Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fierce Find - Rio Mints (Fresh and Stylish)

Share Guess who visited Fierce Blogs this weekend?

Another Fierce Find to share today.

Rio Mints are the coolest and latest mint to arrive in Manila. It promises a long lasting freshness in every mint. What is so unique about this product is the unique and fashionable tins where the mints are kept. It is sugar free and it comes in 5 flavors: Burgundy Grape, Pink Grapefruit, Honey Melon, Green Tea & Peppermint.

My goal today is to try the other flavors!



Anonymous said...

Hi Fierce Blogger!

Are you sponsoring a contest for Rio Mints?

Anonymous said...

Where can we buy this Eric?

Anonymous said...

Any freebies Direk?
Penge naman!!!

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