Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fierce Blogs - What Makes A Diva A True Diva?

A true diva has to be…
  1. Somebody who never goes crazy upon seeing the “SALE” sign in boutiques.
  2. No to Jollibee or Mc Donalds. Or any fast food for that matter.
  3. Will not be caught wearing an Ukay-Ukay (second hand clothes) line of clothing.
  4. Are never pleased to receive flowers and chocolates from suitors. Guys, you have to give more than that.
  5. Arrives in the office late and never feels guilty about it (as if nothing happened).
  6. Ignores and does not reply to text messages (SMS). Call her if you want to talk to her, please.
  7. You will never (or seldom) hear the phrases: “Thank you”, “Please” and “I am sorry”.
  8. Does not know how to drive a car because she has her personal chauffeur.
  9. No to Avon or Sun-sun cosmetics, please. Yuck!
  10. Owns more than 30 pairs of shoes (excluding slip-ons).
  11. Does not carry a lot of cash. Totally into the habit of swiping the greatest plastic ever invented – credit card.
  12. She is a size 0.
  13. Would never initiate to say hello to an acquaintance she bumps along the way.
  14. Knows a lot of fashion designers.
  15. Does not understand the concept of reservation or booking. A true diva arrives and leaves as she pleases.
  16. If you want to invite a diva to your party, she needs 2 months notice.
  17. Does not queue (line up) along with the commoners. A true diva always has a VIP pass.
  18. Does not watch any tele-serye (drama series).
  19. Would slap or pour hot coffee to somebody who would ask her, “How old are you?”
  20. Leaves the country more than 10 times a year. Not for official business; but for holidays.
  21. Her concept of work is to dressing up Mondays to Fridays.
  22. Thinks that reading is a total waste of time. A true diva would rather have her nails done.
  23. She will never repeat an outfit more than twice in her lifetime. This is a crime in a biblical sense.
  24. Would never accept a bride’s maid role in weddings. Just the label of being a “maid” gives her goose bumps.
  25. She would never be embarrassed about anything. She can literally fart inside an elevator full of passengers and still project a true diva look – “The-mind-your-own-business look”. After all, she is a true dignified diva.
If most of these traits described fits you, congratulation! You are a monster! Chances are; a lot of people would like to cut your wrist and squeeze your neck until you bleed to death!

Now, this is what I call fierce!

Good luck in finding the true diva in you…

Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Blog Tips - 15 Important Rules


In my previous post, I shared how I got into online blogging. However, I have been asked lately by friends and readers if I can share some tips on how to effectively blog. Again, I am not an expert. – But I am willing to lend a hand. What I can share are the things that I have learned during my 2 years of blogging experience. Mistakes, success and most of all – the things you need to avoid.

Here are some tips:

1. Be original –The most important rule. Create your own style (concept) and use material that is your own brand. This also means posting your original photos. Using photo URL available in the web is okay but should be your last option (please give credits to the owner). If that’s the case, readers might as well read the original blog source, right?

2. Write as if you’re only talking- You do not have to write like a novelist to be an effective blogger. Remember you are blogging and not writing a Constitution. Always remember that readers would prefer a simple yet effective blog. In blogging, it is acceptable to use expressions from speech.

Examples: I simply love it! What a fierce comment! Like duh! And a whole lot more.

3. KISS – Remember the acronym? Yes, even in blogging; Keeping It Short and Simple is very vital. Don’t make your life complicated. Easy reading means conveying your point better. Most readers are scanners. They do not read the entire blog. Readers in general have a limited attention span.

4. Write with the readers in mind – Do you remember WIIFM? It’s a marketing lingo for What’s In It For Me? Make sure that your readers would benefit or pick up something from reading your blog entries. Once you have achieved this, your readers will bookmark your site for sure

5. Make the experience valuable and worthwhile – Never waste people’s time! If you don’t have anything important to write, then don’t blog. It is never about the quantity, it’s always about the quality of your blog entries.

6. Always keep it lively – Make your blog snappy and snazzy. Don’t be afraid to joke every now and then. Your blogs are also a representation of who you are as a person. One way to keep your blogs lively is by adding original photos or videos related to your topic.

7. Writing clearly is a must – Keep your sentence construction short. If possible limit one idea in one sentence. Spoon feed your readers. Use commas and dashes generously to separate thoughts.

