Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week - Ready to Wear Collection (October 30, 2010, SMX)

Yesterday, Fierce Blogs was given a VIP pass for The Philippine Fashion Week, Ready to Wear Collection.

I arrived at SMX Convention Hall at 2:15 PM along with my friend, Ros (also the official photographer of Fierce Blogs). Not much people have arrived by the looks of it. I guess you still have to be fashionably late nowadays to be in! Nothing much changed on that department, really. Talk about fashion backwards!

We had a bit of trouble looking for the right entrance after we have registered as a guest. According to registration, they ran out of tickets for VIPs and that we can just tell the doorman that we are on the list. Very convenient then, we giggled. Did it work? Gawd no! It was a good thing we were still able to look for good seats.


The lights went off and the show started...
It was the work of Anna Leah Salvador that opened show.

And one of my favorite collections that afternoon came from  Dave Ocampo.

Then it was time for Mica Santayana.

Now, let's take a look at the nostalgic work of Pencil Diesta.

Colors and angles from Jian Lasala.


And another favorite collection of mine, Richie Bondoc

Overall, there are so many reasons why I enjoyed the show. The staging is smooth and execution is just right ('though I could hear people shouting behind the stage).  Not to mention models running while they can still be seen from the side of the stage... But I guess these are all part of the drama to create a successful show where there are 9 designers in one afternoon sharing the same catwalk.

To the production and staff, congratulations!

  • Thanks To Chi De Jesus
  • San Marino - Tuna Paella (Major Sponsor)
  • Joey A. Espino Jr. (Executive Producer/Director)
  • All photos were taken by Ros Edralin (Official Photographer of Fierce Blogs)


kookie on October 31, 2010 5:29 PM said...

i love richi bondoc's creation!

and i think he's a he!

Liezl on October 31, 2010 6:02 PM said...

Horay to fashion!

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on October 31, 2010 6:04 PM said...

@ Kookie...

I also enjoyed Richi's.

On the he or she part, there is really no argument. He is a he with a... LMAO

Jeyps said...

Thanks to Fierce Blogs for that fashion foray. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

You did it again Fierce Blogger!
Can we invite you to our product launch as well? PM us your rate :)

joebee said...

congratulations richi......... great reviews.;)

herbert said...

Proud kapampangan, I am... Kudos for Richie Bondoc of Mexico, Pampanga.

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