Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week - Ready to Wear Collection (October 30, 2010, SMX)

Yesterday, Fierce Blogs was given a VIP pass for The Philippine Fashion Week, Ready to Wear Collection.

I arrived at SMX Convention Hall at 2:15 PM along with my friend, Ros (also the official photographer of Fierce Blogs). Not much people have arrived by the looks of it. I guess you still have to be fashionably late nowadays to be in! Nothing much changed on that department, really. Talk about fashion backwards!

We had a bit of trouble looking for the right entrance after we have registered as a guest. According to registration, they ran out of tickets for VIPs and that we can just tell the doorman that we are on the list. Very convenient then, we giggled. Did it work? Gawd no! It was a good thing we were still able to look for good seats.


The lights went off and the show started...
It was the work of Anna Leah Salvador that opened show.

And one of my favorite collections that afternoon came from  Dave Ocampo.

Then it was time for Mica Santayana.

Now, let's take a look at the nostalgic work of Pencil Diesta.

Colors and angles from Jian Lasala.


And another favorite collection of mine, Richie Bondoc

Overall, there are so many reasons why I enjoyed the show. The staging is smooth and execution is just right ('though I could hear people shouting behind the stage).  Not to mention models running while they can still be seen from the side of the stage... But I guess these are all part of the drama to create a successful show where there are 9 designers in one afternoon sharing the same catwalk.

To the production and staff, congratulations!

  • Thanks To Chi De Jesus
  • San Marino - Tuna Paella (Major Sponsor)
  • Joey A. Espino Jr. (Executive Producer/Director)
  • All photos were taken by Ros Edralin (Official Photographer of Fierce Blogs)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nuffnang Is Now in the Philippines - And They Visited Fierce Blogs

Guess who just dropped by Fierce Blogs today?

Nuffnang is now in the Philippines and they are posting their banner here on Fierce Blogs

Thanks Nuffnang!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Facebook Status Digested by Fierce Blogs

Whenever I have the luxury of time, I normally browse through the updates of my Facebook friends' list. This for me is a source of status how my closest friends are doing lately and admittedly, this is also the best source of laugh on tiresome days.

Let's have fun on Fierce Blogs today!
Based on 670 Facebook Status Samples, Fierce Blogs tried (the best it can!) to classify them into 12 categories. 

To help you visualize the trend, here is the chart:

Description of all 14 categories:
  1. FB Is My Journal - These are the type of Facebookers who report to everybody what they do (and did): daily & by the hour. In short, they FLOOD THE WALL with endless updates on: what they do, what they are eating, music they are currently listening to, where they are, where they are going, who they are with and even broadcast to the world their love lives. FB status for them is like updating their journal where everybody can feast on.
  2. Quotes From The Web - I can only imagine how much time they devout looking for an appropriate quote they have in mind. They painstakingly surf the net until their eyes bleed and pop out. There are those occasional users also who use famous song lyrics to describe their current state. 
  3. Sosyal Quotes (Mukha Namang Dugyot) - I think this category is self-explanatory. But if you will insist for its description, ok fine! They bombard the wall with "sosyal updates"! Problem is.. mejo indi bagay sa kanila (it does not quite fit their personality).
  4. Depressing (Pasan Nya Ang Daigdig) - We all go through tough moments in life. It is rather sad that others would like to showcase how depressing their current state is. You want a sample? "I feel so alone and nobody is texting me" or "Nobody loves me" and a lot more depressing updates. I mean, if you want company (we all do), call your friends and meet up with them. Don't appear like a dilapidated foot rug that was thrown into the drainage. There would never be dignity doing this!
  5.  Social Awareness (Nakikibaka) - Their updates sound like politicians pleading to get a single vote from their network. Not my trip... Next category please!
  6. Selling (FB Tindera In Short) - Before Facebook, there was Multiply. I think the biggest reason why Multiply is no longer a preferred Social Site is because of the tremendous selling involved left and right. I mean, if I want to buy products , I would not be even thinking of Facebook or Multiply.,I go for Ebay!
  7. Call the Grammar Police - Wag kayong plastic at aminin na natatawa rin kayo dito! (Admit it! Reading these posts also make you laugh!). Are we being mean? Hmm I don't think so! Call the Grammar Police category is just funny! Really, really funny! 
  8. I Am Exhausted From Work (Really?) - They get a high posting on their walls how hard they work the whole day and how good of a worker they are. Reminder: The Facebook Wall Update is not a source of data for your annual evaluation -  at least not now! Woot!
  9. Weirdo (He Alone Understands His Status) - He alone knows the meaning of this status and is not willing to share to anybody what it means. I mean, what the point of sharing, right? Weirdos!
  10. Sounding Like the Pope -They preach to everyone! Amen! I guess this category is neutral and in the middle ground for everyone. Not all the time, though.
  11. Brokenhearted - They shout to the whole FB world that the boyfriend slept around etc. Again, leave a little something for yourself - It's called privacy. Drama Queen is so 5 years ago!
  12. Chillaxing - Of all the updates, this the one that is nice to see. Cool and pleasant. No drama! Sadly, very few people has his status update. May be a lot are in a depressed mode nowadays.
What's the point of this blog? Be responsible on what you post...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nokia Asia & Smart Communication Are Now Posting Ads on Fierce Blogs!

