Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Disadvantage of Having A Regine Velasquez in the Philippines

When Regine Velasquez first entered the Philippine music scene, a lot were taken aback with her vocal prowess. The lanky 16-year old lass made everyone listen to her sound and style with much attraction. Whether we appreciate her flair or not (then and now), Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez created a resonance that is very new to our ear. Critics back then described her music as the screech style while others were simply wowed when she starts hitting those notes. But whichever side you take, The Songbird is considered to be one of the pioneer of music in the Philippine Industry. To denote her accomplishments would be too laborious of a task.

The music of Regine all started in February 1986 and let’s have a look of what have become of our music now.

At present state, if I were to sum up how majority appreciates music here in our country – that is by belting! A female singer to be considered excellent must be able to hit those high notes with ease. The same reason why most singers stretch their range to heights their vocal cords could not naturally support. We can’t blame them, of course. Singers will not be singers if they can’t sell thousands of records – it’s all about the money, as always! In their efforts to sell, they give what the public wants; and that is to sound like Regine Velasquez.

Case in point, if you were to list down the top 5 lady singers in the country; for sure if not 5 out of 5, 4 of those are known to be belters! Is this bad? I don’t know! But what I know is, a song can still be beautiful if sang in the mid-range. This was proven when Regine released her 15th album entitled, Low Key. The album received a gold record award after a few days of released. It was even the first OPM album to have reached platinum status in 2009. But then again, she is already a “made artist” who can experiment with her materials and would still have her followers supporting.

In one of her shows, Regine once humored, “Bakit kaya ang Pilipino, gustong-gusto kapag nahihirapan ang singer? (Why is it that Filipinos find thrill if they see singers perform difficult songs?). I think she should know the answer to her own question.

Regine is indeed the leader of the bandwagon of belters we have in the local scene. Honestly, we already have a surplus of lady belters all wanting to follow The Songbirds path. Too many to the point they can outnumber those people in protest in EDSA revolution (LMAO).

What this blog is all about? It’s time for a change. Regine Velasquez is only one of the fine artists we have but she should not represent the entirety.

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Anonymous said...

hmm may point ka.
Kaya sila sarah geronimo, rachelle ann, charice lahat sila style lang din ni mommy reg.

yung nga lang nakakasawa na rin

RegMania said...

Regine for life!
Ewan sayo!

Anonymous said...

Pucha ka balang blogger ka! Bakit naging disadvantage ang song bird? Eh dapat nga proud tayo na may talent tayo katulad nya.. BOBO!

DivaRegine said...

BURAOT kang baklita ka! Aabangan kita sa kalye! Sheeetttt!

ivy a said...

hahaha..im sure maraming magagalit sa yo dito...yung mejo blinded by their adoration to the songbird...i'm a songbird fan myself and i agree na nakakasawa na yang mga sigaw ng sigaw na yan...and i guess she acknowledges that fact that's why that album with low range songs...so hope the die-hards would also accept that na din..hehe

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on January 19, 2010 12:16 PM said...

I am sad that I have stupid readers... If only there is a way to filter them using admin settings...

Something like this... Would you like readers with no brain to read your blog? (Y or N)

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on January 19, 2010 12:20 PM said...

@ Ivy...

Yeah! I am a fan too! I really love her low key album! I guess a lot of her followers expect her to belt until she's 150yrs old LOL

DivaRegine said...

isa ka ivy!

Regine will always be the songbird!!! Nagiisa lang sya. Pag di sya nag belt eh ano gagawin nya? Mag rap?

Wag ka na mag blog! Di naman maintindihan!

Lester Samonte said...

I don't think it's regine's fault... it's her style.. and it should remain as it is...

Wesley on January 19, 2010 12:32 PM said...

I like the blog and I like the blogger.. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Instead of writing good materials for Regine you write about the negative... What's that all about?

Anonymous said...

Ingitera baluga!

Anonymous said...

Regine Velasquez is only one of the fine artists we have but she should not represent the entirety. = I like this line

Anonymous said...

Instead of writing good materials for Regine you write about the negative... What's that all about?

= Hindi naman negative ung blog...bobo..

Anonymous said...

Leche kayong lahat! Mas magaling si Nina kay Regine... Si Regine dakilang kabet! (Onna)

Anonymous said...

Mabuhay ang songbird!

Kaisei Tamahagane on January 19, 2010 1:45 PM said...

Variety would be the best instead of a one track mind, don't you think?

I totally agree Fierce-san.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this blog only affirmed the influence of the Songbird in our music industry and how her legacy remained unrivaled until now. Lea Salonga maybe right when she wrote that Belting is yet to stay for another 20years. LOL! ANy which way, Regine has set the standard so high. We only see the Belting in RV but the truth is most singers can do that.

It is the NO-FEAR and GIVING-YOUR-ALL-TO-THE-AUDIENCE-attitude that separates Regine from others. She never played it safe. She enjoyed singing at its finest not just "at its highest"! She always experiments with her voice that she can practically sing anything and making them her won. The songbird knows her capabilities and is so confident of the notes within her range.

While I sense the good intention of the blogger, I am afraid that he's getting the Regine influence away from a more logical perspective.

Regine is more than the BELTING. She is a potent symbol of greatness in singing. And she keeps proving this every time she performs - 23 years and counting.

ANyway, belting is not a bad thing. High notes are as essential as the lower notes. Filipinos just find it special if one, like RV, can display unbelievable control in her upper register.