8. Link your blog - Adding links to your blog adds credibility to you as a blogger. This would show your reader that you have done the necessary researching in their behalf. Adding blog links or websites is also one effective way of adding traffic to you blog site. Eventually these same sites will link your blogs to theirs.

9. Use Proper Headlines/Subjects – This is the make or break part. Do not be afraid to make bold statements but make sure not to mislead people. Your headlines should live up to your blog content, ALWAYS.

10. Be honest – Do not exaggerate just to make your blogs interesting. Stick only to the facts. There should always be TRUTH in your blog. Your readers are not dumb! For all you know they know more than you do.

11. Proof- read, proof-read, proof-read – Check your blogs for typos and grammatical errors. You do not leave your house undone with a dirty hair or missing sock. Respect your readers by polishing your blog entries.

12. Use related keywords – This will help you stay on your goal. The clearer you are on your goal/purpose, the better you will deliver the message to your readers. Adding keyword is also important in creating traffic - search engines will pick up your entries and this will increase your site ranking.

13. Know your audience – Do you write about gadgets? Then talk techie. Do you blog about fashion? For God sake you must look fashionable enough and must know the fashion lingo. If not, blog about world peace or something. Knowing your audience is important to determine what direction of writing to pursue.

14. Venue for Readers to comment – Give you readers a venue where they can comment. Good or bad, you need to know your reader’s opinion - and eventually learn what they want. This is also a venue where you can establish a relationship with your followers.

15. Make it Interactive – Involved your readers by asking them questions related to your blog. Raising a question gives your readers an impression that you consider them when you were writing the blog. Remember, your blog is not only about your opinion; it is also your readers.

Do you find these tips helpful? I want to know your thoughts.

Soon I will walk you through on how to eventually earn from blogging. Stay tuned.

Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

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How I Started My Online Blogging

Let me clear it first; I am not the expert when it comes to blogging. In fact, I consider myself a novice when it comes to this premium-generating hobby online. My first official blog was about a famous tennis player, Martina Hingis, in August of 2007. This blog was really an eye-opener that I quickly realized the power of blogging to give ordinary people like me a voice on topics. From there I applied as one of the contributors for Sport In Go. I luckily got admitted and started writing for them. At first, I limited myself in blogging about tennis and its players – since I am confident about the game purely because of playing it and avidly following it on the tube. This I can say is the first tip I can share. When starting to blog, you have to be knowledgeable of the topics you are writing. You don’t have to be an expert (though it’s an advantage if you are) but you need to be at least passionate and a believer.

My Sport In Go Home Page

From becoming a tennis blogger, I ventured into Home Décor blogging. Like how I got into tennis blogging, I applied as one of the contributors. I had to go through the process of submitting my blog samples to my soon-to-be editor and personally applied in their office after my morning job. Again, I am not an expert in home decorating; but it was my love for colors and balance that led me to explore this arena. Since I am not the authority in this discipline, my blog selection requires heavy researching both online and print.
My Latest Home Decor Blog

After gaining enough experience, I decided to create my very own blog site engined by Blogspot. This is where it took me a while to decide what to write – considering that I have existing blog sites being hosted by independent engines. My main concern is not to mess up with the blog trafficking at the same time think of a blog theme where I can be effective at.

I decided to blog about products, services, events, venues and personality falling under the category of being fierce. The experience may be both positive and negative. The main purpose of my blog is to provide an honest review of the products/services and not purely to advertise them. There is also the intent of exposing bad experiences in the hopes of letting the owners improve their services.

What’s my point? We all deserve a good service or product as a replacement of our hard-earned money.

Don’t you agree?

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Pullout of all LBC Commercials?

I was told that The Department of Education ordered a pullout of LBC's series of commercials today. This news however is not yet confirmed. If true, this is surely good news for a lot of parents and teachers who find the commercials inappropriate for kids.
You may want to read my old post on commercial not fit for kids.
If you have more news on this, please comment below.

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My Hair Magician - Jhun Bilalo of Razzle Dazzle Salon

Since last week I was trying to squeeze in the busy schedule of my hairstylist. I was told his next available schedule is Friday. NO WAY!!! My hair looks like a wild Bermuda grass already. Never say die, I said! I tried my luck yesterday and called Razzle Dazzle to get an appointment. Viola! I got the 5:30pm slot.

The name of my hairdresser is Jhun Bilalo – who belongs to the Senior Artistic Team of Razzle Dazzle.

While Jhun was cutting my hair, I asked him out of nowhere.

