Monday, November 29, 2010

Pancake House at Makati Avenue (Corner Gil Puyat) Starved Me to Death!

Visiting a fast food has a very simple expectation - that is for your food to be served quick and warm. It does not even require a genius to know these basic and universal rule when it comes to dining to your nearby food chains. But what happens if these basic expectations are not met in oh-so-many-ways? 

Read along...

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I decided to pamper ourselves by means of vanity - facial. Armed only with courage and confidence, we merrily drove our way towards the facial clinic (can't mention the name, sorry) without any prior reservation for that matter. Result? "Sir, we are already fully-booked today". Was it a major Sunday spoiler? Not really! We took our chance and failed. Not a big deal, after all. We are still embracing the slowness of Sunday with a smile and calmness.

Next agenda proves to be simpler... eat! Our choices were: Pancake House, Teriyaki Boy and Aling Inengs. After 5 minutes of contemplation, Pancake House won! It was a quick decision since we were all hungry at that time.

My friends ordered and so did I. Their food arrived but mine never made it on the table. Talk about being lucky!

My default order in Pancake House is their Pan Chicken, which is what I ordered yesterday. Little did I know that my "default food" will be the cause of my frustration and starvation that day.

The orders of my friends arrived and I expected mine to follow in a while (they ordered first). While waiting, I witnessed another customer, seated in front of us, snapped at the waiter. "I am watching you! I only ordered for a toasted bread and omelet and it took you 20 minutes to serve it? I can make this in 2 minutes (referring to her order). I thought to myself, Oh-oh, we have one angry customer in the house. The same lady asked for a pen and paper from the waiter and asked to have a word with the manager. Another oh-oh moment.

While these things are happening, my order has not arrived. 

I tried to gaze at the lady with subtlety. Her eyes were rolling and I can feel her heat in anger. Yayx!

Another 10 minutes of interesting chat with friends and my food was still nowhere in sight. At this point I am already feeling a bit goaded. I made a decent follow up with a smile. Probably being decent and polite nowadays prove to be useless.

It was after more than half an hour of waiting when my order arrived. This is the part which I call payback time.

"Cancel that order!" I utter with calmness. "Sir?" This is what the waiter replied to me.

With a mocking smile I repeated, "Cancel that order."

This is just terrible! If you anticipate that our food will be served late, tell it straight to our faces! We will understand. But what is unacceptable is giving us the impression that everything inside the kitchen is ok when in fact something is terribly wrong. We could tell, you know.

To Pancake House, thanks for a lunch-less Sunday afternoon. Carry on...

It was a good thing Figaro Coffee (Joya South Tower Rockwell) was there to save the day... and my hunger.

Loving my Pasta ala Carlo


Anonymous said...

i know this dish... its my favorite, 'pasta ala carlo' try their ham and cheeze bakes with a dash of tabasco... ay, i want to eat there tonight...

Kyle Tivoli said...

You forgot to mention that they wanted to serve 2 pcs. first then 1pc. to follow after waiting for half an hour... hahaha that was so dumb...

dio on November 30, 2010 7:06 AM said...

hmmm... may malapit ba ditong bookstore at goldilocks? =) parang i know where this is

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