Anonymous said...

^i mean making them her *own*

The disadvantage of having a regine velasquez...

1. her version can give u a feeling of "parang ayaw ng ipakanta sa iba" Hahahahaha
2. She's the only one who can do the "flair" (high to higher to highest note in single breathing). Cannot be copied or death awaits you. LOL

in short, as of this minute, there is still NO SUBSTITUTE for Ms. Regine Velasquez.

Nakita niyo ba yung mga old videos ni Regine singing with others na mas nauna sa kanya sa industriya esp. Martin and Gary V., talagang ganado sila singing with younger Regine. Kita mo na proud sila kapag alam nila na nakasabay sila kay songbird. THe difference? labas na mga veins nila (maganda pa rin naman ang resulta) pero si Regine wala man lang strain. Effortless talaga. LOL

Anonymous said...

"But what I know is, a song can still be beautiful if sang in the mid-range."

- this maybe applicable in some cases but working merely on the mid-range is a bad practice. You have to show complex scales throughout your range esp. during live performances so your audience will not feel shortchanged.

Anonymous said...

dear blogger,

your readers are varied and unique in each their own way of interpreting what you write(case in point, your comments above) i think your style is effective, provocative and it incites a sorta, awakening in the mind, that 'yeah maybe there is an angle to this that may not be seen at first glance'. i like the way you build, dig then shape, dry form and frame, your view on the topic.

just think... if you get rid of all stupid people in this world, then how will you call smart people, SMART? much like the question, "TO BELT OR NOT TO BELT (a song)?" Life is good.....


Anonymous said...

well said Jason.

@Eric, fierce! And what a noise in this blog. I love it ^_^


Kyle said...

To the blogger...

Please translate this blog in TAGALOG.

Maraming BOBO ang di naiintindihan yung content!

Mga tao nga naman...Comment ng comment di naman
naiintindihan yung binabasa!

Ay bobo...

jev on January 20, 2010 12:38 AM said...

I like this blog. I don't find it anti-Regine. All that it is trying to say is that, in the same way that Regine has revolutionized music back in the 80's, it's about time someone came out and revolutionized today's music. Yun bang hihiwalay sa landas na ginawa niya at gagawa ng "sariling pangalan" sa kasalukuyang industriya. The blogger was right in saying that it's all about selling records nowadays... and it's sad because sometimes artists lose their artistry by joining the bandwagon...

eric said...

nice! im a regine fanatic as well, but i agree. iyong ibang fans nag comment hindi ata naintindihan ang sinabi mo. parang mga stupid! heheh


kevin on January 20, 2010 12:50 AM said...

uhm.the blog has its points.and so the blogger..haha.

but anyways, if regine would have not introduced belting, someone would've done that instead..so siguro inunahan nya lng un,,,

gusto q xa.kc xa lng me kaya nung flair DITO..kc s US c MARIAH lng..:)

and another thing..d nmn cguro dapat sbhin na BOBO o TANGA ung ibang readers na nakitang anti regine ito..xempre fan sila, natural any bad comment sa idol nila magagalit sila..ganun din naman kau diba...okey./
gudluck snyo..love regine here and MIMI at USA..^_^.

Anonymous said...

this blog sounds a little bit nega but still it doesnt brought disrespect or criticism for PHILIPPINES GREATEST SINGER.. the blog has its rational point though..

Anonymous said...

well...the blogger has a point...pero kasalanan b ni regine kung binigyan cya ng ganong capability??? at ginusto b nya n gayahin cya ng mga bagong artist ngayon??? she just prove to us n ang pinoy eh magaling talaga at di magpapatalo s mga singers s ibang bansa....kasalanan b nya kung naging trend d2 sa pinas ang belting???well un ung style nya eh ...wala kaung magagawa...well new singers must established their own style and not just a copycat to regine...siguro kinokopya nila c regine dahil s success n nkamit ni regine d lang d2 but also in other countries...and they want that fame...- chopao

Anonymous said...

I really love Regine Velasquez.
Hindi naman sinisiraan dito c Regine.
May point nga yung blogger.
Kaso si Regine talaga ang naging standard eversince. and if you notice pati mga male singers yung mga soloist nagbebelt.
Naging standard na talaga cya, wala na tayong magagawa.
Lucky nalang dun sa singer na mababago nya ang standard.
Kaso parang di na mababago.
dapat kakaiba voice mo like KYLA.

sa nakikita ko ngayon. si JOnalyn Viray ang nakita kong kumanta ng effortless pag highest note na konting practice nalng e mapeperfect nya na yung whistle register nya.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this blog is not really nega, one just have to read the whole context to find out its not really anti-regine [the great!:-)].

The thing is, new singers or other singers have yet to make an imprint of their own style to the minds of the filipino audience and not just copy ms. reg's style down to the last dot 'cause of course no one can't, [remember, to each his own]...one observation here said it all, "her versions will give you the feeling na ayaw ng ipakanta sa iba" and "she's the only [great,i'm sorry i can't help it its true anyway:-)] one who can do the flair (of high to higher to highest) and cannot be copied or death awaits you"...I so love that last line! LMAO!

We can just hope that someday, one day a new singer, another singer will surface and copy not regine's own style of singing but her attitude of "NO FEAR & GIVING-YOUR-ALL-TO-THE-AUDIENCE" (as very well pointed out by someone's commentary,thanks) that will earn a brand new admiration and the more than twenty years respect for an artist from the filipino audience.

nice blog really...