“How long have you been cutting my hair?”

He didn't reply immediately and instead cracked his head; trying to know the answer.

The blogger having his haircut

I made a guess-timate and exclaimed 5 years with a lot of uncertainty.

Apparently, Jhun has been cutting my hair for the last 11 years. Yes, that long! I really could not believe that it has been more than a decade. Well, more than anything I could not believe the years just passed by that quickly. I remember having my first hair cut with him not knowing if he is good or not. Back then, Jhun was still connected with a previous salon – let’s not mention the name for reasons I don’t want to disclose.

Over the years I have been loyal to his service. It only goes to prove that the loyalty of the customer is not with the salon – it’s with the stylist. In fact, I am that satisfied with his skills that I referred him to my friends (Male and Female). When friends would ask me who my hair stylist is, I would automatically refer them to Jhun and give them his business card. I am that confident that my stylist can really deliver. I am really not surprised that the same people I referred are already an avid customer.

My stylist would appear shy at first when you meet him – but he is really not. You can talk to him about anything. He is more than a stylist; he can be a friend too on most occasions. But of course his strong suit is bringing out the beauty in you. Experimenting with your hair is something you should always entrust to him – which is the reason why I have been loyal to him all these years. I embrace changes and I get bored with the same look. I always try a new haircut every now and then. Change is always good as they say.

My friend, Marquee, who is also a loyal customer of Jhun

I can’t imagine entrusting my hair to someone else. That’s why I would ask my friends this line,

“Only Jhun cuts my hair, who does yours?”

If you want to experience the service of our hairstylist, you can call Razzle Dazzle Salon at 848-2388 or 840-2880. And if you happen to book an appointment with Jhun, just tell him I referred you.


  • This is not a paid advertisement. I am only sharing a fierce hair stylist to my readers.
  • Razzle Dazzle Hair Beauty Salon is located at Frabella Condominium, G/FL. 109 RadaStreet, Legaspi Village 1200

Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunch Disaster – Sizzling Pepper Steak

Over lunch yesterday, we tried this restaurant we always pass by in Glorietta 5. This is the restaurant right across Sbarro Pizza, 3rd floor level. It looks beguiling from a far, thus, we scheduled a day to dine in - not knowing that this would be the day we would surely regret.

The restaurant is called Sizzling Pepper Steak.

Along with friends, we dined and checked the menu. We all thought it looks good so we agreed to take different orders. I settled for Saikoro Pepper Rice while the rest got Pork Pepper, Beef Pepper and Chicken Pepper Rice. We were the only guest during that time. Probably because it was already late for lunch - that’s why most Makati workforce are back to work already.

So we thought…

Our food arrived sizzling (of course, Duh!) in less than 10 minutes. Impressive, I thought. The moment my food was placed on the table, they turn on a fierce blower atop of me that blew all the sizzling oil on my wrist and chin. In fact, I think the blower is too strong it is capable of blowing a wig away from someone’s head! I was then instructed to grill the beef myself since they are raw. Great! Don’t get me wrong. I love to cook; but not when you are wearing white linen polo shirt and would have to return to the office after 20 minutes. When the waiter saw my irritated look, he tried to cover my sizzling plate with a very soft paper - just for the paper to be blown away. Of course, with the blower?!

My order - Saikoro Pepper Rice

My friend, Roxy, being assisted to grill her food

At last my food is ready to eat. It’s about time! One small bite and then my blood pressure shoot up – about to give me a heart attack anytime! While my cubed beef got cooked, my fried rice got charred! This prompted me to call the waiter and asked, “Is there an option to have our order served cooked already?”

The waiter answered with a big smile, “Yes, sir”.

Isn't that amazing?!

After a few chewing, I stopped eating my food. Totally! Instead, I turned to divert my attention to my ever reliable Coke Zero. While I pour my Coke to a glass full of ice, the waiter asked if he can take the soda can already. I gave him “the stare”. But, really, I wanted to shout NO at him!
The rest of my company that afternoon likewise despised ever stepping in the restaurant. We left the place still hungry and walking away with a BIG lesson learned written on our forehead, “we are never going back!” While I understand that the grill-it-yourself is the theme of Sizzling Pepper Steak, the idea is not fierce for me (neither to my friends). If I want to cook or grill for that matter, I would do it at home where the convenience of wearing comfortable clothes is possible. And besides, I am not paying them Php185.oo for a meal to get all my hands greased up and burnt.

