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Fierce Blogs - Bohol Philippines (Loboc’s Floating Restaurants and Bohol Bee Farm)


Three weeks ago I visited Bohol for the 2nd time along with office friends. Honestly I was not really excited about the travel because Typhoon Ondoy happened a week before our scheduled trip. I was feeling a bit apprehensive because of utter fear of being stuck in an Island away from home – Makati, Philippines.

If there is one thing that I remember during my 1st trip in Bohol was the warm and gentle breeze the island has. Not too strong and not too meek; just about right for you to enjoy. There was also that usual short drizzles in the afternoon which I find relaxing to steady the heat of summer tropics.

This time around...

The Air Flight

Our e-ticket says our flight was supposed to be 3:00pm of October 17 via Philippine Airlines. Along with me are my friends, Ros and Denise. We had talks before the trip that we wanted something new away from our busy work. Little did we know that we are up to a challenge on the day of our flight to Bohol.

(Phone call…)

Eric – "Hi Ros! I am already outside the airport. Can you meet me at the lobby because I don’t have a print out of my e-ticket."

Ros – "You don’t need a copy of the e-ticket. We got inside the airport without showing it. We’ll meet you at gate 3."

Eric – "Oh, okay. I’ll see you in a while."

I felt odd after we ended the call. “Gate 3 of Philippine Airlines Domestic Airport? I don’t remember PAL having gate numbers. They only have one main gate.” – I muse to myself.

(Another phone call…)

Eric - “I am not outside the main gate. Where are you?”

Denise – We are here inside. Ros will meet you there.”

Eric – "Okay. Hang on. Which terminal are you at? Terminal 2, right? Where PAL is?"

Denise – "Oh noh! But you said Terminal 3?"

Eric – Did I? I meant the airport where PAL flights are.

(In short it was my fault. Goof part)

This is the part where we became part of the reality show, “The Amazing Race”!

We sure made it to our flight. But it was full of drama and comedy.

When Ros and Denise arrived at the airport, it was already quarter to 3. I was not hoping we’ll made it but we did. We were directed by the lobby guard to the “Supervisor Counter” where we were told that we are late already.

“Ganon?!” Sige na please.” (What?! Can you please accommodate us?) – I pleaded (with my Academy award face) to the supervisor.

“May check in bags ba kayo?” (Do you have check in luggage?) – The irritated Supervisor continued.

“Wala!” (None!) – I gleamed.

My friends who took part of PAL Amazing Race (Ros and Denise)

That’s where the part I realized our trip to Bohol will happen.

I love PAL for being flexible to their late passengers. Five Fierce Points for this!

In Bohol

After our tiring experience at the PAL Airport, we were welcomed by the rest of the group who travelled via Cebu Pacific. When we got asked how was our trip, Ros, Denise and I laughed like there was no tomorrow.


Then it was time for our dinner. Our 1st stop was Bohol’s famous Floating Restaurant – Loboc River Cruise.

I didn’t try this during my 1st trip in Bohol. It was so hot that time and atop of us was the 12pm sun. Heat heat heat! Thus, we decided to dine where there is air-conditioning.

Since it was dinner, I thought it will be okay to join my friends.

How was the food? REALLY, REALLY BAD! For a buffet fee of Php500.00 ($11.00+), the food that was served to us was nasty as hell! The rice and vegetable were overcooked and rest of the food was bland. On top of the tasteless cuisine they offer, the food on the table was not enough for everyone. It was like battle of the fittest just to get enough food on your plate. I felt like being in the "wild" hunting for your own food and I was a novice.

I fought hard to get this on my plate and I don't get to eat it (Urgh)

Unless management changes the way they served their meal, the experience is pointless and plain ripped off.

A single Fierce Point for the floating Restaurant. A give them credit in creating the colorful ambiance along the river. Other than than, forget it!


Since we were totally disappointed from our dinner, we had to hunt for a more edible food. And it was DBR Grill who rescued us from hunger that night. It was one of those so-so grills you find along the road. But since we were in Bohol, that so-so grill is instead located near the beach.

DBR Grill may not be famous but their food is FAR better than the 500-worth buffet we had earlier.