Anonymous said...

well It actually makes me smile reading this. I agree that Regine Velasquez is only one of the fine artists we have but IMO she is the finest among the "belters" we have and an epitome of what a diva should be like haha so gay but yeah. Whether a disadvantage or not I think that she just sets this kind of singing/standard without noticing even by herself, come to think of it Regine's early influences according to her are Barbara S. and Kuh L. which are both remarkable "alto" singers xD.

The good thing about these kinds of singers that toning down sometimes is not a problem at all (powerful to mellow) while its hard for those who sings in mid-range to go higher (mellow to powerful).

It may be disadvantage bec. she sets the standard too high for others who aspire but its not bad after all.

I just hope that Entertainment in the country would have more colors like in Korea and Japan and belting or not I hope (or demand maybe) for more originals, also in movies and tv shows.

and i must say others just don't really know how to read.

Anonymous said...

that is why regine is called the asia's songbird----she is the songbird...low or high notes- she has proven that she can pull the audience all through out...regine just set the standards of singing inthe philippine industry so high that even mr. ryan cayabyab once told and i bet if he will be interviewed once again this time, he will still say that regine velasquez is still on top when it comes to singing coz she has the attitude, dedication and most especially the heart when she starts to open her mouth...its all about talent...indeed, regine has a very beautiful, calm and a soothing voice i've ever heard....lets be proud that we have regine velasquez in our music industry and was and is and will always be the asia's songbird...filipinos are very talented when it comes to singing....mabuhay sa lahat po ng pilipino...

DivaRegine said...

Hay nako... nakakapagod nang ipagtangol si Idol.. Indi sya disadvantage kundi sya ay isang advantage. Regalo sya sa atin ng Dyos. Maraming napasaya ssi ate reg ng music nya at isa na ako don...

Siguro lahat ng good comments dito na sumangayon sa blogger ay kamag anak nya!
Ano ba kayong lahat binge?!!!! O baka naman insecure lang kayo?

Wala na kayong magagawang isulat na negative kay ate reg dahil nasa tugatog na sya ng tagumpay. kahit anong klaseng hila gawin nyo wala na!

Regine for life!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the blogger. We need variety in our music scene. One problem we also have is when the time arrives when RV decides to retire and have a family life - which is not far fetched from what we are seeing now.

The only time we will see and hear a change is when RV steps down from her diva throne. This is the only time the music scene is prone for change. Other than that it will be a belters arena for life.

If you will also read and check out the other site of the blogger, you will notice that he himself is a fan. That is why I really don't find his blog negative. He meant well. he was after variety. RV is RV and nobody can copy her fairytale story. She owns it and will forever will. Thjose behind her are only reaping the fruits of what RV has already prepared for them. A haven for singers who can belt.

But yeah! Enough is enough of RV sound. It will be foreber hers.

To the blogger... I could not think of a better way to describe your blog as you have called it. It is fierce.. to the point fearless. Be careful out there. You have a good following. Some even can be called fans already. There are a lot of SICK people who can do crazy things.

You write well and you know how to entice your readers. You have the ability to encourage them to interact to your blog without being obvious. I for a fact is not fond of commenting to blogs. But you made me do that here. You are an intelligent person who can translate that into writing.

If writing is not your bread and butter now, leave and write. Your heart obviously is into writing.

You got 1 additional fan today.


Frank Abesamis

Anonymous said...

this blog is not actually a way of paninira ke regine..i like this actually.siguro ang pinopoint out lang ng blogger is for the other singers to have their own style of singing.hndi na din maganda ung puro nlng belting ang gawa ng singers pra me mapatunayan..tama nang si regine nlng ang gumawa nun tutal siya lang nmn nkakagawa ng belting perfectly eh.haha

Anonymous said...

I hope Regine gets to read this blog and realizes her impact to our country. The impact may be good or bad. It will just depend on who the person reading this blog is. Fan or may be not, it is subject to interpretation.

My 2 cents? I think the intention of the blogger is simply a "change". That's it. What I don't understand is why are people bashing the writer if he is just stating what the obvious is? Regine changed how we all listen to music locally... and everybody else behind are just copy cuts.

I totally adore how the blogger started his blog... History, transition and then the attack! I think this is a very intelligent observation. I haven't read a point of view such as this. The blogger is very transparent and vocal and I think that's the part everyone will not appreciate. Most particularly if your ancestry is of pinoy origin.

I agree with the other comments. You are a fearless blogger.

Anonymous said...

Are you from Sykes? You look very familiar to me.

the Masalai blog on January 20, 2010 9:22 AM said...

This is the first time I visited your blog. I knew it from one of our lectures in Art App. Professor Langley used your blog as an example of Gonzo style. He said that your style of writing is the best he came across with. You disregard the polished/edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for the gritty factor. Use of quotations, sarcasm, humor, exaggeration, and even profanity is common. The use of Gonzo journalism suggests that journalism can be truthful without striving for objectivity and is loosely equivalent to an editorial.

Thanks for being an inspiration. One day I want to be an effective writer like you.

God bless and hello to the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

What is the noise I am hearing about this fearless blogger? Kesyo matalim daw mag sulat at cute na blogger.. hehehe oo nga tama sila.. pero sayang kase gay ka. Kabawasan ka na naman sa mga guapong pinoy na ang hanap ay ka uri nila.