We emptied one plate and this is how much oil underneath

If you want a free blower and smell like used kitchen oil, be my guest.

Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vince Camua - Looks and Sings Better “LIVE”.

Last Saturday I was invited by a close friend to watch a mini concert at The Podium. When I asked her who’s performing, I had to ask again because the name of the artist did not really strike a chord. Curiosity struck me (as always) and had to research his name online – but this effort din not lead me anywhere. Except for some Multiply and Facebook accounts, Google results did not provide much of a backgrounder who the artist is.

His name is Vince Camua.

We arrived at the venue 5:45pm and settled for a seat at the middle section. I realized that the budding artist has a CD out in the market; Vince Camua, Spells of a Young Crooner. I would probably check it after his performance tonight.

Time check, 6:15pm and still no signs that the show will start any sooner. If I remember it right, the email invite that was sent to me clearly stated that the show start at 6pm. Very Pinoy, I told myself.

At 6:35pm, out came a young guy in denims and white jacket; and hurriedly headed towards center stage. Hadn’t my friend told me he is Vince, not in any light years will I figure out that the guy and posters are all but one. His posters suggested he is a 30-something-guy with a very big hair; while on live he is a true looker- not to mention a lot younger. Either this is a case of bad photography, photo styling or probably even choice. I don’t really know – just go figure!

After the first 3 songs, I was absolutely convinced that Vince can, indeed, croon. He is musically precocious and can render cover songs and eventually own it. His set of vocal devices is suit for his type of genre – a great deal of modern swing era. What I also find appealing is his distinctive sound that is not a product of Martin Nievera or Garry Valenciano’s school of music. To a lot, Vince may sound a lot like Richard Poon – given that their genre is the same. But Vince should be given more credit than this - He sings a lot better than Richard Poon. The only advantage the latter has is being able to penetrate mainstream.

Although this young balladeer has a lot of learning while performing on stage (he still has awkward moments and does not connect to his entire audience), he truly deserves a niche in musicville. With the proper marketing, packaging and proper song selection, this young artisan can reach musical heights in local recording scene. Let’s face it, young singers nowadays all belong to the “I-will-belt-until-my-freaking-lungs-explode" bandwagon. It gets tiring after a while. Thus, it is about time we see a new ingredient in the music arena.

After the show, I got his CD and can’t stop playing his version of “I’ll Take Care of You” – a personal favorite.

If you have a chance to see him, I guarantee that you will agree that Vince Camua looks and sings better “live”.


1. All pictures appearing on this blog are courtesy of photographer, Gerry Monserate.
2. You may also want to visit Vince's website for more information.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pinoy TV Commercials Not Suited For Kids!

I understand that advertisements are the lifeblood of programs we watch on TV; without them, our favorite shows would probably not be aired at all. However, as important as their roles on TV programming is, TV commercials should also be compelled to uphold their responsibilities to their general viewers – and this includes their duty to make sure they do not confuse the kids watching at home.

On top of my list is the recent LBC commercial I saw last week. When asked how to spell the word “remittance”, the kid replied spelling L, B and C. Hosting the Spelling Bee show is Edu Manzano who subsequently replied that the answer is correct!

As an adult we understand that this is all promotional in intent - but I wonder how a kid would react to it?

This afternoon my curiosity was answered.

A friend of mine (who happens to be a Mom) had to explain to her 6-year-old daughter that remittance is not spelled L, B and C. When my officemate saw all the confusion from her daughters face after seeing the commercial, she knew she had to step in and explain that it is not correct - rather they are all based on wrong information and lies (for the kid to better understand).

Another commercial that hit my irritating button is Revicon Forte’s Think Positive Ad. It is bad enough that Robin Padilla could not pronounce the letter “V” properly – but for them to print it on tarpaulin, “Think Positib” is totally un-acceptable. As a matter of fact, I saw one along Dr. Santos Avenue (Paranaque) on my way to play tennis yesterday.

In a country where the letters “B” and “V” are always wrongly pronounced (not to mention “F” and “P’s), the last thing we want to hear is a celebrity shouting “think positiB”.

While these 2 commercials confused the kids in terms of how English is being taught in school, my 3rd pick broke the fundamentals of math.

The Tide detergent commercial proving that 1 can be more than 2 totally went overboard (in my opinion). Kudos to their effective jingle – kids are now singing 1 is more than 2 with a smile.

