Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Original Mile Hi Diner - It is Not That Rockin' After All

I have been seeing this diner for quite sometime already but never really had the chance to try it. From the outside, it seems to promise a pleasant dining experience. Surely, this was the reason why my friends and I tried it last Sunday.

We were on our way to Tagaytay City to work (Yes, you read it correctly). Armed with our corporate lethal weapons and bullets (laptops and ISPs), we journeyed the trip full of vigor and enthusiasm. After 3 stops (coffee and smokes) and countless giggles, we then faced the hardest decision to do when you are in a group -  that is decide where to eat! Admit it! It is always a challenge when there are more mouth to please.

I suggested to try Mile Hi and everybody agreed to try it. By now they must have blamed me for even suggesting to eat at this place.

Parking that night was hell difficult but dining in Mile Hi proved it the opposite. Easy and free parking? Who would even complain, right?

Then we ordered...

Since I am fairly new with the resto, I settled for a very safe order...

Verdict? Y U C K!

First bite and I knew there was a problem. The pasta is undercooked by 5 minutes. I can still feel the center of the pasta with its grain. Major disappointment on that. Say good bye to Php190.00 +=($5.00)

Meatballs Spaghetti
May be there is salvation in the Tacos that I order, I uttered to myself. But instead of salvation I got damnation! The ground beef in my tacos does not taste fresh at all. It has that distasteful aroma that is evident as you bite. Price at Php160.00++ (split with my friend).

My overall cash out in Mile Hi Diner was Php300.00++ ($7.00). It was a pure waste of money for a food that is commonly served at your nearby eatery.

 Inside the Diner



Anonymous said...

Get a refund! =)

ivya said...

i thought you were in baguio...hehe

Anonymous said...

I bet the pasta served here in our "kanto" tastes better...."Spaghetti ng kapit bahay" LOL!

Cindy on April 06, 2011 4:08 PM said...

Their food isn't good at all. But they do have cheap beer!

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