What is wrong with this world! Naging baliktaran na lahat!

Anonymous said...

Ibo-boycot nameng mga reginian ang blog mo puta! Crab mentality ka! Mahiya ka sa balat mo baklang maputla!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the blogger, yes we need variety. But we dont need to blame Regine here. It's up to the new singers to decide if they will or will not follow Regine's path. Regine's singing ability and her style set the standards so high for the other singers, but to make it a trend, i dont think she did that intentionally. she just love to entertain and her audience asks for it. We cant blame her for having a genuine talent that these new singers dont have.

as for me she is still a living legacy. the greatest singer of all times.

Variety, i hope will come soon.


Anonymous said...

I remember Regine saying in a 2005 interview (REIGNING STILL period) that SHE WANTS THE AUDIENCE to GROW WITH HER and that she only DEVELOPED HER HEAD VOICE somewhere in 2003. We saw the COMPLETE VOCALIST in REGINE during the WORLD TOUR CONCERT with MARTIN, right? Actually, I find Regine's vocal journey the most interesting. She has to maintain the interest of the audience for more than two decades and she can't be the same Regine vocally when she first started. Pwedeng may mawalang fan as she applied change in her singing pero kailangan mas maraming dumagdag esp. now that her voice is maturing.

Seeing aspiring singers in their teens still looking up to her, cheering for her and singing her songs, imitating her style and all, is a clear indication THAT THERE MUST SOMETHING ABOUT REGINE'S SINGING that sets her apart from other local or international music artists. Non-musicians will also see the loud singing or belting in Regine.

But let me quote one Swede vocal coach upon hearing the Asia's Songbird, "that's what I call a vocal master class. It's perfection, from the way she handles the lowest and highest notes in that song. The emotions are there and what a sublime tone she has, and what sublime legato. The most important thing is that she knows what her vocals are capable of and has total control of it. Her technique is the reason she can maintain the same intensity in her low and high registers without changing the tone of her vocals (not resorting to singing through the nose when it gets tight). It's all solid diaphragmatic belting from the lowest to the highest note."

and from another music enthusiast after hearing Regine's Manilow Medley (rough translation):

"Touching interpretation, magistral phrasing, stability in the vocal line, softness in tonal emission, unwavering fluidity, timbral sheen and radiance, vocal strength. Perfect proportions between voice volumes. Most sensual poetry, crystal clear and powerful."

Its never easy for Regine to get THERE. Its never easy for her to cope up with the different levels of enlightenment her fans require from her. Its never easy for Regine to become a complete vocalist that she is now. She WORKS HARD for EVERYTHING that she is now. Breathing, support, increasing her range, improving her resonance, exploring various vocal techniques, and now, working with her maturing voice to keep everything in balance.



Anonymous said...

Ang daming nagmamarunong dito sa comments. Sa 10 sinabi ng blogger na times 10 sa opinion ng bayan. HAHAHAHA

Blog nya yan eh... Gawa na lang kayo ng inyo. Ang title naman. The Advantages of Having A Regine Velasquez in the Philippines... Try nyo LOL

Panalo ang kaguluhan dito! Amen!

Anonymous said...

I think the negative reactions all came from the title of the blog. The title of the blog itself is already negative. However, if you read along, the blogger only wanted to raise how great the influence of the artist is to the point of creating a trend that will stay for a long long time.

Going back to the title, the blogger is obviously good in making sure browsers who read the blog title will be entice to read it, be affected and react. I think that was the main goal to start with and then the variety point is secondary...

This is what we call Master of Attraction!

2 thumbs up to the blogger and laughter to those who got affected.

Hanzel V.

Anonymous said...

^hindi naman siguro sa nagmamarunong. Matino naman ang mga comments na ipinopost ng iba.

Umaapela tayo di dapat maging personal sa blogger. Tama naman yun. Pero it doesn't mean na tatanggapin mo lang ang sinasabi niya kung alam mo na medyo SINTUNADO yung ibang argumento?

Pwedeng hindi mag-agree sa sinabi ng blogger pero di tamang sabihan sila ng pangit. Ganun din dapat ang ibang nagpopost. HIndi komo medyo di pabor sa blogger ang comment e sasabihin ng nagmamarunong. Baka kasi me puntos din sila na hindi nakita ng gumawa neto.

Ang maganda siguro magcomment tayo BASE SA NAKAPOST na ARTICLE SA ITAAS at hindi magresort sa personal attack at sarcasm.

yetkl on January 20, 2010 11:22 AM said...

REGINE is REGINE. It's not her fault that she became a "DIVAMETER" na to be called "MAGALING" eh dapat kaya mong tapatan si Regine...


Anonymous said...

Mahusay ang gumawa ng blog na 'to sa punto na naligalig niya ang ibang reginians. SA title pa lang magtatanong ka na...Regine? With millions of ppl na naisnpire niya since the 80s, a disadvantage?

I have to agree with most of the arguments of the blogger pero medyo sintunado on how the conclusion was made. BELTING is as UNIVERSAL as SINGING IN NORMAL VOLUME.

Yung change na sinsabi ng blogger. It has been injected many times R&B Singers like Kyla n Jay-R, Soul singers like Jaya, Bossa Nova singer like Siti. Even with the presence of Regine me variety naman talaga ang Philippine Music - Local and International Music scene keeps changing. Me influx ng mga new generation singers na iba iba ang style.