Nokia Asia & Smart Communication Are Now Posting Ads on Fierce Blogs!

Thanks to Nuffnang too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Original Mile Hi Diner - It is Not That Rockin' After All

I have been seeing this diner for quite sometime already but never really had the chance to try it. From the outside, it seems to promise a pleasant dining experience. Surely, this was the reason why my friends and I tried it last Sunday.

We were on our way to Tagaytay City to work (Yes, you read it correctly). Armed with our corporate lethal weapons and bullets (laptops and ISPs), we journeyed the trip full of vigor and enthusiasm. After 3 stops (coffee and smokes) and countless giggles, we then faced the hardest decision to do when you are in a group -  that is decide where to eat! Admit it! It is always a challenge when there are more mouth to please.

I suggested to try Mile Hi and everybody agreed to try it. By now they must have blamed me for even suggesting to eat at this place.

Parking that night was hell difficult but dining in Mile Hi proved it the opposite. Easy and free parking? Who would even complain, right?

Then we ordered...

Since I am fairly new with the resto, I settled for a very safe order...

Verdict? Y U C K!

First bite and I knew there was a problem. The pasta is undercooked by 5 minutes. I can still feel the center of the pasta with its grain. Major disappointment on that. Say good bye to Php190.00 +=($5.00)

Meatballs Spaghetti
May be there is salvation in the Tacos that I order, I uttered to myself. But instead of salvation I got damnation! The ground beef in my tacos does not taste fresh at all. It has that distasteful aroma that is evident as you bite. Price at Php160.00++ (split with my friend).

My overall cash out in Mile Hi Diner was Php300.00++ ($7.00). It was a pure waste of money for a food that is commonly served at your nearby eatery.

 Inside the Diner


Fierce Blogs - This Is My Blog Campaign

This Is My Blog Campaign...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming This November - This is My Blog Project

I am really excited about the new project of Fierce Blogs! The concept is done and we are now shooting to have enough materials needed. It is still a long shot before we finish the project but we are now seeing everything to shape up. 

It is fun fun fun!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Twister Fries Is Back


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fierce Blogs Enter Button

  ~ Click the Fierce Blogs Button on Your Keyboard ~

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gary V - Soul In Motion Concert (October 9, 2010)

Last Saturday I went out to watch the last night of Gary V's Soul in Motion series at the Music Museum. Along with me was my friend, Ros, who is also the official photographer of Fierce Blogs, Inc We arrived at the venue around 7:00 PM so we can have more time to check event as it unfolds.

The show was scheduled to start at 8:00PM that night but due to unforeseen technical malfunction, the concert instead started at 8:45PM. It was a long wait indeed. Good thing they have flashing visuals that kept the audience somewhat entertained for 45 minutes.

Then came out Gary V.

It is my 2nd time to watch Gary V live in concert. The first one was back in the 90's along with cousins. If I am not mistaken that was at the Folk Arts Theater (FAT) - which was the "in" venue for concerts back then. All I could remember on that night at the FAT was the energy and it was packed with thousands of Gary V fanatics. Has it changed now? I don't think so! Watching Gary live last Saturday only proves that he won't be coined as Mr Pure Energy for nothing! He still has. The moves, audience rapport and most of all the maturity over the years. I guess that was the main take away from watching the concert - Gary V matured along with his followers. He made sure that along with the maturity of his materials, his fans are taken along with the journey. That probably is the biggest difference on why Gary kept his followers all throughout the years; as well as gained the younger generation's interest.

I also admire how honest he can be with his audience. There was a segment in the show where he shared some of his unfinished music. His admission that it can take him years to finish a single song only proves that there's a severe amount of hard-work and patience in his music. They do not happen in a snap as people thought they do. 

Some more photos of Gary V...

This is my favorite shot of Ros that night

And this...

I have a couple of favorites that night. First were the medley of songs he recorded both for the big screen and tube. After listening to them, I realized that music really plays a big part on any program success. Honestly, I do not recall all those movies and teleseryes. However, the moment Gary opened his mouth to interpret those stories into music, I suddenly remembered the shows. It was instantaneous! 

It was also a moment to witness when Gary V and Duncan Ramos reunited on stage. Least that I expect that it was Duncan who appeared on Gary Vs concert years ago. Some clips were shown that night with kid Duncan appeared next to Gary V - in a hideous clothes. But we all know back them they were hot! I thought there was a nostalgic moment during this part, thus, making it my second favorite.

Then it was time to share the stage with her daughter and Jericho Rosales...

After the concert, Ros and I talked about the show. It was fun indeed. From start to end, it was a pleasant musical journey that made us longed for more. Gary has been entertaining us for almost 3 decades already. But the questions is, once Gary retires, who will fill the big stage that he once domineered? 

Here are more photos of that night...

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