The Grill Bar that Saved us from Hunger

Dinner at DBR Grill (we can now smile for the camera)

(From Left: Charley, Jed, Flor, Ros, Denise and the Blogger)


Bohol Bee Farm

I enjoyed my time here because the place is not pretentious. The experience was really relaxing and the food was something to enjoy and remember. From ambiance to the food they served on your plate, Bohol Bee Farm is a must stop when traveling to Bohol.

The blogger taking a rest at Bee Farm

Bee Farm is a villa dramatically housed on a cliff. It is one of those places where you get to be part with nature - too much of nature that is you’re also exposed to the insects. That’s why you need to bring those special lotions to keep the mosquitoes away. A must have!

What I really love about my experience here is how they combined good food and present-day pleasures. That is the ultimate service for me!

You can also visit their souvenir shop where you can buy their organic food.

Contact Information:

Address: Dao, Dauis, Bohol Philippines

Phone: +63 917 304 1491


Other Fierce Finds - Reasons to Go to Bohol

Bohol Beach in Panglao Island

Bohol Beach in Panglao Island

An air-conditioned Toilet?

(Sure it is and it's cold! Too cold my balls shrank!)


To rosedralin, thanks for allowing Fierce Blogs to post your photography here.

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Richard Peige said...

The beach looks nice. I envy you for going to a lot of nice beaches. I plan to visit the Philippines next year. What do you recommend?

By the way, how are your balls? Are they back?


Lydia on November 01, 2009 1:58 PM said...

Grabe naman ang review mo sa Loboc River View.

If you don't like it. Don't show it sa buong mundo where Philippine Tourism will be affected.

BekBek said...

I've tried the floating resto also last year.
They cost 300 at that time. Nagmahal na pala.

Lugi nga. sobrang mahal di naman masarap ang food nila.

Better kung may explore na lang kayo sa beach area.


Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 01, 2009 2:07 PM said...

To Lydia...

My review will always be my review whether it's good or bad.

I didn't like it for the simple reason that I don't! Unless you want me to talk to you in tagalog so you can better understand this blog?

The point of me exposing my bad experiences is for the "hopes" of them improving their services not just to tourists but to fellow Filipinos AS WELL! We all deserve good service because we PAY!

Instead of being so defensive (I think you work for them based on your URL), try improving your service to your customers.This indeed will improve Philippine tourism in oh sooo many ways!

PS - I still hate the Floating Resto (LMAO)

Me-Ann on November 01, 2009 2:23 PM said...

I think the point of it all is this is a "review".

To be totally fair to the blogger, I follow his recommendations here. May it be product or travel. We save time and money because of reviews like this. That has been the intention of Fierce Blogs anyways... Better service to us...

Now to the blogger.. You are such a BIATCH! LOL

Anonymous said...

Do I smell blog fight in here?

I don't think the blogger's balls just shrank after writing that comment to Lydia LOL

Lydia on November 01, 2009 2:30 PM said...

Pero kung mabasa ng mga puti ang blog mo siempre negative feed back sya. It will directly affect tourism. Ganon lang ka simple un.

Kaya dapat wag ka mag blog ng makakasira saa tourism natin. Maraming tao dito ang umaasa sa business ng tourism. Un lang naman ang point ko.

Anonymous said...

Blog fight nga...

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 01, 2009 2:38 PM said...

Para kay Lydia...

Mukhang dapat nga tagalog kita kausapin.Pasamalat ka at pinapatulan ko ang kabobohan mo. Minsan lang talaga ito. Swerte ka ngayon araw.

Mananatili ang trabaho sa turismo hangat ang serbisyo at produkto na binibigay nyo sa publiko ay tama. Pero kung mahal at palpak pa ay dapat lang talaga na magsara kayo!

Ayusin nyo ang trabaho nyo at kusang lalapit ang tao kahit indi nya pa sila alokin...

Ganyan lang naman ka simple ang patakaran ng negosyo...

Anonymous said...

Mejo lyamado si Lydia ah...
Laban pa! Bisayain mo ang sosyal na blogger na yan LOL

West Smyth said...

In english please guys.

Cyber Sucker said...

