Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing Farmville makes one Person Gay?


This is an elevator scene that happened today.

There are 4 casts:

1. The guy with the bad haircut. Let’s call him Boy Bangs.

2. The pizza face guy. I swear his pimple count could surpass 5 youngsters combined quota! For that I’ll name him Gumburumbu!

3. The guy who has no participation and was so busy playing PS2. Let’s call him Anna Williams.

4. The blogger who bought something to drink at their lobby; now heading up.

5. And the irritating digital voice of the elevator ( “stating the floor”… “door closing” and what have you…)

Let’s start the story.

From the lobby, I was the first to enter the lift while there were 3 other guys who closely followed. They were being kids - noisy, rowdy and freaking UGLY! I try not to mind them but something between their pathetic discussions caught my attention.

Gumburumbu – Pare, sumama ka na kase sa amin mamayang gambi.Wag kang bad trip! (You better join us tonight and don’t be a flaker!)

Boy Bangs – Dehins pwede pare eh. Walang tao sa condo tsaka magfa-farmville pa ‘ko (I really can’t. There is nobody home and I want to play Farmville)

At this point I was intently listening already! It’s “Farmville Talk”! I can relate!

Gumburumbu – Bading ka ba? Pang bading lang yang Farmville na ‘yan, pare! (Are you gay? It’s only for gay people!)

All right, I was not only listening at this point; I WAS ALREADY FURIOUS and I REALLY CAN RELATE NOW! I wanted to pick my floppies and madly slap his cheeks until all his pimple erupts and bleeds! I bet he would have to thank me for doing that favor for him, someday! And what was Anna Williams doing while this was all happening? Busy trying to kill Kazuya Mashima while his character is Anna Williams! Now isn’t that “gayer”!?

Boy Bangs – Basta harvest and plant muna ako tapos sunod ako sa tower 3. (I’ll harvest and plant first and then I’ll join you in tower 3.)

Gumburumbu – Bading ka talaga! (You are really gay!)

The lift open and it was my floor already. There is a gawd after all! Imagine spending 10 more minutes inside the lift with them?! Really painful!

I hurriedly went inside my loft in pursuit of a goal. Say, sort–of-a-mini-investigation to put sanity in Gumburumbu’s claim - “That Farmville is Only for Gay People?” Not that it matter really, rather to give the youngster a venue to defend his claim. And not to mention my being a Farmville addict only validated Gumburumbu’s opinion! Urgh

With so much excitement (mixed with rapt and nosiness), I counted all my straight friends in Farmville. Naturally they exist! What was my official count? There are 14 straight guys (straight at least when I last saw them in flesh) all willing to BANG a girl given the right opportunity!


On a serious note, it is really interesting how putting a “label” to people can be passed on the younger generations – considering that there is no formal learning or sit-down-lecture about it. This is really sad… But I believe labeling and mankind goes hand in hand for as long as the latter still exists.

Anyways, it’s FARMVILLE time! Can I just say I can’t wait for my horse sable to be complete? I’m soo excited!

Life is fierce! Forget the labels (on characters only but not on apparels).

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Brian on February 06, 2010 5:30 AM said...

This is one funny blog. I like it! I added you.

Anonymous said...

you are really fun to read. i bet you talk like that in person too. you should be writing in an intelligent and witty sitcom like will and grace or friends. or why don't you create one. we need something like that in phil tv.

Anonymous said...

hehe you know these youngsters, anything that doesn't involve any form of violence means gay to them. btw, you just revealed your age by mentioning gumburumbu. for your info the correct spelling is goomboo roomboo. i was a follower of that comics serial of long ago..

Anonymous said...

Mahusay! Clap! Clap!
When a guy plays farmville that doesn't mean na gay cla noh! Haller! Mga ktropa kong playboy nglalaro nun..
Adik yang Gumburumbu na yan...
Sipain ko xa.. :-X joke!

***ang galing mo mgpost ng blog!
Kulet basahin.. :-)

dio_21 on February 28, 2010 3:38 AM said...

grabe ka talaga fierce... pati yung nilalaro ni anna williams napansin mo =) winner itong blog entry na ito

Kyle Tivoli said...


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