Thursday, October 7, 2010

Email Sender - Love Makes Us Stupid!

On a daily average, I received 10 - 15 emails a day all related to Fierce Blogs. Most of them were comments made to my blog entries and some were the usual congratulatory notes from my readers. But every now and then I stumble upon an email having this content:

Hi Fierce Blogger,

First of all I would like to congratulate you for having a successful blog. I always read your blog whenever I have the time away from office. Bawal kasi sa sa office namen mag browse eh. Kaya I can only access your blog site sa house.Your humor is over the top.

By the way my name is Larry and I am 24 years old. The reason why I sent you an email aside from appreciating your blog site is to seek your guidance regarding my lovelife. I have a relationship of 5 years. You can call it childhood sweethearts. Kasi we attended the same high school and now  even working with the same company. Everything seemed to be okay until this year. He's been very irritable lately. Laging wala sa mood and his temper changed. He used to be touchy and all. Pero now kahit smack parang ayaw na nya. May problema kaya? Pag tinatanong ko naman sya he always say that everything is good and he is only busy with work.

I guess I thought that was really the case until I saw a message in his cellphone. May nag text sa kanya... Flirty ung ibang text and they seem to be having a private and sensual jokes. Naiyak ako. Pero I have never confronted him. Sabi ko baka naman fling lang and mawawala. Pero 6 months ago na yun eh. Pareho pa rin ang mood nya and it seem to be worsening.

What do you think? Ang hirap kasi.

Thanks for your time ha.


Love, love love.. Love can really make people lose their reasoning. I had my fair share of stupidity when it comes to love. Looking back, I could not really believe I was capable of doing such idiotic decisions that made my life pathetic at some point. But I guess maturity has a lot to do for not falling bait to the humdrum of romantic relationship. I guess there will be no shortcuts and everybody will be a victim of this viral disease that continues to plague humanity.

Larry, I am no guru when it comes to love and relationship but what I can promise you is letting you hear the things your friends would probably last tell you. While a lot would say that love can move in mysterious way, it can also hurt in a lot of ways. Listen to your head and hear its message (probably telling you now that you are dense and close to Mother Teresa's resume in martyrdom). Confront the issue while it's hot! Your avoidance of it is not helping and it is only prolonging your agony. Do not ask your partner. Instead, tell him what you know and tell him how you feel (cheeeeesyyyy!). I would not even ask how were you able to read his text message (I have a good idea how, anyway); you have your reasons and I really do not care! What I care about is how you allow others to torment you -  to the point of being eaten by the misery. Nobody is worth the trouble if it's your happiness that is being compromised. Learn to love yourself more and you will soon realize the wonders and fulfilment you get by doing so.

In short, stop playing dumb and stupid! We all know that you know what to do! You are simply avoiding what will happen and too scared of losing your ever-beloved-boyfriend. Love is uncurable sometimes! Suck it in!

You might also want to check if you developed halitosis this year - which is the reason why he stopped being intimate with you. 

By the way, thanks for reading The Fierce Blogs! 

May the FIERCE be with you!


Anonymous said...

Ang mean ng blogger pero very true! Suck it in talaga?! Lurve it!

Anonymous said...

Madami na rin akong katangahan ng dahil sa pag-ibig. Looking back nakakakilabot mga ginawa ko. But nit regrets. Those made me stronger and molded who I am right now.

Billy Boi

chandra on October 07, 2010 5:54 PM said...

I see very less people writing such big comments. I appreciate there efforts..but to everything should be short and simple, but informative at the end! thanks

Romantic letters

Papang Rommel said...

Congrats, fierce blogger! you're now a certified (relationship)...everything you said, are all true...and you're oh so right about life and love it...

Paoang Rommel said...

Congrats, fierce blogger! you're now a certified relationship consultant...everything you said, are all true...and you're oh so right about life and love it...

Anonymous said...

Which remind me of myself years ago...........young and stupid.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog entry. You should consider opening another blog site that caters to love and life.


Anonymous said...

Joe D' Mango is that you? or Papa Jack? wahahaha...

dio on October 09, 2010 8:22 AM said...

bruha ka talaga bakla ka! =)
i love the halitosis part =D bwahahahaha

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