Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomorrow's People - A Classic Coke Commercial in the 80's (Lilet)

Share To my fellow X-generation friends and readers, this one is for you. This for sure will remind you of the fierce 80's.

There was also a local version of this commercial.

To my friend, Jason, Happy birthday! This is for you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chowking’s Chorizo Chao Fan – Exaggerated Food Poster

Share My officemates and I dined in at Chowking along Buendia the other night. It was a breeze ordering and there were no troubles for our food to be delivered. Well, except for one very comical observation I had on my officemate’s order.

My officemate (who doesn’t want to be named) not knowing what to order - settled for Chorizo Chao Fan which she'll try for the first time. What was her reason for getting Chorizo Chao Fan? She was really enticed by the food poster. Who wouldn’t be? Look at the picture below. It looks like a complete meal and yet economically priced, right?

"Fairy Tale Food Photo"

But when her food arrived, it was a different story all together. When she removed the lid, she was stunned from sheer disappointment.

"In Real Life"

To add to her annoyance, I asked her: Kanin lang kakainin mo?” (You’ll just have rice?)

“Eh tignan mo naman kase yung picture. Ang dami-daming toppings kaya okay.” (Look at the food poster. It’s overflowing with toppings etc)

“Okay lang yan. You have 5 mini strips of fried egg naman”. (That’s okay. At least you have 5 mini strips of fried egg.) I goofed.

The three of us laughed our heart out for falling victim over an effective marketing strategy or let’s just say, “A Ploy to Deceive the Consumers” - In a blatant kind of way that is.

Eventually, my officemate had to order something else. She can’t eat rice with 5 strip of fried egg.

Message of Fierce Blogs to Chowking - Please keep your ads TRUE to what you are actually serving to your customers. We are not that BRAINLESS to miss the BIG difference. Keep your food poster close to reality.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mc Donald’s Delivery 86236 – Offering Applie Pie ‘till Your Ear Bleeds


Have you tried calling 86236 Mc Delivery lately? Well, I have and it wasn’t the sweetest experiences on earth. Of course, McDo is light years away from being considered luxury dining – but it doesn’t excuse their multi billion business in promoting a service generally acceptable to human race.

This time, Fierce Blogs will tell you a story on how a simple call to Mc Delivery gone horrible.

Customer Service Relations (CSR): “Sir, let me recap your order. You ordered for quarter pounder meal, large fries and large Coke. And one cheeseburger meal, large fries also. Both drinks are coke Zero?”

Me: “Yes”.

CSR: “Would you like some apple pie?”

Me: “No, that’s it. How much is the bill?”

CSR: “That would be P317.00. Sir, change for how much po?”

Me: “It’s okay. I’ll give the exact amount.”

CSR: “All right, sir. Would you like to add apple pie?”

Me: “NO! THAT’S IT!” (Shouting in raged)

CSR: “Sir, ano ‘po? Isang applie pie?” (Sir, what? You want one apple pie?)

Me: “Bingi ka ba o bobo? Ayoko ng apple pie! (Are you deaf or stupid? I don’t like any apple pie!)

I immediately hang up afraid that the stupid lady will offer another apple pie.

To Mc Donald’s: if you are really pushing to sell those apple pies, please do it with courtesy! Do not sound too desperate and plain obvious to your customers. If we want pies, you don’t even have to ask us.

To the stupid CSR, thanks to you - I can still hear your voice saying, “Sir, do you want an apple pie?”

Fierce blogs sent an email complain to Let’s see if they will reply. If they do, I will post it here for sure.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fierce Blogs - Promotional Materials


Friday, August 7, 2009

WOWOWee Was not WOWED by Cory Aquino Weepers


To better understand this blog, you have to watch this video first.

So what do you think? Was it another insensitive feat from Willie? Or was it a bad judgment from the mogul TV Network to simultaneously air a nationwide phenomenon (next to EDSA People Power, of course) next to a noontime show known to promote entertainment to its viewers?

Here is Fierce Blogs’ opinion about the whole hullabaloo.

Willie to start with, is not known for being the noblest TV personality who ever dominated noontime TV. In fact, he had his share of violations meriting suspension from hosting/appearing on TV. But it wasn’t long after the banned was lifted when ABS-CBN reprogrammed their noontime show to be hosted by none other than Will himself. Of course we now know how big WOWOWEE is.

After hearing what Willie commented, I knew he’ll be in trouble or at least be misunderstood by some sectors. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine cracking “that line” while the whole nation mourns over Cory Aquino’s funeral. Talk about bad timing.

To most people, Willie’s comment is an evident showcase of arrogance and insensitivity – believing he is bigger and more worthwhile of airtime compared to The Lady who brought democracy back to our country.

However Fierce Blogs think differently about this.

It wasn’t Willie’s intention to disrespect the solemn ceremony. In fact, I think blurting those lines were his manner of giving respect (his personal touch) to the Aquino Family. It is NEVER appropriate to air the funeral coverage next to an overjoyed contestant dancing to “Nobody”. The only take away for Willie was the way he managed the awkwardness. Wrong choice of words and more importantly, wrong tone. It seemed he wanted the funeral footage to be removed because it’s his show and his time. Instead of wanting it removed, because, in his opinion, it’s an act of total disrespect.

Who is to be blamed then? Fierce Blogs is inclined to say… The Network - for being very vulgar and showing that they are not a charitable institution rather a company who needs to gain profit. All networks are anyway, right?


1. To my readers, I AM NOT A WILLIE REVILLAME fan or even a follower of his show. Way not!

2. If you want to hear Willie's explanation, click here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Fierce Way to "Come Out" to your Folks...

Fierce blogs shares some gay humor...

Imagine coming out like this to your folks?
Totally Fierce and Fearless!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cyber Cafe at Burgundy Buendia - Selling SERVED Hotdogs.


This time, Fierce Blogs, will expose advertisements gone oh-soo-wrong!

I had taken the ad below using my mobile phone 3 months ago. Obviously the store wanted to promote their hotdog in a bun costing only P25.00 ($0.50).

Fierce Blogs' interpretation? Too bad you can't buy them now. The hotdogs were SERVED already!

Cyber Store owner, go figure! Re-printing a tarp this size is less than P200.00 ($4.00) versus the shame your store is flashing to your customers!

A complete eye-sore!
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