Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fierce Blogs – On Foul Days!

Share There are days you just don’t feel good about everything. Everything you think of simply reminds you of how things are not running as you have planned them before.

But that is life… Sometimes it’s totally FIERCE and sometimes you just want to vanish!

Today I woke up feeling down - the same reason why it took me 30 minutes to drag my freezing body (from aircon) away from my bed. I went to the bathroom for my morning rituals and a quick cold shower. Did I feel better after? Nah, I just started sneezing. I guess I need my daily dose of nicotine sniff and everything will be better. I searched everywhere to realize I have none left!

That does it! I dressed up, left my place and hurried to a nearby Hypermart. Five seconds of walking inside the supermarket; I realized I am slowly feeling better. May be the frozen hotdogs or the hundreds of Lucky Me that surrounds me reminded me that it is simply fierce to be alive and healthy!

Three hours ago I felt low but not anymore! Not when you are having a Selecta Ice while watching Australian Open. Life is simply fierce and fabulous!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Disadvantage of Having A Regine Velasquez in the Philippines

When Regine Velasquez first entered the Philippine music scene, a lot were taken aback with her vocal prowess. The lanky 16-year old lass made everyone listen to her sound and style with much attraction. Whether we appreciate her flair or not (then and now), Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez created a resonance that is very new to our ear. Critics back then described her music as the screech style while others were simply wowed when she starts hitting those notes. But whichever side you take, The Songbird is considered to be one of the pioneer of music in the Philippine Industry. To denote her accomplishments would be too laborious of a task.

The music of Regine all started in February 1986 and let’s have a look of what have become of our music now.

At present state, if I were to sum up how majority appreciates music here in our country – that is by belting! A female singer to be considered excellent must be able to hit those high notes with ease. The same reason why most singers stretch their range to heights their vocal cords could not naturally support. We can’t blame them, of course. Singers will not be singers if they can’t sell thousands of records – it’s all about the money, as always! In their efforts to sell, they give what the public wants; and that is to sound like Regine Velasquez.

Case in point, if you were to list down the top 5 lady singers in the country; for sure if not 5 out of 5, 4 of those are known to be belters! Is this bad? I don’t know! But what I know is, a song can still be beautiful if sang in the mid-range. This was proven when Regine released her 15th album entitled, Low Key. The album received a gold record award after a few days of released. It was even the first OPM album to have reached platinum status in 2009. But then again, she is already a “made artist” who can experiment with her materials and would still have her followers supporting.

In one of her shows, Regine once humored, “Bakit kaya ang Pilipino, gustong-gusto kapag nahihirapan ang singer? (Why is it that Filipinos find thrill if they see singers perform difficult songs?). I think she should know the answer to her own question.

Regine is indeed the leader of the bandwagon of belters we have in the local scene. Honestly, we already have a surplus of lady belters all wanting to follow The Songbirds path. Too many to the point they can outnumber those people in protest in EDSA revolution (LMAO).

What this blog is all about? It’s time for a change. Regine Velasquez is only one of the fine artists we have but she should not represent the entirety.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fierce Find - PawParazzi (Grooming and Pet Supplies)

Last November '09 I blogged about a Fierce Find called Paw Parazzi - A shop catering to the needs of our four-legged friends. Their services ranges from health care, obedience training, pampering, styling and a whole lot more. You can also find fierce products here from food, toys and of course... blings for your pets to show off.

What I really find interesting and kinky is that; PawParazzi can also hook up your pets "in heat"! Their website offers a database of listing for you to chose from. A four-legged dating service as they call it. All you need to do is to place an ad(for free) and just wait for a possible mate for your pet. I think this is a fierce way of pimping your beloved pets. Very up-to-date and posh (compared to those accidental matings and what have you). I guess this would put an end to their habitual accidental lovers drama (LOL).

Another service which I think is very convenient is they offer pick up and drop offs. Now you don't have any alibis to neglect your pets . Busy or not, you can just dial their numbers (Landline - 410-5098 / Mobile - +63916 698 3275) and what you have is an endless pampering only a true four-legged diva deserves.

Give them a call and try their service. Just tell tell them fierce blogs whispered this great opportunity to you.

May the fierce be with you!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fierce Blogs – Bigger in 2010


Being away for almost a month from blogging makes me dead sick! But we have to do what we have to do – and that is to WORK! As my good friend would say, “Work is Love”.

For my first blog in 2010, I decided to talk about the plans for Fierce Blogs. So what to expect? Fierce blogs will still write about what it is known for; that is providing fierce reviews of products new in the market, hotel and restaurant reviews, fierce trips and a little of photography here and there. But what I am really excited about are my plans for my site. This year Fierce Blogs will be video blogging! This is rather an unfamiliar territory but I am willing to get my hands dirty all in the name of blogging. I am way too excited just by talking about it and I can’t wait to shoot.

There is also the plan of introducing the segment all focused on grooming. So, you guys watch out for that.

This is going to be a good year, I can feel it! So, let’s put all that bad things that happened in 2009 behind and embrace 2010 with FIERCENESS!

Speaking of big, look at this red lighter! My friend, Ros, gave it to me. Thanks!

One big plan I also have is to diet and be more athletic. Just a plan, okay!?

Picture taken by Tin

Happy New Year to all!

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