If we continue to see ads on TV contaminating the kid’s brain (which I think we will), commercial should at least be mandated to post, “Parental Guidance”. In that way, we see some sense of responsible advertising on their end – and not just all about selling their products.

Whatever happened to "Truth in Advertising"?

Enrico - Fierce Blogs...

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Will Martina Hingis Return After Her 2-Year Suspension?

The 2-year suspension of Martina Hingis from ITF or any associated events will be lifted on October 1, 2009. Now the big question is, will there be another comeback considering that she already announced her permanent retirement from competitive tennis last November 1, 2007? At age 28 is there tennis left in her? Can she re-write her Cinderella story that was smeared due to doping allegations?

Hingis - Press Conference November 1, 2007
A lot of us can only speculate or even assume what her decisions after the suspension will be. However the fact still remain; her tactical approach to the game is still beyond compare. If there is anybody who has really maximised her tennis potentials, Martina Hingis would be on top of my list. She may fall deficit in the power hitting arena but her excellent shot selection and low error-rates garnered her a re-entry in the top 10; as high as rank 6 during her comeback. This only proves that the women's tour still very much lack variety in their game - and for Hingis to win matches alongside with her 50 to 60 mph first serve surely is an amazing feat.

She was last seen participating in an exhibition match in Liverpool International Tournament June 13, 2008 (she was allowed to play since this is not part of WTA Tour). In a re-match of 1997 Wimbledon final, Hingis defeated Jana Novotna 6-3, 6-4.

Ideally, I would like to see Hingis bid her farewell on Australian Open 2010 - The slam where her tennis career really flourished. Appearing in six singles final (champion from 1997 to 1999 and runner-ups from 2000 to 2002). The slow-rubbery court of the Australian Open really suits her game; also where her signature drop shot followed by lob can be rewarding.

Hingis on her route to AO QTR
One option she can also look into is playing doubles - where she has accomplished a lot as well during her prime.

Whatever her decision will be during the late part of this year; one detail only remain, her smile and character is greatly missed on tour.

Hingis in her winning smile
  • Poleward this blog is dedicated to you.
  • Photo appearing on this blog is courtesy of and

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Don't Have Smaller Bills - 7-11 Refuses To Sell!


Have you experienced buying something at 7-11 and was denied only because they cannot give you change? Well, I did; and here is the story.

Last Sunday afternoon I tagged along with friends and went to Subic for some food tasting and what have you. I was suppose to meet them at 3:00pm at my lobby but I was late, as usual. In my rush, I left my smokes (Marlboro Lights) in my condo along with my lighter. Not really bothersome, I told myself since I can always buy along the way. This is where 7-11 comes in, right? If you need something, chances are 7-11 got it. This is what they are known for - so I thought!

I was ecstatic the moment I saw a 7-11 store in Subic. Not really sure which branch it is - but this is where the buses and public transpo park. It is a busy area so I was thinking it's a common terminal for the locals.

"One Marlboro Lights flip top, please". I politely uttered.

The lady of whose name I cannot recall reached out for Marlboro Reds and was about to scan the item.

"Just Perfect!" This is just me talking to myself, of course.

"Miss, gold not red!" I immediately corrected.

I got my wallet and got a 500 peso bill which I got from the machine a minute ago.

"Sir, do you have a smaller bill?" The 7-11 lady inquired.

"Sorry Miss. I don't' have. Can you add 1 lighter? Will that help?" I offered.

What do I get in return? A big frown as if I said something nasty. The other crew next to her came to the rescue (so I thought) but only made it worst.

"Sir, wala talaga kameng panukle. Sa iba na lang po." (Sir, we really do not have change. Take your business somewhere else).

My argument? They are not Aleng Bebang's Sari-Sari Store for crying out loud. There is an expectation that 7-11 needs to uphold to their customers. While I don't expect them to always have a ready change at all times, it is also expected of them to go the extra mile and at least offer an option. Never tell a customer to buy somewhere else just because they don't have smaller bills; especially if it's 7:00 in the evening.

Come to think of it, the likes of Aling Bebang's Sari-Sari Store could have handled situations like these a lot better.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chef Mau Mobile Fastfood - Liliw Laguna

Nowadays finding a fierce restaurant with a reasonable price tab is as tricky as a single person looking for decent date. It would seem easy at first; but as you partake in the whole experience, it all ends up on a sour note. That’s why instead of playing the field, my friends and I opt to go out of town.

