Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blessing Rings – A Nice Gift for Special People

Sometimes we would like to give keepsake to people who matters to us – family, friends or may be that special someone. However most of the time we run out of ideas what to give. I think this is because we want to give something unique and at the same time personal.

Here’s another fierce item I would like to share to my readers – Blessing Rings.

Early this week my friends and I went to Rustan’s Makati to window shop (which normally ends with a purchase of course!). A habit that is really difficult to break! It was the same “shopping-time” my friend said she wanted to give us something. Hmm… I wonder what.

We went to the counter where some coin-looking items were displayed. They are called Blessing Rings. You can choose from a variety of blessing rings depending on whom you’ll give it and the purpose. Some of the blessing rings I can remember are: Daughter, Safe Driving, Gratitude, Joy, Friendship, New Beginnings, Hope, Luck, Healing, Peace, Wisdom, Angel, Courage and of course Love.

Louise gave me “The Luck” ring - and I am surely feeling a LOT of luck these days. Thanks Oui!

You can buy the Blessing Rings at Rustan’s Makati for only Php195 (around $4.00).

For a complete list of rings you can click here.

Beabi Shop - Fierce Containers For Traveling

Share Another Fierce Find revealed today!

I want to share an interesting store I spotted last week at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City (their only branch). It’s called BEABI. The name of the store appeared to me as an odd name for what they are selling – Plastic Invasion!

Along with close friends we went inside and checked what they have to offer. BEABI caters to the consumers demand to have a neatly manufactured containers for traveling use. They have containers for lotion, cologne, soap, cream, moisturizer, dental retainers (or dentures), contact lens and contact solution. Generally, they have the right container based on what you are looking for. Another must have product you can buy from BEABI are their travel compartment bags. They come in various colors, sizes and of course zipped pouches designed to suit your needs.

I left the stores with 2 items – small white spatula (Php10.00 or $0.20) and a 50ml Snap Bottle (php35.00 or $0.70). Very cheap I know; but it’s supposed to be that way. This leads me to wonder… Will BEABI survive operating in the middle of Greenbelt 5? We’ll see.

snap bottle to transfer your lotion when traveling

So, the next time you need any container for your cosmetic products or probably a compartment bag or pouch, visit BEABI.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Signs That Your Guy is Cheating


Do you sense that your man is cheating when he is not with you? Or worst is your instinct telling you that he is sleeping around? Surely, this is not a totally fierce feeling to have. However, you can avoid this by being attentive of these signs:

Is he most of the time spaced out?
Looks blank and out of touch. When asked how he is, his default answer is, “Yeah, I am okay. I am just tired”.
Suddenly he complains that you are wearing the wrong clothes or using too much make up.
Reality is you have not changed anything. But all of a sudden you look ugly in his eyes. Ouch!
His grooming and hygiene improved by a mile
For years you tried to convince him to get a new haircut - but he refuses and ignores you. Then out of the blue you see him sporting a clean cut. He also smells good, mind you.
Has a new watch or jewelry
You noticed that he has a new watch and claims his Mom gave it to him. You better check if his Mom is still alive!
Irritable with almost everything
Anything you say or do irritates him. This results to friction. And Walla! You made him mad so he can be away for a while.
Unscheduled conferences/trainings out of town or abroad
These things normally are scheduled. If he suddenly announces the night before that he needs to attend a seminar tomorrow, think twice. Companies usually calendar these events a month before.
A lot of people are dying!
People are constantly dying like there is a plague. Actually this is very good excuse to be away from you and to be out late.
Stays late in the office to render overtime
He stays late in the office which is totally not him.
His closest friends are trying to avoid you
Why? Because chances are his closest buddies are aware of the crime their friend is doing. They feel guilty for not telling you. Instead they just avoid you.
Friends or relatives are celebrating birthdays and you are not invited
You used to be inseparable - but lately you can’t tag along because it's a family affair.
Avoids crowded places like malls and movie houses
It used to be fine to stroll and do window shopping. Now you are confined dating in some unknown places.
Mobile phone is always kept away and on mute mode
Before, you see his mobile phone lying around carelessly – but this time it’s all of a sudden kept inside his pocket.
Has to stay out late to comfort friends because of a lot of issues.
When asked where he has been last night; his usual reply is, "You won’t believe what happened last night. Maria and Pedro had a messy fight. I had to be there”.
Can’t pick you up after work because his car is being serviced.
Even if it’s signal number 3, he can’t pick you up to drive you home - because his car is being serviced.
He cannot be contacted. His mobile phone is off.
Why? The battery got drained. Or probably his mobile unit is acting up on him. Believe it, or not!
Looks and acts tired when he is with you.
His eyes are all red and he yawns every 5 minutes. You can blame him, right?
Accidentally calls you another name
Totally sloppy but it really happens. It happened to me before! Suddenly your name is Mimosa!
You received a text messages not meant for you (missed sent)
You texted him asking what is he doing. Then he replied saying, “I can’t wait to see you again tonight”. It sure sounds sweet. But come on! Put some logic to it, please.
Recalls events that you did together but it never really happened
He claims that you have seen a certain movies together months back. However you are certain you haven’t seen it. You don’t even know that movie was shown. Chances are he was with a different company.
You discovered he has: a second mobile number, second Facebook account and another email account.
Of course he has to be innovative! He needs another identity to suit his complicated lifestyle.

If your man is behaving a lot like these (and you feel like something is fishy), the best way to deal with it is to confront him! As the “other half” this is a privilege you have. Chances are he will deny (of course!). Lay down your cards and pour your heart out. Based from his reactions, you can pretty much tell if he is telling the truth. That is… if you have something between your two ears.

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