Are your balls back Eric? Can I feel them to check? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

fierce blog is really back. Fiercer this time in my opinion. i like you new blog banner. very gay :)

Migo on November 01, 2009 2:55 PM said...

Yes, the blogger's point here is to Underpromise and Over delivered! Mas mahirap kung mga tourist pa mismo makapuna sa not so good food nyo. I am also a tourist per se, I love going to places, specially when there is a nice review. So I guess, You better improved it or loose it!

Ricky Sanchez said...

Mejo may pagka slow nga un Lydia. Naawa tuloy ako sa kanya jahit papano kasi di nya naintindihan ang point ng fierce blogs.

Pangunawa na lang siguro at pasensya...

Betsie said...

I've tried this also this year. Food was not really okay. We paid 300. We could have eaten at Mac or Jollibee. Food was dusgusting.

If you plan to have this in your itinerary, just skip it and save you money on something else.

laarni lopez on November 02, 2009 5:33 AM said...

bwahahahahah! i love the blog fight.. :p

good point by migo.. something lydia should think about.

i'm not sure if they have an option to just have the cruise and not the food.. tin says she thinks they do..

a friend of mine had done the loboc thing during lunch time and they were told that having it at night was better.. so, i wonder, if it's better at night, then, it's worst in the afternoon and i can't think of how it could be worse! :s

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 02, 2009 7:25 AM said...

This is now turning into a circus all because I was accused of promoting negative review of Loboc Floating Restaurant.

Whatever your opinion is.. I STILL HATE IT!

Hi Barn... Welcome to the Blog fight MLAO

Larry Sy said...

Business will always depend on how your customers remember your product and service. No matter how good your marketing arm is,it will be useless until you improve your service. Blog sites like this are very powerful nowadays. They can really help or break your business. One mistake and the whole "e" whole will be aware. That is why product owners should be always on the look out on how your service is.

One thing that is also tricky is, we do not know that a very good blogger is dining in in your place. Probably taking pictures, writing notes. They always look around the area. They check your menu longer that the usual customers...and we are unaware that our restaurant is already being surveyed.

Moral of the story? Treat every well and have a good product.

Thanks to fierce blogs.

Jeyps Bayhon said...

One thing I loved about this review is its accuracy, fairness and balance. Tourism as a business should be really improved if we want to capture a broader share of the market. For me, the tourism industry should prioritize: their product --- worth the money we tourists pay and --- and their service --- comments and reviews should be taken as a means to help you improve and grow. If you feel there is nothing wrong with your product then, there is nothing to worry about. However, even without a blog, a bad product will always be known. There is still such a thing as word of mouth.

Unfortunately, when I went to Loboc River Floating Restaurant, the meal was just PHP 250 and certain courses were cooked well and they tasted well. For the value of my money, at that time, the food was worth it. The problem was, Loboc River was muddy brown as hell so there was nothing to see aside from the trees, shrubs, and grass.

I would also like to ask the blogger if he noticed the gypsum quality of the sand at the beach where he stayed. When I was there, I felt I walked on plaster of paris or cement and not on sand. Maybe they have changed it.

charmie tamba on November 11, 2009 11:19 AM said...

there are several floating restos to choose from... which one did you get? We had Loboc Lunch cruise, we picked the Riverside (the first one you'll see there)... we got there past 1 already...we had the last trip so less people on the boat... it was very very relaxing and since we got the resto almost to ourselves (with a few caucasians) we were able to really enjoy it and the food too! the food on the resto we chose was ok... nothing spectacular but its ok... :) and we paid 300 only (since its lunch)

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 12, 2009 8:33 AM said...

Hi Charmie!

Not really sure which one. We have a friend who is from there.

Really terrible for me... Waste if time..

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on November 12, 2009 8:35 AM said...

Hi Jeyps...

Yeah I noticed the quality of the sand. It's odd. That's why In asked around. they say the sand there is not natural. Mixed already. That's why if you noticed the sand changes depending which area you are.

Anonymous said...

Go Eric!!! :-)

Anonymous said...
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My compliments to the Chief!

Cagayan de Oro philippine on January 27, 2011 10:58 AM said...

Hello there. I enjoyed taking time in reading your experience.

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