Monday, September 28, 2009

Liquid Sosa – Too Good A Product It Busted My Kitchen Sink


All right! There is no excuse. I should have read the label first before pouring all the content inside my sink. But it’s all too late now. Stupid me!

All I wanted to do was to de-clog my kitchen sink because the water doesn’t run down as quickly as I wanted it to. What was my quick fix? I bought Liquid Sosa at our lobby costing roughly P75.00 ($1.50) per bottle. Not much all right if it’s going to fix the clog and dirt in my sink.

I quickly head up and excitedly pour all the content in my sink. No brainer, right? I left it for a while and went online as usual. 5 minutes later I heard turmoil coming from the sink. The sound was so loud I though the entire sink will fly and kill me. What did I do? I hid inside the bathroom where I felt safe just in case the whole kitchen sink explodes into pieces. It was indeed an ugly way to die, I thought!

Luckily, there wasn’t any explosion.

I carefully opened the bathroom door and peeped what was going on. The sink looked normal and everything subsided. Whew! There is a gawd after all!

Now it’s time to check what happened. I turn the water on, slowly first. No clog! I was about to jump with glee upon seeing the initial effect. But I needed to be sure so I turned the water full blast. NO CLOG! Horay!

Then there was a tick coming from underneath the kitchen – suddenly all the water came out from the kitchen cabinet. As I opened the cabinet, this is what I saw…

I had it checked this morning and when the handy man saw it – He laughed so loud I wanted to poke his big, yellowish eyes.

“Nilagyan mo’to ng Sosa ‘no? (You poured Sosa in it, right?) The stinking handy man asked.

“Oho!” (Yes!) I answered rudely.

Then he continued with all these litanies…

“Binasa mo ba nag direction? Kahit 5 patak lang okay na. Sana pinatawag mo na lang ako sa admin.” (Did you bother to read the direction? 5 drops will do. You should have called admin office and asked for me)

“Sira na ‘po sya! Magagawa nyo ba? Kasi kung indi papatawag ako ng iba! (It’s all busted! Can you fix it? If not, I will call somebody else!) I irritatingly replied.

“Sige balikan kita sa Tuesday Morning.” (Alright, I will return on Tuesday to fix it) The handy man humbly replied.

Well, I didn’t fix it after all. But at least the clog is gone, BIG TIME!

I Survived with 4 pieces of Cup Cakes while Ondoy Ruined Metropolis


I was sleeping while typhoon Ondoy obliterated our country with its fierceness. As my friend said, "I was so oblivious!” - Which I was, admittedly. It was not until I went online and realized the extent of the damages the storm has caused. I hurriedly grabbed my phone to check if there were any emergencies I should know of. There was none, luckily.

I wanted to check local news so I immediately switched the TV on. Guess what? Cable TV was down too!

After an hour of reading the news online, I decided to buy some food downstairs and checked the condition outside. As soon as I stepped outside our building, there was water everywhere. All building tenants were literally surrounded by water. Cars were submerged under deep water and owners could not do a thing but to watch. It was really a disheartening thing to look at.

What is ever sadder was - there was literally NO FOOD left to buy at Mini Stop. All they had were bottled water and candies. I went to my loft disappointed but was concerned more on how the rest are taking the whip of Typhoon Ondoy. Finally, all my questions were answered when I logged in to Facebook.

Thanks to my 4 pieces of sweet cup cakes I survived the hunger

To all my friends and readers, I hope everyone is safe now. The sun is out! It’s time to start anew.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ashley Pauline Salterio-Gatdula Turned 18 While Some of Us Turned 30 & 40 Something


When I was first told that I was invited to attend the 18th birthday of my niece, Ashley, I was really amazed how time sneak out in all of us. I mean, she was literally a tot when I last saw her. Ashley was probably 2 years old at that time – she was pint-size and all giggly. Along with my cousins, we would rock her and sometimes frantically whirl her to put her to sleep in the afternoons (always worked). Just so we can do our own “teenage thing”; and that is to bum around, watch TV and smoke on the side when no adult was looking. These were the things that mattered back then.

But that’s all in the past now.

Tonight Ashley celebrated her 18th birthday with a thump and Fierce Blogs was there to witness it.

“Uncle Eric!”, that how my niece called me when we saw each other again. “Uncle Eric!?” I guess I am, huh!? I realized that when everybody was busy procreating; I was also busy pro-partying ‘till my eyelids burnt. We all have our own priorities. It just so happen that having kids is listed somewhere in my next lifetime.

