Friday, June 18, 2010

Fierce Blogs Special - Living the Bloggers Life with INFOLINKS

If you have been a blogger for quite sometime already, you should be aware of how difficult it is to spot an advertising unit that truly commits to its promises. Hundreds of Pay Per Click (PPC) groups in the blogosphere promise to provide sky-rocketing revenue for your blog if you sign in - but reality is, they just leave the bloggers lost and frustrated. This experience can be tiring to a point some bloggers just totally give up blogging. Now this is a rather sad ending, don't you think?

Now if you happen to be one of the unfortunate victims of PPC tactics, don't lose that blogging spirit. There is hope, really!

Just before you get too excited, what I am about to share with you is not the Fountain of Youth. Today, I would like to share a Fierce Find that brought so much fulfillment for me as a blogger. 

Let me introduce INFOLINKS! 

Fierce Blogs has only been a member of Infolinks for less than 6 months but the advantages are limitless. Sure, I am not earning $1,000 a month because of PPC and all, however, it is the small things that really matters. Unlike other revenue-generating sites, Infolinks is clear to what their vision as a company is - To collaborate and develop partnership with their members. Reality is, this kind of approach is very seldom found in www anymore. For the last 5 years, I noticed that everything is all about earning and trafficking. Sure they do wonders for your site may it be big or small - not to mention the extra income we all need. But whatever happened to the old-fashioned building up a relationship with the members? Will it just be part of the blogosphere history?

Not really! For as long as Infolinks exists, partnership and revenue can go hand in hand. 

If you believe in partnership and limitless advantages, click on the link below:

I have one dream though as a proud member of Infolinks (calling their admin, please!) I dream that someday, Infolinks can provide sponsorship to Fierce Blogs. What kind of sponsorship? Infolinks, listen to my plead (mercy, please).
  1.  A spead of Infolinks logo on my website as a form of advertisement.
  2. Just like any advertisement, the blog owner (me of course!) should earn from this.  I can settle for not less than $500.00 a month (for a full year term). On second thought, half year term contract can also be negotiable (I am such a poor negotiator!)
  3. This advertisement deal should be signed, sealed and delivered!
  4. No tax, please. They should cover for it.
  5. The advertisement should come as an offer to me. That means somebody from their head office should  contact me and arrange for their proposal (Of course, I will accept it! LOL). Probably the founder or owner of Infolinks will do.
  6. Lastly, I want them to re-design Fierce Blogs with a proper launching. The said launch will also showcase their banner on my site.
Probably you will ask, "What's in it for Infolinks?" Since I share the same vision of partnership, I can provide exposure and promotion for their business. Now this is what you call Simbiosis! Please agree with me and clap!

Don't burst my buble, please. Anyway, a blogger can still dream, right? 

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