Sunday, August 1, 2010

Restaurant Review - Josephine's Tagaytay

It's not my first time to dine in at Josephine's, Tagaytay City; the last time was probably 2 years ago with close friends. The experience was so so that's why it was not much of a miss, really. However, my last visit proved that there is really no reason to visit the restaurant any time soon.
Our group arrived 8AM to have breakfast. As I observed, the place still looks like pretty much the same. People are friendly and accommodating, it still has that cozy and homey feeling, but there is something that is so not right as I settled down our table. 
Less than 2 minutes I headed to the buffet table to check the food. What was missing? Food labels! Imagine checking out the food not knowing what the heck they are? This for me is just plain laziness! As I followed a company, he had to ask me, "What rice do you think this is?" I carefully checked the rice to look for any clue what it is. Negative! Instead, I had to put some pieces of rice on my plate so I can smell it. My conclusion? I think it was Bagoong Rice. It was still not conclusive, though.
My concern? Is Jospephine's still even thinking of their customers? A lot of people react badly with bagoong. Please be considerate and tell us what you are serving.We are your customers and we pay you!
The quality of food also lost its magic. The moment I saw tuyo (dried salted fish), I knew I have to get some. I also got myself fried rice and an order of omelet. I told myself, "What could go wrong with the food I placed on my plate". The answer to this was, A LOT!
The tuyo I had was not well-cooked. The first indication to that is, it was difficult to remove the scale of the fish. Even the hotdog omelet I had tasted awful! The plate where it was served contained oil enough to deep fry a can of spam. Major yuck to that! I won't even try to describe its taste.
I was really thankful that I was really hungry that morning. That alone motivated me to eat something. 
But what was really irritating are the flies that roam inside the restaurant. The waiters don't even mind shooing them away from the food. Like it is really part of the meal - adding flavor and joy to all the food they serve to the customers.
To Josephine's owner, your restaurant's issues are not major but the discomfort they cause to your diners are. Better work it!

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ivy a said...

eeeewww... thanks for the tip mare...

Anonymous said...

May langaw nga talaga! Kadiri!!!! ang baboy naman!

Philly on August 01, 2010 11:26 AM said...

I like how you present your blog. Witty, honest and funny! Lets blog collab sometime :)

Jobert said...

Nadiri ako sa langay... Mejo balahura nga kung puros langaw sa paligid... Pero feeling ko keri ko pa rin kumain ng bongang bonga kahit anjan sila! jejeje

Anonymous said...

Rommel... Panalo ka talaga Direk mag blog. katakot ka rin na guest Hahaha

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