Its just a matter of choice and personal preference. DAHIL HINDI LANG NAMAN TALAGA SI REGINE and her SINGING STYLE ANG OPTION! Nagkataon lang na mas NAKAKUHA sa kanya ng INSPIRASYON ang IBA. ANong MALI DUN?

Meron ibang singers natin they do lot of melismas, yodelling, falsetto, whistling, soft-singing, etc. Kung sumikat ang style na 'to sasabihin din ba nating ITS TIME FOR CHANGE? STYLE of SINGING nga e. ANg tanong lang ano ang KAYA MONG GAWIN at i-ADAPT na tama lang sa VOCAL CAPABILITIES mo. Kung kaya WHY NOT? Kung hindi, u look for another style.

Ang nagche-change lang ay yung preference and taste ng audience but if you mean change in style? ANo bang style of music ang gustong i-advocate ng blogger? Kung soft singing or working with low to middle registers ang ibig niyang sabihin...MALABO YAN! DAHIL ANG KANTA me ibat ibang TESSITURA. Kung nirerequire ng song ang paggamit ng 5th octave the you have to sing it.

Anonymous said...

to DivaRegine,

Quote.."siguro lahat ng good comments dito na sumasangayon sa blogger ay kamaganak nya! Ano ba kayong lahat binge?!!!"

paanong binge kami e binabasa lang naman ang blog at hindi 'dinidinig' e tanga ka pala e. hindi mo na nga maintindihan ang nasulat ng blogger hindi mo pa din alam ang sinusulat mo?!! paanong binge kung binabasa mo lang ang blog? unless ikaw ang binge at may audio reader ang pc mo at hindi mo marinig ng mahusay at mali ang intinde mo... TANGA!!! bobo ka na tanga ka pa!!!

Anonymous said...

hay nako kasalanan ba ni ate reg na maging isang MAGALING syang SINGER at hndi basta basta?? baket nating kelangan ng change kung hindi naman kayang mapantayan ang galing ni songbird?? kht anung gusto ninyong palit ng ibang singer nilalampaso paren ni ate reg kya nagsasayang lang kayo ng oras haha just be proud that we have our Asia's Songbird at hindi mainsecure.,. that is my point.! no one can beat the songbird.. :))

Anonymous said...

stupidity is a sin..hahahaha
intindihin ang binabasa bago magcomment..

i like this blog...
but somehow if you won't analyze and understand it thoroughly, it has a negative impact to the reader..RIGHT mga shongga??
i'm a regine fanatic since birth,,
kya what ever her style and no matter how she sings..i love her forever..amen


Anonymous said...

It's true. Regine is the best singer Philippines have but not every damn singer must sing like her. No one can be like her, even Sarah can't do what she can. Other singers who wants to beat Regine must have their own style. Young singers today are just copycats of Regine.

Anonymous said...

i share the sentiment of the blogger in terms of other female singers finding their own style and brand of singing. kinda tiring to hear singers merely copy regine’s style and even the arrangement of songs already covered/recorded by her. how can they compete with a queen still in reign?
in fairness, i love that a lot of people posted their two cents about the entry. fan or not, the reactions posted here just show that when the topic is regine, people are ever ready to gear up for war.

ENGR. Tujuh on January 20, 2010 8:10 PM said...



Very well-said.

For the blogger, well, I'm a Regine fan and I didn't find your post repulsive or destructive, honestly. Actually, it stresses that Regine, up to date, is still the voice to beat. After almost three decades of being in the business, the audience still loves Regine's style. And she's still on the top of her game. She kept and keeps and will keep herself relevant in generations that came and that comes.

But I just comment about the "palit style" style that was mentioned in this blog post. I think there's nothin' wrong with looking and listening to another styles of singing. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE AND THE ONLY PERMANENT THING ON EARTH! But you know, I think the modern day music really SUCKS a BIG BIG BIG time. I mean, artists of today performs like they just sing for the sake of doin' it. I'm very sad about how our artist now lose the "artistry". In short, new artists only offers "so-so" performances. If this is the change that you were talkin' about, then definitely the crowd won't buy it and embrace it as much as they did with the belting thing. Nowadays, only face and charisma sells.

Jonalyn Viray and Sarah are good examples. Sarah sells more because of her CHARISMA. Jonalyn got the REAL talent but lacks mass appeal. Sarah is very average, I PEHSONALLY think so.

And Regine singing is not all about belting. Don't you guys evah forget this: REGINE WHO HAS THE MOST FIERCE VOCAL PROWESS IN THE WORLD, ALSO POSSESSES THE SWEETEST VOICE ON EARTH AND THE GREAT VOCAL ARTISTRY. That's what separates her from the other tomatoes in the basket.

Try to visit this channel :

http: //www. youtube .com/ TheReginified

(remove the spaces)

and look for the "How to become a true vocal musician" videos there and you'll understand what I'm sayin' furthermore.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

nice one

naku alam ko na kung bakit di naintindihan
tong blog nato

english kasi


Anonymous said...




This is how it should be. And if you are capable, variety and vocal freedom will come next!!! belting is a style of singing, a vocal art that has its own impact to the heart of the listeners. And let's face it, belting if done effectively can stir a very strong emotion and result to a very great performance. If you tell the singers to refrain from using this style then you are limiting their potential and their right to explore their instrument.