Traveling to nearby provinces is something my friends and I would fancy during weekends. No occasion and not much convincing required. We can endure all weather just to drive outside the chaotic scenes of tinsel town. One place we regularly visit is Laguna. Why? Our friend Gerry has a rest house there and travel time is not that bad. Remember, free accommodation is the key to a cheap out-of-towers.

We discovered Chef Mau through our friend, She. Her family is from Laguna and she knows what’s fierce and what’s not.

Chef Mau would appear like a typical Filipino restaurant operating in the suburb where food is drowning in oil. This is how I felt when I entered the place. As we further went inside, we were welcomed by a friendly waiter as if her smile will tear off her head into two. For real! But of course, customer service efforts count, always. So she gets a merit for that.

A quick glance at the menu and it looks promising. It’s like sizing up somebody and that person gets a check mark on most boxes? That’s what I am trying to say.

We ordered Fillet Mignon, Tofu Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Laing. Not to mention a hefty amount of rice and Coke Zero. All of these food for roughly 700 Philippines peso; to be shared by 5 people – just do that math. But I guarantee that the quality of food is good for its caliber. After my Chef Mau experience, all my presumptions with the place vanished. It was a good experience all together. We were told that the Owner and chef used to work for Le Souffle. I guess that’s the tried and tested formula. Get as much kitchen experience with prime restaurants in Manila and operate you own away from it - where ingredients are cheaper and maintaining people under your payroll is easier to manage.

Here are some pictures of the food we tried at Chef Mau. Too bad the favorite of Oui is not here – Laing.

Fillet Mignon

Tofu Steak

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Coming from Makati, take Laguna exit from SLEX, turn right after Pagsanjan Market and go straight ahead. This is approximately less than 3-hour drive from Makati. If you are surrounded by crazy people during the drive, you can probably get there in 2 hours or probably not at all.

If you want to get in touch with them, here are the details:

Chef Mau Mobile Fastfood
Barangay Bungkol, Liliw Laguna
Mobile: 0915-9267824/0917-5071798/0921-4948826
Tel #: (049) 573-6290

note - photo courtesy of Gerry M.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Knock! Knock! Can I Have Some Rice?

Is there something written on my face that spells, “Rice For Free?”

Right after waking up this afternoon, I got 3 knocks at my door. It wasn’t a frantic one but more of a tentative half-knock. Surely, I wasn’t expecting a visitor or a bill collector at that moment. I just paid all my bills last week. And besides who will be collecting bills today? It’s a holiday for crying out loud!

“Sino ‘yan?” (“Who is it?”) I nervously inquired.

The stranger replied after 2 seconds.
“Si Mike, dito rin sa 24th floor”. (“It’s Mike and I am also from the 24th floor”).

For security reasons, I opted to give a pseudo name as well as the floor I am at.

I opened my door (not the chain lock of course) and saw a 30yr-old-something guy with an empty plastic container on his left hand. I can vaguely see his face so I made an effort to angle my sight.

The guy looks neat and all; clean cut hair and shaven face. He was wearing a plaid boxer in shades of green and a fake Nike shirt (I mean you could tell, right?) And as you look way down, you cannot miss his newly pedicured feet – and he likes them with colorless polish.

Then the guy continued while I blankly look at him.

“Manghihingi lang sana ako ng bigas”. (“I was hoping to ask for some rice”.)

One more look at his face and then I replied.
“Sorry kase indi ako nagluluto dito sa bahay”. (I’m sorry but I don’t cook at home.)

Fact is I really do not keep rice at home. And if I do, I’ll be very hesitant to give. Not out of selfishness but for feeling very odd about the situation. I mean, come on! You have time to tidy up your toe nails but not your rice dispenser? Probably it is more acceptable to ask for sugar, salt or even pepper but not rice - at least from a stranger that is. What puzzles me more is that, this is the second time it happened to me.

It happened last year. A girl knocked past midnight also asking for some rice. Luckily I was still into cooking at that time so I gave her a cup. The incident was really strange. Why? Part of me was feeling sorry for her thinking that she’s out of money - but a greater part of me is more concerned because I live alone and I am an easy target.

Whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Rice really need rice, I really don’t know. What I know however is, no matter how much our needs changed over the years, there is still an acceptable protocol when asking favors from our neighbors. And for me, rice is not one of them. And if they are trying to be creative in making ways to hook up with people, for sure asking for rice is totally not fierce!

If you were in my position, would you give?

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