Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mc Donald’s Delivery 86236 – Offering Applie Pie ‘till Your Ear Bleeds


Have you tried calling 86236 Mc Delivery lately? Well, I have and it wasn’t the sweetest experiences on earth. Of course, McDo is light years away from being considered luxury dining – but it doesn’t excuse their multi billion business in promoting a service generally acceptable to human race.

This time, Fierce Blogs will tell you a story on how a simple call to Mc Delivery gone horrible.

Customer Service Relations (CSR): “Sir, let me recap your order. You ordered for quarter pounder meal, large fries and large Coke. And one cheeseburger meal, large fries also. Both drinks are coke Zero?”

Me: “Yes”.

CSR: “Would you like some apple pie?”

Me: “No, that’s it. How much is the bill?”

CSR: “That would be P317.00. Sir, change for how much po?”

Me: “It’s okay. I’ll give the exact amount.”

CSR: “All right, sir. Would you like to add apple pie?”

Me: “NO! THAT’S IT!” (Shouting in raged)

CSR: “Sir, ano ‘po? Isang applie pie?” (Sir, what? You want one apple pie?)

Me: “Bingi ka ba o bobo? Ayoko ng apple pie! (Are you deaf or stupid? I don’t like any apple pie!)

I immediately hang up afraid that the stupid lady will offer another apple pie.

To Mc Donald’s: if you are really pushing to sell those apple pies, please do it with courtesy! Do not sound too desperate and plain obvious to your customers. If we want pies, you don’t even have to ask us.

To the stupid CSR, thanks to you - I can still hear your voice saying, “Sir, do you want an apple pie?”

Fierce blogs sent an email complain to Let’s see if they will reply. If they do, I will post it here for sure.

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Enrico - Fierce Blogs...


Mickey said...

yeah.. i experience the same... I wanted a 2 piece chicken and I was being forced to order apple pie...

Yeah.. I totally agree here...

Denise Chavez said...

I could have canceled my order our of frustration.. hahahaha

10 points fora bit of patience here fierce blogs!

McJolly said...

apple pie!
apple pie
apple pie
apple pie
apple pie
apple pie

Just joking.. I never liked their apple pie anyways!

ivy a said...

lesson: stop serving those apple pies...they are obviously not selling....ain't that simple marketing and forecasting?

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on August 19, 2009 2:28 PM said...

@ Ivy

You bet!

Ryan Celebre said...

I think this is part of their spiel and all... they are forced to sell apple pie to the customers.. even when you dine in they offer this.. yeah may be they get commission if they have pie sales..

4 months ago I also called for delivery.. the same thing happened.. they asked me 2 if i want apple pie and that is saying no at first already....

Nice blog you have.. very informative.. it;s about time we push the service industry to really serve the consumers what our money is really worth... it is also about time we Filipinos demand a better service... tama na ang ugaling"okay na yan"... because of this we are mile apart from our neighboring asia countries....

More power to Fierce Blogs.. You have a fan here :)

Sales & Marketing Guy said...

That's what you call suggestive selling like when they ask you if you want to up-size your fries and drinks but clearly the CS over did it. Once a customer says no your option is to offer another product or quit. Obviously she didn't lol!

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