The best is to just leave the decision to the singers on which way to go or not. They know their voice more.

Kyle said...

Nice blog!

May mga bobo lang na nagcocoment!

To DivaRegine

"Regine will always be the songbird!!! Nagiisa lang sya. Pag di sya nag belt eh ano gagawin nya? Mag rap?
Wag ka na mag blog! Di naman maintindihan!"


Di motalaga maiintindihan yan ENGLISH EH!


"siguro lahat ng good comments dito na sumasangayon sa blogger ay kamaganak nya! Ano ba kayong lahat binge?!!!"

Mahihirapan ka talaga intindihin yang blog... kase... BINABASA YAN! Hindi pinakikinggan!


Anonymous said...

ayaw mgcomment ni anonymous haha

reigne said...

UHm....actually hindi naman to ANTI-REGINE,,somehow ANTI-COPYCAT,hehehe,AND I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM AN AVID FAN OF REGINE.The blogger point is MUSIC CAN BE SOOTHING AND PLEASURABLE WIHTOUT EXERTING ANY EFFORTS.Its just so happen na ung style and capability ni regine is for belting and sobrang naging pamoso and being adore by many since then.And also sobrang sikat na ni Songbird and people might think na if they do the same way as what regine had e baka ganun din ang kalabasan,maging sikat sila.Unfortunately it doesnt work at all.hahaha
Medyo alarming lang talaga ang title. Hindi kasalanan ni regine na gayahin sya at hindi rin naman nya kasalanan kung sumikat sya ng sobra sobra..
For the new singers i think you have to work for your own trademark..work hard like Regine,she was dumped before but through her efforts and also to Mang Gerry's efforts look where she is right now...
She made and she proved herself as an artist already.I mean gifted artist..
Look at her low-key album after 5 days out in the market it was marked as Gold album and then after a month it reached platinum.

I think kung gusto nilang sumikat at maging successful they should COPY the real regine off camera.She always keeps her feet on the ground.SHE IS AN EPITOME OF GREAT ARTIST AND A REAL PERSON. That is the reason why I really love her.Have you noticed kung kelan ipinagsigawan ni regine na nagpapaparty sya para sa mga Fans nya together with her whole family.That she's helping other artists.That she is helping her fan's business to make it to the top.Sinu-sino ba ang nagbabalita that is making a good deeds to others,db ung mga friends na ultimong siya nagugulat na sulat pala un.

FOR ENGR. TUJUH,you got the point for Sarah and Jonalyn Viray.Among the others they are the only one who could be called as an artist.

If you're going to look at the brighter side of this blog actually it pays off how Regine is successful and the only artist to beat, unfortunately NO ONE has the capability to beat her.

as wHat her name means: REGINE(reign)=QUEEN!!!

dio on January 22, 2010 11:24 AM said...

god! ang daming comments...

kinda reminds me of willy revillame-cory issue =D

pasintabi lang po... i like regine (my boyfriend sings her songs a lot) though i'd admit that her kind is not my cup of tea and both she and mariah gives other artists a hard time following their foot steps (and sing their songs =D)

reigne said...

I think yung disadvantage of having regine in the Philippines e hindi sumisikat yung mga bagong singers na KAHIT HINDI NAMAN BAGAY MAGING SINGER E NAGPUPUMILIT...It just a matter of taste of the audience.And imagine being in the industry for 23 years e hindi nawawala ang lasa nILa for regine.SHE WAS MADE ALMOST PERFECT..kaya ganun..

I'm not saying na kailangan na nya tumigil para sa iba (hello e sobrang adik ako sa kanya,baka mamatay na lang ako kapag nawala sya..sad to say she is planning to do it).

Actually there are lots of option to choose from in the music industry,yun nga lang once regine enters ayon sumusunod ang lahat,parang magnet lang..






shasha fierce_regine said...

I'm afraid that there's still some who cant read it with knowledge.Jump over the print go down into the message...
there's nothing wrong with this blog...
i love it...

DivaRegine said...

Sa lahat ng tumatawag sa akin ng bobo!

Hindi ko kailangan ng college degree para maintindihan ang minsahe ng blog na to.

Paninira ang motibo nito at wala ng iba pa! Aber? Ang nakakalungkot lang ay kapwa pinoy sinisiraan ang kapwa nya kadugo. Mahiya ka sa Balat mo eric! Kaya di naunlad ang bansa natin ay dahil sa taong katulad mo! Nakakainit ka ng ulo! Nagsama ka pa ng barangay nyo para dumipensa sa iyo.

At para naman sa kabarangay mo. Iniiba nyo ang usapan eh. Si Ate Reg ang tinatapakan at hindi ang kakapusan ko sa pag intindi!!!!! Go back to the straight point!!

Bawat puntos naintindihan ko. Baka kamo ang nagsulat nito mismo ang di nakaka intindi!

Naway magising kayo na walang kahit ano ang magpapabagsak kay Ate Reg!

Regine for life!

Anonymous said...

To DivaRegine,

Ramdam na ramdam ko ang galit mo from you comments. Pero I really do not see the point kung bakit kailangan kang magalit? Kahit saang angulo ko tignan ang blog, wala akong line na makita that the blogger tried to attack Regine. Can you please quote the blogger?

Ang isa pang malabo sa akin ay ito ====> "Go back to the straight point!"

