that leaves your teeth visibly white (source Close up). This promise is actually found on the label.
Suggested retail price is P65.00

Day 1 of brushing White Now starts today for me.

Check out the product at your nearby stores and  try using White Now.

Official site here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review - Abe's Farm (Resort, Country Cuisine & Spa)

The best way to describe my Abe's Farm experience in a sentence, " The extreme Manila Getaway"! There is really no description other than that. Along with good company, ambiance and of course superb food; what else can you ask for, really?

Abe's Farm, Pampanga
Abe's Farm is situated at the heart of Pampanga, near the foothill of Mt. Arayat (dormant volcano). It may be quite a travel coming from the city but the drive is all worth it. Check the map below.

Abe's Farm Location Map
This extreme getaway is owned and operated by Larry Cruz, (LJC) who is also the man behind the success of Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, Bollywood and a lot more.

What to look forward to?

The good food which has always been the trademark of LJC Group of Companies.

Ginataang Gulay
Famous Fried Tilapia
Buko Pandan
Organic Ice Cream

The Ambiance.
Abe's Farm

Abe's Farm
Abe's Farm

Nurture Spa.

Above it all, the extreme escape from the crazy lifestyle in Manila...

Abe's Farm (Facade)
Abe's Farm Scenery

Pool Area

 Abe’s Farm

Book now for your extreme getaway and tell them that Fierce Blogs referred you.

All photo courtesy of Gerry M.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Essilor - World No. 1 Spectacle Lenses


Essilor Anti Fatigue Lense
Varilux Physio

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers - The Complete Gorilla Look

I don't know with you but seeing Vibram Footwear really reminds me of King Kong climbing Empire State Building. It may be pricey and all but it sure looks odd!

Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lechon Pizza - A Sure Death Wish

The current lifestyle of this age and time is all about good health and fitness. Anywhere you go, every block in the tinsel, there goes a fitness gym or health spa available depending on the budget you can afford. It is all about looking and feeling good inside and out. That dictates the current lifestyle of our current generation.

That is why I almost choked when I saw a piece or promotional paper lying atop my colleague's desk. There goes in big font LECHON PIZZA! First thing that I told myself was, "Are they serious?!?". A piece of roasted pork skin is bad enough. This time, imagine eating a pizza with 3 slices on top... Lechon Pizza is all about that! The group of people who ordered The Killer Pizza in the office complained that it was oily and heavy. I actually chuckled after hearing it. Like hell duh! What did they expect, right?

You don't have to imagine how the pizza looks like. I immediately borrowed a Sony Ericcson Mobile from a friend to take a shot of the flyer.

A friend asked me if I want to try it. I didn't really answer. But in my head I did... "May be when I was 15... Just may be...
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