Monday, March 29, 2010

COMING IN APRIL - Light & Sexy

You know the brand?

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Fierce Blogs Found Infolinks

Just before my readers complain that they are seeing Fierce Blogs in an unusual way today, let me confirm that my blog site is not having system maintenance or experiencing technical issues. What has changed? Starting today, you will see words with double underline hyperlinks on my blog pages that opens when you click the said text.

What are these, please read along...

Fierce Blogs is proud to announce its partnership with Infolinks, Inc.

A web-based company whose expertise is to keep revenue sharing to its maximum to all its global partners. Infolinks is the leader in "text advertising" feature whose goal is to strategically link advertisements in your blog pages by means of hyperlinking identified words and emphasize them using double-underline (dotted lines as an option). Once readers points their cursors to the hyperlinked text, this will appear:

How do you earn? Simple! For every click on the special underlined links, site owners get a share of the "pay per click advertising program. Once clicked, readers will be directed to a partner advertising page that is completely RELATED to your blog content. Unlike Google adsense, Infolinks links your blog site to prime advertisers ensuring wide range of relevant and quality ads for each of your blog entries.

Fierce Blogs is highly satisfied with Infolinks that's why we have to feature them in our Fierce Finds this month.

For more information about Infolinks, here are their FAQs.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Best Time for Wendy's Commercial

Share Remember this commercial?

We rarely see commercials nowadays with nice jingle such as this. Too good the music lingers for years and let you recall the product behind it.

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Fierce Blogs - Adidas Game Spirit and Tennis


If there is one thing I miss in my usual routine is playing tennis. And I have nobody to blame but myself, of course. No excuses, really. That's is why I owe it to myself to hit more balls next month. I really can't wait.

Speaking of sports, let me share a product I found that works best for the sporty folks out there. After having a cold shower, spray on Adidas Game Spirit - Fresh Power. It's a deo body spray that was developed for athletes to make them feel fresh and clean for 24 hours. The product is available in the market for less Php200.00 ($5.00). The spray bottle is 150ml and 96 g.

For more Adidas products, click here.

Now let's play some sports and may the Fierce be with you!

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Fierce Blog Supports Earth Hour


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fierce Event - Run For Home 2010 Friday,


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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fierce Blogs - Featured in Blog Awards

Share This morning I was told that my blog site was featured in Blog Awards. Honestly, I do not know who they are and what they do. But thanks really for featuring Fierce Blogs on you main site.

You can check out their site here.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – 10 Million People & 1 Billion Motorcycles

It was my first time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Armed without any knowledge whatsoever (except that I know Kim from Miss Saigon lived and had her dramatic life here), my office friends and I toured the city. Normally, I do a little research before visiting a foreign country; but not this time. I told myself, “How can it be so bad if I live in the Philippines?!”
And boy I was so wrong!
Sadly, my first impression was the evident poverty the moment we arrived at their airport. When we left the airport, the sadder it became. Second was the extreme heat that could kill! When we arrived it was 35 C. Now beat that! It felt like all my facial pores opened in anger and it could devour the person in front of me. Third, 1 billion motorcycles all waiting to rampage the tourists strolling along the street.
Again I told myself, “How can it be so bad if I live in the Philippines?!”
Our goal on our first day was to walk around the city and eat noodles.
Sounds easy, isn’t it?! Think again!
On Strolling
I never thought I would witness such driving uglier compared to the Philippines. Guess what? We got beaten by the Vietnamese motorists. The Harakiri driving of their motorist made our wild driving cute and funny.
Short clip using my digicam.
Last time I checked, the sidewalk was designed for human to walk along. Not in Hi Chi Minh City though! Their narrow sidewalks are infested by rushing motorcyles all wanting to be ahead of the pack. Most of their main road (particularly during rush hours) can be hazardous if you walk like a sissy. It takes real talent to survive the experience. You need to walk like a Tazmanian Devil - all guarded and prepared to jump when circumstance ask for it. So, if you ask me, where does this leave the walking tourists? Death row!
While this was all happening, I told myself, “How can it be so bad if I live in the Philippines?!” Suddenly, I felt better.
We walked for hours and hours until we can no longer feel our legs. Naturally, I was the first to complain and asked my friends to stop and cool down. Did they argue with me? Not a word, really.
On Drinks
There is no Starbucks in Ho Chi Minh (Another way to die! Coffee deprivation). But don't fret, they have Highlands Coffee where coffee and refreshments are superb (but a bit pricey). I won't bother to tell its location since they are literally everywhere you go.
If you want to survive the heat, fruit blends are everywhere for cooling down.
On Food
If there is anything that redeemed my trip to Vietnam is their food. Their use of lemongrass, mint ,Thai basil and other herbs is simply to die for. Their traditional way of cooking is something I really admire - fresh ingredients all the time.
One should not leave Ho Chi Minh without exploring their local noodles. Breakfast in Vietnam is usually Noodles - which I love! check out picture below.
What I also noticed is the influenced of french bread in their country (baget bread). Normally dipped in beef stew Vietnamese style. I tried this during our first day and enjoyed it.
On People
Generally, the Vietnamese are friendly (like most Asians are). Although, their lack of ability to speak neutral English limits their interaction with tourists. On most occasions, I experienced their effort to converse with us - but due to language mishap, it can be very frustrating for both parties.
On Shopping
This is the fierce part. Shopping is generally cheap in Vietnam. If you are into bags and leathers, go pack your luggage and head straight to Ho Chi Minh, now! Clothes and shoes are also cheaper; but Thailand wins on this department.
Home decor and ceramics are also something to look at. I got a couple for my pad.
Now if you ask me, Did I enjoy Vietnam? Hell, Yeah!
The simplicity of the country is something I really admire. Culturally, I do not feel that they are trying to be somebody who they are not. They know their roots and they are proud to show it. Their country may not be known for its global power, but their nation's humility and well-being is something to be proud of.
Note- My friend Ros and I collaborated on a video about Vietnam (wacky). We will post it very soon.

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