Dahil para sa akin yang sinabi mong yan ang pinaka malabo. Peace :)

Teka teka. Why is the blogger not commenting? Na curious lang naman.

Davee Polintan

Ni Chai said...

Regine, like all of us, may not please everybody, but despite that, she IS and will always be Philippine's pride. Disadvantage siguro for the next generation of singers ang presence ni regine, as they would always be compared to her, and may sometimes pale in comparison. But as Filipinos, napakalaking advantage po ng isang Regine Velasquez. She is our pride. Noong hindi pa uso ang Youtube at nahihirapan pang mag-penetrate sa mga banyagang bansa ang mga Filipino performers, there was Regine. She pleased and wowed millions of people from all over the world. That alone is one thing to be proud of.
I'm not that big of a fan of hers but I truly admire her talent. For me, walang makakapantay sa talento niya, sa galing niya, and sa humility na ipinakita niya all these years. At this point siguro, nababaling ang atensyon ng marami sa mga baguhang singers, but still, in the long run, they will always come back to the original..to the one who set the trend and standards.. :)

Kudos Regine!
Indeed, you are REIGNING STILL! :)

tyraniKAL on January 22, 2010 10:34 PM said...

The comments here are a bit weird. I think most of the comments here did not get the point of this blog.

Communication Fail!!!

Anonymous said...

The blogger has been pulling strings here and there and decided to short-cut everything at the end. thus making the cohesion of his statements is quite a downer.

im not questioning the pureness of his intention, though.

Anonymous said...

This blog is exactly what I was trying to my friend over coffee the other night. Indi ko lang mismo ma explain at mapunto. Too much of everything is poison. This is a general rule. so it also applies to our music in the Philippines.

Wag natin ikahon ang female talents natin into 1 packaging (that of Mommy Regine).

The one most responsible here are the talent managers. They are the one who groom and package the artists Kaya sila ang promotor. What happened to Reg's career will never happen to the new bread of singers.

Gusto ko tong blog na to. Makatotohanan. Indi plastic at kakaiba. Nag RSS po ako.


Engr. Tujuh on January 31, 2010 10:18 PM said...

@ Reigne

Ahm yeah. I really don't find this post as anti-Regine. And you're right, if you like dissect this blog post, you will find that its very pulp mentions about how Regine has set the standard in our music scene here in our country. REGINE, HERSELF, IS THAT STANDARD, IN FACT! Un nga lang, her influence to new and aspiring artists is so strong to the point that even non-belters try so hard to do that EXTREMELY DEMANDING stuff even if their vocal chords cannot support it. They don't realize how much TALENT and ARTISTRY it requires in order to do it well, and I think what they have to really bear in mind is that, being a belter is definitely NOT a product of intense practice and training...that is a NATURAL GIFT from God, which unfortunately is not endowed to evahrybody. Training is just a way to take it to another level.

BUT, still, IT'S NOT REGINE'S FAULT that evahrybody tries to sound like her.

So the only thing that is wrong with this blog is the TITLE! The blogger must have thought of a "lighter" one.


Anonymous said...

it's always the song not the singer. i don't have anything against regine. in fact i love regine. what bothers me most are the newcomers who bent on singing rnb songs. sana we should stay true to our own music. sana mas marami pang pinoy singer na umawit at lumikha ng filipino songs.

Kyle Tivoli said...


“At para naman sa kabarangay mo. Iniiba nyo ang usapan eh. Si Ate Reg ang tinatapakan at hindi ang kakapusan ko sa pag intindi!!!!! Go back to the straight point!!”


Ano daw?

Labo nito….



I'm surprised that you can navigate around the

web with that IQ...


Anonymous said...

kyle that's not nice. si regine naman ang pinag-uusapan dito hindi ang husay sa pag-english. some people may not be good in expressing themselves in foreign language. but at least they try. para naman kay divaregine, tutal puro pinoy naman tayo rito, magfilipino na lang tayo. going back with regine, wala na syang dapat patunayan. she is already one of the icons in philippine music along with kuh, jaya and zsazsa. sana lang sumunod sa yapak nila yung mga baguhang singer. they should stick with pinoy music at iwasan na ang manggaya ng style ng iba. sana wag puro rnb ang style.

Anonymous said...

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Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on February 05, 2010 3:45 PM said...

@ davidbaer...

Say that again? LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You can't blame Regine for the lack of variety in singing style. She does what she does because she is THE BEST at it. Until now, her technical expertise and artistry in singing is UNMATCHED. Her singing is not just about the High Notes...she is an OVERALL EXCELLENT SINGER. That's why her album Low Key did so well. Her middle-range is FLAWLESS, unlike other singers whose mid-range is quite bumpy and lack finesse.

The fault lies in the AUDIENCE. There is obviously something about REgine's singing that resonates with Filipinos that's why her style remains to be the standard and considered "mainstreaM" for singers. If her style isn't appealing, she'd have no listeners and her style of singing will seize to dominate. It's that simple.

In Filipino Sunday variety shows, you can see a wide range of singing style (there's acoustic, rap, R&B, standard, rock). Filipinos are exposed to all kinds of singing so it's not like RV is being shoved down their throats. They like her by choice.

Perhaps someday, when another FIlipino artist can come up with something better, then that artist will set the new standard. Although I doubt it if another singer who can beat Regine will come in this lifetime.

