Friday, May 1, 2009

Knock! Knock! Can I Have Some Rice?

Is there something written on my face that spells, “Rice For Free?”

Right after waking up this afternoon, I got 3 knocks at my door. It wasn’t a frantic one but more of a tentative half-knock. Surely, I wasn’t expecting a visitor or a bill collector at that moment. I just paid all my bills last week. And besides who will be collecting bills today? It’s a holiday for crying out loud!

“Sino ‘yan?” (“Who is it?”) I nervously inquired.

The stranger replied after 2 seconds.
“Si Mike, dito rin sa 24th floor”. (“It’s Mike and I am also from the 24th floor”).

For security reasons, I opted to give a pseudo name as well as the floor I am at.

I opened my door (not the chain lock of course) and saw a 30yr-old-something guy with an empty plastic container on his left hand. I can vaguely see his face so I made an effort to angle my sight.

The guy looks neat and all; clean cut hair and shaven face. He was wearing a plaid boxer in shades of green and a fake Nike shirt (I mean you could tell, right?) And as you look way down, you cannot miss his newly pedicured feet – and he likes them with colorless polish.

Then the guy continued while I blankly look at him.

“Manghihingi lang sana ako ng bigas”. (“I was hoping to ask for some rice”.)

One more look at his face and then I replied.
“Sorry kase indi ako nagluluto dito sa bahay”. (I’m sorry but I don’t cook at home.)

Fact is I really do not keep rice at home. And if I do, I’ll be very hesitant to give. Not out of selfishness but for feeling very odd about the situation. I mean, come on! You have time to tidy up your toe nails but not your rice dispenser? Probably it is more acceptable to ask for sugar, salt or even pepper but not rice - at least from a stranger that is. What puzzles me more is that, this is the second time it happened to me.

It happened last year. A girl knocked past midnight also asking for some rice. Luckily I was still into cooking at that time so I gave her a cup. The incident was really strange. Why? Part of me was feeling sorry for her thinking that she’s out of money - but a greater part of me is more concerned because I live alone and I am an easy target.

Whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Rice really need rice, I really don’t know. What I know however is, no matter how much our needs changed over the years, there is still an acceptable protocol when asking favors from our neighbors. And for me, rice is not one of them. And if they are trying to be creative in making ways to hook up with people, for sure asking for rice is totally not fierce!

If you were in my position, would you give?

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Quimy said...

if i'm all alone at home maybe i would the same thing like u did but if all of my siblings are at home with me maybe i can spare him/her some. i still couldn't miss the fact that it's kinda scary to just entertain a complete stranger. yeah i do remember ur story regarding this girl who knocked at ur door asking for rice . hehehe what's with u and rice..
eh pano kung si piolo ang kumatok sa inyo asking for a speed babad detergent wehehe (can't get over that ad hehe)

Robert D. said...

Might be a cruiser?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll do the same...i agree, its kinda scary..
baka naman kasi meron ka "free rice" sa door mo friend..?! hehe

poledward said...

"Part of me was feeling sorry for her thinking that she’s out of money"

Haller you live in a posh condominium pano naman ma out of money yung batang yon..

Yan ang masama kung mabait ka abusado ang iba masyadong namimihasa...may bitterness as if affected...hahaha

Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs on May 04, 2009 2:08 PM said...

Hi Pole...
point taken.. that's why I am being extra careful :)

Thanks Pole.

Jonathan said...

This is way too spooky for me... I guess you should really be careful... Report it!

On second thought, the guy must be also cruising... Saw your photo slides.. You are cute :)

Oliver M. Sangalang said...

Or maybe, just maybe, he was trying to check you out. Being in boxers and all, looking for an opportunity... hehehehe... Just kidding!

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