Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks to All the Fierce Blogs Reader Out There!

Thanks to all the Fierce Blogs reader! Last month, the site received its highest unique visits with a total of 2,370 in a span of a week. 71.60% of my readership is coming from the Philippines, 16% from USA while the rest are coming from Singapore, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong and Australia.

Almost 2 years ago I remember that I am only receiving a maximum of 20 visits a day. How time really flies when you are enjoying what you do. 

Again, thanks for visiting Fierce Blogs

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fierce Blogs - Gary V. - Soul In Motion Concert at Music Meseum

Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, has an upcoming offering to his millions of fans - An intimate concert series at the Music Museum entitled, Soul In Motion. The said concert series will happen on September 16, 17, 22, 23, 29 & 30. Tickets prices are at P3,500, P2,500, P1,500 and P500. Show starts at 7:30 PM.
In my opinion, I could really not think of a better concert title that is very timely and fitting all at the same time. Nowadays, we have an influx of male local singers (both young and matured) whose notion when it comes to having soul in their music is through blatant display of hitting the high notes. Most commonly known as belting, belting and more, more belting! Sure, it is impressive! But after a while of hearing it both live and recorded, it is already maddening to the point of wanting to squeeze the neck of these singers to death. I guess the number 1 culprit why this bandwagon keeps on prevailing were the endless singing contests we had  5 years ago to present. Why so? Judges need to be impressed! And for them to be impressed, contestants should be equipped with a voice that can belt like crazy!

If singing with soul is our subject matter, the 46-year-old ABS-CBN contact artist is ahead of his league. To date, I have not heard of any local singer who can really express songs through earnest emotions and apt lyrics to its melody. It will really take a while (may be not at all) for our music industry to experience another artist who at least has the same caliber as Gary V. 

The voice and overall musicality of Gary Valenciano is indeed a gift to our country we need to be proud of.

This concert is directed by Mon Faustino and produced by Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management Inc. This event is also for the benefit of Shining Light Foundation, UNICEF and Compassion to One.


Here are some online Gary V link you may want to read:


Monday, September 6, 2010

I Lost a Bet...

I lost a bet today and I paid big time!

My friends and I were arguing whether who was the Philippine President who depicts the 20-Peso bill. Two of my friends were saying Manuel Quezon while I confidently believe it was Manuel Roxas. We were having tons of fun with the argument and decided to place a bet along with it...

What was the bet?

Who ever lost in the game would have to shave his head. They were all up to it while I seriously deliberated on the idea inside myself. I wanted to secretly look for a 20-note inside my wallet but I have none at that time, so I ecstatically answered, Go!

This was the result of the bet...

You may also want to have some proof.

Moral of the story... It's nice to have good friends around!
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