Friday, July 24, 2009

L’OREAL Revitalift White – Reviewed by Fierce Blogs


Today, I am officially claiming that I am a lab rat all in the name of blogging!

3 weeks ago I visited Watson’s at Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center to buy some toiletries. As usual, I surveyed the store for some new products that are worth testing - a habit I had ever since. Walking from hair care, tooth products, body lotion and of course not to be missed - skin care!

One product from the L’Oreal display really caught my attention. The white box label says, “Pro-Retinol A & Fibre Elastyl. As I try to get the product from the display, something underneath prevents me from grabbing it. In my mind I thought it was just a display and still not out for sale.

The saleslady noticed my confusion and offered her help.

“Ano po ‘yon , Sir? (Yes, Sir?)

“Hi! Are you selling this already?” I inquired.

“Yes, Sir” The lady replied with glee

“Ayaw kaseng matangal.” (It's affixed) I continued.

With a lot of force, the lady removed the white box from the display. Surprisingly, the product was heavily taped from the stand preventing anyone to check it out.

Obviously amazed with what I saw, I asked the purpose of the tape.

“Sir, kase ang mga customers dampot ng dampot di naman bumibili eh” (Sir, a lot of customers only check the product and don’t buy after all).

Good luck to that!” I told myself.

I eventually bought the product not because of the saleslady’s sentiments - rather, I am intrigued by the products claim: “After 4 weeks, wrinkles are less visible and brown spots are visibly reduced”. And more than anything, I am a fan of Retinol A.

The product is called L’OREAL Revitalift White – Spot and Wrinkle Corrector.

On my first week of applying the product twice a day (morning and before going to sleep), I did not really experience a significant change. This is contrary to what the product claims – “After 8 days, fine lines look softer and are smoothed out”. It was only after 2 weeks did my skin experience changes. It felt supple and healthier.

The product seems to be working, I thought.

What made me decide to blog this product is after seeing the results after 3 weeks. Sure enough some of the fine lines are less pronounced and were smoothed out and some of the brown spots on my right upper cheek lightened.

The photos below will show my experience of using the product for only 3 weeks.

Another Fierce product revealed!


1. This is not a paid advertisement.

2. The product costs around Php750 to Php800 (around $17.00), 30ml.

3. This is merely the blogger’s experience and result may vary.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ravanela Beach Bungalows, Moalboal, Cebu


Here is another fierce find…

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had a tragic experience with Crown Regency Hotel (click here). However, my recent trip to Cebu was not awful all throughout. Well, thanks to our ever adventurous and spontaneous friend, he brought us to Moalboal, Cebu.

Moalboal is approximately 3 hours by car from Cebu Mactan Airport – passing by Carcar and Barili. It is a pleasant drive because of the picturesque landscape you’ll pass by along the way. It is indeed a haven for photography enthusiast. Do not worry if you didn’t bring food along the way, there are various restaurants. This is your chance to be adventurous!

Once you arrived in the resort, you will be immediately greeted by their very friendly attendant. If I’m not mistaken her name is Christina – a very sweet girl with a very infectious smile. We were ushered to check the rooms which are basically the same in terms of size. The only difference is the bed – either queen or 2 single. The rooms on the ground are either painted pink or green as the main colors. Furnishings include an imposing bamboo bed, low tables, wooden cabinet and an armchair. The bathroom is also decent with hot and cold water. There are chairs at the deck where you can relax and enjoy the fresh breeze.

Air-conditioned Cottage

The original price for an overnight stay was Php3,500 ($75.00). But with a lot of haggling, smiles and what have you, the owner gave us a sensible rate – Php3,000 ($62.00) - good for 3 PAX and comes with free breakfast.

One downside of the resort though is the food they served. Over breakfast, we were served with rock solid bread that could break your jaw and a margarine that was probably kept a hundred years in their fridge. Other than that, the food they serve is okay but nothing spectacular.

If there is any worth for our 3-hour drive is the white beach and white sands. Also, unlike most neighboring beaches; overcrowding is not an issue in Moalboal. In fact, we felt that we had the resort and beach all to ourselves.

Moalboal Beach

Moalboal Beach

So, if you happen to fly to Cebu and have the luxury of time, driving to Ravena Beach Bungalow is recommended.


- For reservations, you can call them at +63 32 474 00 75.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crown Regency Cebu – A Hotel with a Useless Business Center!


Two weeks ago I made a trip to Cebu City along with close friends. It was one of those ad hoc trips my friends and I usually have. The trip was business and pleasure combined. Because we all wanted to try the Edge Coaster and Sky Adventure, we settled to stay at Crown Regency Cebu along Maximo Patalinghug Jr Avenue. Little did I know that I was about to experience an over the EDGE ADVENTURE!

We stayed at the hotel for a night only.

My goal was simple that morning– to print my e-ticket with Cebu Pacific for my trip back to Manila.

I had a copy of my e-ticket saved in the flash drive and headed straight to the hotel’s business center. If I am not mistaken this is at the 21st floor of the new building. I was greeted by a lady with a distracting pimple at the tip of her nose.

“Good morning. Miss, I need to print my e-ticket for my trip today”. This I commented.

I was greeted by a big smile from“Pimple Lady” and I thought her head will break into two. Gawd, it was hard enough not to notice her about-to-erupt pimple, it made it even worst to see a fragment of cheese caught on her upper teeth. I could tell they’re cheese because of the sandwich lying on the counter. Yuck to the humongous pimple and a double yuck to her teeth coated with cheese.

“Good morning, Sir! Sorry but our printer ran out of ink” The pimply lady continued.

“Miss that is really not my problem, right!?” This I replied while I try to avoid to look at her nose and teeth.

“Sir, if you want you can go to the nearest computer shop? It is very near the hotel”. This was her brilliant idea.

I didn’t bother to finish her statement and walked away from her. Yes, you can call me rude! But I just can’t believe a hotel such as Regency is offering their guest to go out and print their e-ticket at a nearby computer shop. And besides, I might pop her humongous pimple out of frustration!

With an hour left before I head to the airport, I went to the front desk where I am pretty sure they can assist me better.

“Miss, can you help me print my e-ticket?” I irritatingly inquired.

What was her reply?

“Sir, we don’t have enough ink left. You can go to the nearest computer shop.”

Jeez! Were they trained to have this spiel in case a guest asks for printing assistance?! If only I had enough time left, these brainless ladies deserve a battle from me. Instead, I left the front desk but not before uttering the word “useless” to the attendant.

I successfully printed my e-ticket from the nearby computer shop – without any glitch.

In a perfect world where a competent customer service exists, what could have been done is to let one of their personnel go out to print my e-ticket. Unfortunately, the hotel is far from being in that perfect world. Not until they have a good purchasing unit to make sure the hotel does not run out of printer cartridge.

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