Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fierce Blogs ' Latest Banner

Share After being away for almost 2 weeks, I'm back to blogging. Tonight I feel re-charge and ready to blog a lot of fierceness for my readers to enjoy. But before all that, I want to share my latest blog banner.

My latest blog banner is different this time because I personally designed it. Unlike my previous ones, it is either a friend or some web designer who created them. This time I wanted it to be more personal. It is not artistically 2 thumbs up but my blog banner is so me in hundred ways.

- Photos were taken by Gerry M.
- Banner design by my hands.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fierce Blogs - Back to Basics

I met up with friends last night over dinner. Darn! I really miss them. It was probably a month since I had the chance to be with them. Why? I am blaming the crazy weather we had in our country and nothing else! I mean, from Ondoy to Pepeng? Not only did they bring misfortune in our country, they also have a hideous name! Can we at least just follow the international names of these typhoons instead of changing it to a barriotic-sounding names? Please!

(Bloggers bubble thought, “Which leads me to wonder, may be Ondoy and Pepeng are long-time lovers who are having issues. Probably Ondoy slept with their neighbor, Morong and was caught in the act that lead to the whole disaster”)

We had Thai food for dinner and a whole lot of catching up with our personal lives - work, romance and the bad encounters we all had because of the recent typhoon. We all missed each other and everyone was hungry for bits of scoop over the other. We hardly ate, actually. A lot of rice, chicken curry and Pad Thai left on our table. In fact, we even had to ask our leftover food to be bagged – which we forgot to bring along with us (LOL). Call it senior moment!

After dinner we drove to Bonifacio, High Street where coffee and dessert await the gang. Oh! But not before we check the stores! Some shopped while most of us checked the hotties we see along “the zone”. As I told my friend, “Tonight is a good night! The crowd is infested with hotties”.

We ended the night in a very odd note, though. When we were about to head to the car park, we suddenly saw ourselves sitting (again) under the light post. May be we still don’t want to go. May be we wanted to chat more. But whatever it was, it was fun sitting at the drivers lounge with friends for more chatting.

It was really nice seeing everyone (even if we’re not complete). It was a refreshing change from the usual humdrums of our busy lives. These past few weeks have been tiring for me in many ways. I was wondering why? I mean, work is good. I don’t feel sick and all –but I feel somewhat restless from thinking of so many things.

I guess this is where the balance in life comes in. No matter how thorny things are, there is always a safe and sound side we can always go back to. It is a place close to our hearts but mostly ignored because of the demands of our individual roles.

Last night I went back to basics. It was the basic need of interacting to people who have known you all these years. It was that kind of company I was really longing for to take me away from a path I am not familiar with.

Some pictures using my Nokia E65 mobile phone (really back to basics, huh).

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Gerry who is now addicted to "running"

Raqs - Soon to be worth millions (LOL)

And the blogger posing..still a narcissist...

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Fierce Blogs - Inspiring People to Blog


I’ve been a blogger for quite a while already. I never expected though that I would be inspiring friends to be bloggers too along the way. That was never in my plan. All I wanted 4 years ago was to write and share what I have between my two ears – my craziness that is!

I still remember my very first blog. It created such a disturbance I had to delete it (but I kept a copy). Actually, it was more of a short gay-themed story about the writer. Some thought it was too personal for me to even write it. Others though it was funny and real. But just the same, I removed it and just retained a copy on my multiply account (toned version here).

But this blog is not about me (for a change). Today, I will feature the blog sites of my friends who I have “inspired” somehow.

Chi - Blurred and Hypoxic - "TAKE A DEEP BREATH ...close your eyes and hold your breath ... see the silence ... hear life ... then let go ... BLURRED & HYPOXIC ... unclear views ... devoid of air ... it begins with chaos .... ends with acceptance ... in the middle ... the clear TRUTH..."

You may think his blog is DDD. That’s Dark, Deep and Dangerous. In fact that was my comment to him when he asked my opinion about his blog. But as I read his posts, the more curious I became to connect his blog theme to his persona. Quite tricky at first if you ask me. Why? His madness can be damn scary – which is also the reason why I think his work is unique. He is a natural and passionate artist by heart and it shows a lot in his writing - Inspired by life’s realism engined by a kid’s imagination.

Ros – “Thought bubbles and rainbow-colored days”

I first saw her photography at Facebook. I instantly became a fan and was really amazed on how talented the lady is. Her eye for balance and color amaze me to this day (which by the way reminds me of my photo shoot with her very soon. Am I excited or what?!) But that’s not all she has to offer on her blog. Ros is one busy bee always on the loose looking for adventure and misadventure. While most of us enjoy sleeping for hours, this Wonder Girl tends to forget all about that. From one event to the other, our lady super hero will be there to blog it.

As her blog header says, her thoughts are indeed bubbles a floating a many; full of colors and wonders.

Fierce Blogs simply love it!

Lemon – “My Lifestyle – My Life – My Blog”

He is one of my friends who I can put under my list of G.A.P – Gay and Proud. For he really is! This flamboyant stunner may be new into blogging but never misses the “scene”. His larger than life attitude is infectious. He doesn’t like those “one-liners” because he is the headliner, so to speak.

Fierce Blog is honored to have coined his blog header, “My Lifestyle – My Life – My Blog”.

More featured bloggers on my future posts...

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