(The Blogger, Lois, Jonathan and Dee Dee)

The Quezon Ballroom of Makati Shangri-la Hotel was filled with dear people who reminded me that once upon a time I was also a kid who knew nothing about life (Believe me, I know a few already nowadays). The same people also reminded me of the cosmic laughter we had way before mobile phones and internet were considered a necessity in our lives. Back then, we felt we were so blessed already in life to chew a Bazooka Joe gum and blow plastic balloons the whole afternoon.

(The Blogger, Kenneth and Miriam)

I was feeling nostalgic the whole night when I remembered that I am one of the 18 roses. Yeah! Aged 30-something, I still get invitations to be associated with the younger once. Flatteringly fierce Indeed! The only little problem is – I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DANCE! But geared with enough experience, I know that there is someone who will suck more at dancing compared to me. Indeed I was right. Thank Gawd!

As the party comes close to conclusion, there is one more realization that I will bring home with me. That even though it was the debutante’s night, the 30 and 40 something people also celebrated the wonderful memories of our yesteryears.

To Ashley, I wish you a Happy Birthday and welcome to the fierce world of adulthood.

(The Blogger, Lois, Jonathan and Dee Dee)

*Photos were courtesy of Blow-up Babies Production.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Attack of the Scary Dolls

I had dinner with dear friends at the Mall of Asia two weeks back. Saturday it was, I think. While waiting for our dinner to be served at Abe', we decided to add a few more nails to our coffin (smoke that is). As we looked down from the second floor level, we saw these scary-looking dolls dragging the frantic kids around the corner.

I mean, come on! The dolls walk as if they came straight from the grave, - all decaying and with some earth left on their bodies. They are way beyond scary! Watch the video (not that clear 'though) and see for yourself.

These zombie-like dolls remind me of a lot of Chuckie, The Evil Doll . The difference? They are just a bit taller and more sinister! I will not be surprised if one day one of these dolls will snap and devour a kid alive.

I guess even the kids nowadays are changing and also conforming with the times. Back then toys should be cute - nowadays the scarier they are, the more interested the kids will be. Case in point... Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

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McDo Delivery Replies to Fierce Blogs' Complaint

Share In my previous blog, I told you the story of the crazy girl who relentlessly offered Apple Pie to me. Anyway, since I promised my readers to share if ever McDo will reply, I am posting a screenshot of their email.

So, what do you think?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Dad’s in Glorietta 3 – Not Just Lousy but Also Insensitive to Their Paying Customers


I attended a Kiddie Party last Sunday, August 30, 2009. I know, I know, kid’s party was never my scene – but when it’s for close and dear friends, I would be more than happy to join.

The invite says, 3:00pm and of course I am a few minutes late. Shame on me! I was greeted by the mom of the celebrant, Ivy - who looked stressed the moment I saw her. I wonder why? It’s supposed to be the birthday celebration of her youngest daughter, Eli. Instead she was all over the place – looking worried and upset.

So what’s the deal? Fierce Blogs will tell you what happened…

3:00pm of August 30, 2009 was supposed to be the joint birthday party of Eli and Jacob. Instead it turned out to be a celebration of unfortunate events led by lack of planning and proper etiquette from the venue – Dad’s Glorietta 3 – Member of Triple V Group of Companies.

The party started 15 minutes late as agreed. Why? Because there was a prior event that Dad’s management could not handle properly. They allowed the prior group to take their time. Probably because they have a more expensive contract compared to my friend’s merienda (snack) package? Or just plain lack of better judgment?

The 15-minute late service could probably be forgotten if they have provided what they have promised. Instead the joint birthday celebration of Eli and Jacob started with undone seats and tables. Not to mention the lack of balloons in the venue which by the way were paid by the parents.

If you think this was it? Think again! Dad’s even had the audacity to close the buffet at exactly 5pm when in fact they were 15 minutes late. Talk about rip off!

I wonder how was the food they served that day tasted. Is it as sour as their service that day was? They’re lucky I was full that day and didn’t bother to eat. I tried their iced tea though which tasted like yesterday’s iced lemonade. Double yuck to that!

The message of Fierce Blogs to Dad’s is rather simple. Treat your customers well and you’ll have more of them coming back. Please give real value to our hard-earned money instead of a lousy service you even had to rush!

Fierce Blogs sent an email to and will let you know if they will reply.

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