Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fierce Find of the Month - Essilor Lens & Swissflex


Available in most Optical Shops Nationwide. You may ask your Opto about it and tell them Fierce Blogs recommended it.

Home & Spaces - Extra Space When You Think There’s None


Just when you thought you have already utilized all the storage space in your home, look again.

In my previous blog, Challenge with Small Space, I shared some tips on how to intelligently use the limited space available for us. But what if you require more storage due to accumulation of items you simply cannot get rid of? Over time; you expect to have more clothes, linens, DVD etc. While your personal belongings are mounting, you house will never expand (unless you renovate and expand).

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fierce Find - Essilor Lens and Swissflex Frames

We all know a good product when we spot one. Generally, as consumers; we have this ability to identify which product in the market is a "fierce find" versus the run-of-the-mill. Every so often we may witness a product showing a lot of potentials, however, they eventually fail in the authenticity and delivery departments. As the saying goes, Not all that glitter is gold!

In my previous post, I showed you a pair of eyeglasses Fierce Blogs discovered last month. I introduced it as Light and Sexy because these are the most fitting words I can describe my new pair of eyeglasses. If you know me as a person, you will definitely know how I totally despise wearing eyeglasses. Why? They are darn uncomfortable to have and can literally transform a striking face to dorky-stupid-looking creature. Wearing eyeglasses can also add 5 years to your age. There is also that inevitable truth on your face looking undone or incomplete the moment you remove your glasses. This is what I call, "Forever-Dork-Look!" These are the reasons why I confined myself wearing my eyeglasses inside the house (vanity flu strikes again) and instead wore contacts to avoid being hit by approaching vehicles on the road. My lens power is -3.50 or something so go figure!

Last month I discovered that looking natural with glasses on is achievable. How? read along...

If your main goal is to look natural while having a perfect vision (minus the damages of overly using contact lens), the product I am about to share is meant for you.

Fierce Blogs once again shares another fierce find today!


I feel like I am wearing nothing! This is how comfortable I feel the moment I tried Swissflex frames. You know it's there but you don't really feel it is. It is not bothersome because it is really light and flexible. What I also like most is how the nosepad adjusts to the contour of your nose. No discomforts and no ugly marks after wearing it for so many hours. And the best part is - it does not slip.

The design is simple yet very elegant! So simple to the point that their technology does not make use of screws. Yes. their frames don't have them. Yet, you know how sturdy the product is. All its light-weight parts were clipped to each other forming a sturdy product. That I think is innovative!

If there are 2 words to describe Swissflex frames - they are Function and Fashion! The 2 F's that are hard to find in one product.

Essilor Lens

Do not compromise the quality of your lens just because you think your frame is already nice. Fact is, the quality of lens you use on your eyeglasses is more important than the frame. Probably, the most common mistake is not putting premium on the type of lens we buy. There is no compromising if it's about our eyes. If you will argue with this... then shame on you, really.

Since I am after utmost comfort, I settled for Essilor lens. Their lens looks more natural and does not change the size of your eyes (some lens can magnify the size of your eyes). This reminds me of the lady I saw months back. Her lens are so thick that if you look into her eyes, they look like the eyes of a dinosaur. This for me is rather sad. That lady shouldn't look that awful if only she devoted more time to ask around and seek professional help.

Another quality I am really happy to share is, Essilor lenses do not only make your vision clear, they also protect your eyes. Their lenses are built with UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Personally, I settle for the transition lenses that they have - clear when indoor and turns dark the moment it detects sunlight. Now that is what you call fierce at its peak!

If you would like to know more about Essilor lenses, ask your opto about it. If they happen to ask how did you know of them, just tell them Fierce Blogs whispered it.

Always ask for the Certificate of Authencity

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