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Fierce Blogs Review - Kamayan sa Palaisdaan (Tayabas, Quezon)

Share If there is one thing that I look forward to during weekends are those opportunities I get to leave the city. This is of course because of a lot of obvious reasons (I am a city boi!). I don't appreciate much the long drive - but I get a rush from the thought of not seeing the uneducated driving ways of the buses and jeeps that stray along our streets.

Luckily for me, I have friends who share the same passion for "my-butt-is-all- numb" from the long drive but we still want to travel, ANYWHERE! Not mention, "I NEED TO PEE" moment and "I NEED TO GO, NOW". But these are all part of the out of town drama., isn't it? They make up for the sweet moments of discovering places and products you come across along the road you less travel. It makes the friendship bond fiercer!

Every now and then, there are also those moments when you discover a place and you can't help but re-visit them.


We have already visited Kamayan sa Palaisdaan 2 year ago on our way to an ugly resort (can't remember the name and I wish never to remember it!) somewhere in Quezon province.Our experience with the restaurant was significant that's why we have always planned to return again. Palaisdaan can be summed up in 3 ways: indigenous gastronomy, tropical backdrop and fierce fierce price (easy on the pocket, that is!) ! I guess it was really the price we all fell in love with (admittedly) and the rest are just secondary (cheapo!).

Here are the usual food we normally order: Mixed vegies, grilled pork, tilapia and another type of fish I don't know the name (LOL). I am not really a big fan of the mermaid menu (fish), sorry. I simply enjoy MEAT (no pun intended)! But my favorite is their manga with bagoong (mango with shrimp paste). I swear I can eat it all day. The bagoong tends to be on the spicier department but is all worth the sweat and kick!

Our usual order

My fave

There are also a lot of spots where you and your family can take photos (this is where we all pinoys connect, dont we?). Check out our photos last week.

Oui, Raqs and Gerry (The birthday boy)

Me being serenaded by the boys to Men (40 years from now)

The blogger with his new pet (Cocky Monster)

On a nega side (downside):

1.Their restrooms are not well maintained. It is a gift to visit their resto if you have colds. Your virus will save you from the ungodly smell inside the restroom.

2. It is currently being expanded. It is best to wait for the finished improvements they are currently doing.

3. Their signs need to be internationally readable (Check picture below). I didn't really see the monkeys until I saw the sign. Although they are caged (poor monkeys), they are still most likely to be missed since they are knee level.

(English translation - Stay Away from the Monkeys)

Other than that, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Quezon is a sure treat to families, barkadas and balikbayans.

How to get there? You know the drill. Just google it!

May the fierce be with you!

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Anonymous said...

This is a nice place to bring my family.. I'll let the owner know that you referred us...Thanks fierce blogs!

Manila Guide on February 13, 2010 6:45 AM said...

You have a very interesting web site... Keep it up! Wanna write with us?

Anonymous said...

sigh.. i'd really like to see the monkeys...

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on February 13, 2010 1:29 PM said...

"sigh.. i'd really like to see the monkeys..."

I'd make sure to take their photos the next time I visit them... What is you email address? I promise to send them to you next time :)

Anonymous said...

I love long drives too.. How hours away from Manila is this?

Anonymous said...

Cocky monster looks smokin' hot!

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