Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chili's Bar and Grill - Discounts! Freebie!

Anything that you get for free is something to be thankful for. However getting another freebie twice in a row is something to rejoice and is worth sharing to your readers.

October 4, 2:09pm I received a text message from a person who claims to be from Chili's, Greenbelt 5 branch. The message reads like this:

"Gudafternoon! Dis is Lhey of CHILIS, Greenbelt5, Makati. We wud lyk 2 inform u dat u wOn a 50o pes0 chilis gift certificate bcoz u c0mpletely filled up our c0mment card. 4mor inquiries kindly call us at 72930xx nd nd luk 4 any mnager on duty.thnk u!"

I thought to myself, if this is for real, then it is awful sending text messages to your customers in a *"squatteric" fashion. Sure, I was able to read the content but not until I had a bleary look on my face. What if the customer could not comprehend such distorted form of SMS-ing? I guess it will all be pointless...

November 5, 11:30pm, I had the chance to dine in at Chilis Greenbelt 5 along with colleagues and I remember the awful text message I got from the same, exact establishment. Let's put it to a test...

Our food attendant that night was Jomay, who happens to be the same guy who served us well during our last visit at Chili's, Greenbelt 5. From first glance, you will immediately notice that the attendant loves what he's doing. He does it with passion and sincerity. 10 Perfect Fierce Points for that kind of customer service!

I showed Jomay the text message I got and he had to validate it. When he returned he gave this to me...

Gift Certificate - Fierce Blogs
Chili's - Fierce Blogs
The odd-looking text was real after all. Thanks!

Then we had to pay the bill since we needed to head back for work. I was surprised to get another freebie on the same night...

Our food attendant explained that they are requesting for an online survey from me. He handed over a small receipt showing the details.

And so I did after a day. Guess what? I got another freebie -  Triple Play with a purchase pf P750 or more. Sweet!

Free Triple Play - Fierce Blogs
Online Survey - Fierce Blogs
Like what I've said, freebies in this age and time is something to be thankful for. Nowadays, everything seems to have a tag price. Getting discounts and freebies may not tantamount to winning a lottery, but these are the things that you remember on top of the quality of food. And of course the kind of customer service experience is on top!

If you happen to visit the resto and your table would be attended by Jomay, you are lucky. The guy provides a service you would really call A1 Customer Service!

As a final note, Fierce Blogs would like to relay a message to Chili's. May be you may want to re-consider sending professionally done sms. After all, your market are those belonging to mid to upper class.

Blog Notes:

* Squatteric - A Fierce Blog vocabulary that is synonymous to ghastly.

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Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 14, 2010 7:16 AM said...

Hi antonijan... Sayang wala eh. I'll try to take his photo next time :)

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