Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fierce Blogs – On Foul Days!

Share There are days you just don’t feel good about everything. Everything you think of simply reminds you of how things are not running as you have planned them before.

But that is life… Sometimes it’s totally FIERCE and sometimes you just want to vanish!

Today I woke up feeling down - the same reason why it took me 30 minutes to drag my freezing body (from aircon) away from my bed. I went to the bathroom for my morning rituals and a quick cold shower. Did I feel better after? Nah, I just started sneezing. I guess I need my daily dose of nicotine sniff and everything will be better. I searched everywhere to realize I have none left!

That does it! I dressed up, left my place and hurried to a nearby Hypermart. Five seconds of walking inside the supermarket; I realized I am slowly feeling better. May be the frozen hotdogs or the hundreds of Lucky Me that surrounds me reminded me that it is simply fierce to be alive and healthy!

Three hours ago I felt low but not anymore! Not when you are having a Selecta Ice while watching Australian Open. Life is simply fierce and fabulous!


tyraniKAL on January 30, 2010 3:27 PM said...

so after watching the australian open
di naman bumalik yung feeling down?

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those calories.

Anonymous said...

I love ice cream and I love you!

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