Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gary V - Out With A New CD (Replay)

Gary Valenciano has a new offering on his 27th year in the local entertainment industry. A new CD called "Replay". The said album is composed of 17 songs that were previously recorded by Gary; re-engineered to have its "current sound". It is worth noting that these songs were not hits and were not as popular compared to his other songs. The song selections in "Replay" may not be chart hits but they were equally as good. It was only because the bigger songs overshadowed them and failed to climb the ratings. 

This time around, the songs that were just part of the multi-platinum album will be showcased and listeners will be given another chance to revisit these beautiful songs - in a different time and setting... 2010.

Some of the songs are: One Hello, Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, And I love You So, Home, Tell Me, Kailan Pa, Alam Mo Na and a whole lot more heart warming songs.

I think the theme idea is brilliant! Although you may consider it a revival, what I like about the concept is - It is not reviving a song that once upon a time made it already big in the airwaves. This time the songs were re-recorded to give them another chance and prove why they were, to start with, part of the previous albums of Gary V.

Get your original copy now! Original or nothing!

The carrier single of "Replay" CD is "Did It Ever" whose music video (directed by Paul Soriano)  has been playing in local channels. 

"Replay is another release of Universal Records and is now airing on Channel MYX. You can also vote for this song by: MYX VOTE DID IT EVER and send to 2366.


Speaking of Gary V. I will be checking out his concert at Music Museum tonight at 7:00 PM. The show is called Show In Motion. See you all later

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Anonymous said...

I am watching tonight!
See you fierce blogger!


May on May 22, 2011 12:07 PM said...

Please remind me to get the CD next time I'm in Manila. :-)

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