She is truly a gifted singer who is dedicated to her craft that's why she rose to such heights. She's quite rare, others are mere copycats or parrots of what she does. And I have to say, they are sub-standard copies.

In the same way that Barbra Streisand's type of singing continues to resonate with the younger generation of Western Female singers (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey,etc.) , I believe Regine's exquisite talent will also have a multi-generational influence for the Philippines.

In any case, the Philippines is a free country. You can listen to any kind of music you like. If you don't like RV's style, there a multitude of other music styles being performed by Pinoys you can choose from.

But ultimately, which style will set the standard for new generations will be determined by the audience.

Anonymous said...

regine is known for her wide range of vocal cords... she made the standard in belting and that is her trademark... so if people get sick of her belting, then they can just go look for another artist to listen to.

Boracay on April 25, 2011 11:42 PM said...

Agree with the blogger.

Erwin on May 20, 2011 9:58 AM said...

I could definitely see your point Eric and I totally agree. Regine has always been on top of my list.. and my adoration for her is beyond her talents. She is inspiring. I think you are inspired too. ;)

kakatawa lng ibang readers mo na nag comment hehe.. But don't mind them. Their violent reaction speaks how effective you are as a writer. So be proud. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really think another important quality that regine has that sets her apart from others is that, Regine Velasquez can decide for herself. She knows what she wants for her career. She can manage herself. She'll do her own thing whether some fans may like it or not. Unlike other singers who only follow what their management's decision. Kahit nung bata pa siya and just starting, may sarili na siyang desisyon kahit pa may manager siya at handa siyang ipaglaban yung decision niya. She knows what will work for her and her career. May prinsipyo siya and she is very firm about it. Yun yung wala sa iba. And hse is actually a total package (forget the dancing part though) She is a great singer, actress(I believe),host and a true blue artist in a lot of ways: she can direct, make concepts, arranger and she can paint and sketch...She has the charm, beauty, talent and most especially the personality...Qualities that a lot of singer have but not all. Some may have the charm and beauty but lacks the real talent, some may have the talent and beauty but may lack the charm and personality...and so on...RV has it all

iloveRV said...

Regine personifies the "WOW" factor in live singing!

although the blogger has his point,.. i think this blog is just to somehow praise Regine.. cos why should be an disadvantage..? If a lot our famous singers here who admires and tries to be in Regine's shoes -now raving all over the Phil. and world. And i admire Regine because of that. My one and only idol. forlife!


*for the sarcastic commentators above,.. do you think a basher/hater of Regine could make an effective blog like this?? hehe. guys the title just wants to catch attention! and see? it's effective! peace! :P

Anonymous said...

So amazing that you even took time effort and money makin this blog site just to shoutout something ugly about someone but obviously you dont want to be viewed as ugly as you behave ..!!! Yes freedom of speech is wonderful and having opinion is great, but a dont think pushing your opinions on someone who doesnt share the same as yours is fair .....!!!! put your time effort and money where your mouth is ...!!!

nekui-demigod on May 26, 2011 2:11 PM said...

this was only means...when there'someone pushing you down it only confirm's your on the top...then regine was on the top....the only disadvantage is that theres no one out there who can sing and belt and PERFORM like regine velasquez!!!

Anonymous said...

i like wat u have written..
and thank you!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is fun reading (including the comments)... whats funnier is that meron ka rin palang mga TANGANG readers na hindi nakuha point nung blog... and they're quite plenty... Jason

Anonymous said...

simple lang naman ang nakasulat ahh.. HAY!! ANG DAMING HINDI MAKAINTINDI!! lol! GANITO LANG YAN..bakit DAW hanggang ngayon, sa dinami dami ng magagaling na singer ang nagsusulputan, music ni Regine parin ang ginagamit at hindi maka pag gawa ng kanilang "STYLE" and "IMAGE" ang mga bagong singers ngayon at puro SONGBIRD inspired parin. Simple lang ang sagot jan, kasi.. Regine is on TOP. at pinaka problema lang hindi nila magawang makaakyat kung nasan si regine ngayon kaya patuloy lang sila sa pag gaya sa music ni regine which is pag birit..

Anonymous said...

I do understand your point. Naging batayan na kasi si Regine ng mga baguhang singers ngayon. Masasabi mo lang na magaling sila if they could sound like the Songbird. Pero we cannot erase the fact that Regine was born that way. Ung style nya ung reason kung bakit siya sumikat.

I guess one reason kung bakit siya sinusundan ng mga amateur singers is because of the fact that she came from rags to riches and I guess yun ang gusto ma-reach ng mga baguhan.

I don't think Regine is to be blamed for this, kasi ung JUDGES mismo, sila ung may karapatan pumili ng mananalo diba? Sila mismo ang gusto eh ung ala-songbird.

I am not against your blog. As I've said, may point ka. Marami lang sigurong hindi makaintindi.


-Yen <3

Anonymous said...

kasi dapat di na gumawa ang ibang singer singeran sa atin ke songbird .... may isa nga pati mukha tsk tsk lol lol .... tama naman a good singer can sing more beatifully if you can sing it in a low mid range but if they sing it sa super birit i think that would be superb right ..... si regine pareho maganda ke mababa o tama lang o birit...

im a regine fanatics too....

Anonymous said...

gumaya para sorry typo lang yan hehehe

Anonymous said...

The blog is not really bad cause the title brings with it negative connotation. Just understand the content. Read with comprehension. :))

Anonymous said...


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